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What Movie(s) did you watch today?


if it had more Sly Stallone to go with its Kurt Russell and less ‘camp n’ cheese’, this would be a keeper…
as is, it’s a ‘borrowed from friend’-ster…




Finished Gangs of New York last night.





Was finally in the mood to watch this, but I still went through almost an entire box of tissues!!!



What’s ya think?





I just watched “Geralds Game” :slight_smile: good flick, did the King story justice





I’ve never heard of it, was it good?


2008 movie that came and went, before Mad Max Fury War.
One part 28 Days Later, part The Road Warrior, and another part Medieval Times.

Good time…see it.





in the morning




what you think?

Me, it was a 'naw…pass’
sure it was visually stunning, but story/character wise it was so weak.
movie at times felt almost like parody/satire, same way I felt 'bout The Magnificent Seven remake.


Well, here’s the thing.
All that humor/satire is part of the comics, so I’d say it was truer to the source material.

It did seem rather odd to go that way after so many movies in the franchise did not.

Overall, I liked it (and more Chris Hemsworth is always ok with me).

Could have done without the final scene after the credits, but that’s just me.


Chirs Hemsworth doing more comedy is a good thing: Cabin in the Woods, Ghostbusters,…Vacation.
But in a movie sequel where the two before it played it “straight”, just doesn’t jive.

the Jeff Goldblum scene? yeah, what was that about…same thing with that final Cap. America scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. What? Like they’re doing it on purpose to pee fans off.