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What's Bugging You?

I’m bugged that I still have 7 episodes of filler to go for Tsubasa Chronicle: 2nd Season. I could just drop it altogether since there’s no longer any manga-adapted content in the rest of the season (or any non-existing future seasons for that matter)… but I guess I’ll stick with it for a little longer, see how much tolerance I have left in me. I’ve reviewed every Tsubasa installment so far, so the OCD in me does make me want to review this 2nd season as well, as dull as it is.

But man, no wonder CLAMP disowned this. The early fillers weren’t this boring either. The first filler episode of season 2 was amazing. Then the quality just seemed to keep dropping and dropping… Sigh.


This hasn’t been the best day so far.

I did overnight shift last night, which is 11pm to 7am. The opening manager was a half hour late, and her response was she overslept. That happens to everyone,. So ok, no prob.

My Impala has needed an oil change for a couple weeks now (currently at 6k miles on the current oil), so I decided to change it before it got too hot this afternoon. Upon removing the drain plug, I noticed the rubber gasket was bad. Sigh.

Had to take my folk’s truck to the Advance Auto Parts, where not only did the girl NOT KNOW what a oil drain plug was, but didn’t even have my car’s plug size in stock. Great.

Drove over to the AutoZone, which luckily was right across the street. They had it in stock, but I had to search for it because of people not putting stuff back where they found it. Yay! I can finish my oil change now!

The truck’s passenger front tire blows. FFFFFFF#########$$$$$$$$$$$&&&&&&&

I took it to a used tire place, and after about 30 minutes of waiting, spoke to someone about a tire. They had one left, $30 installed. Sure.

Got a good (Abit kind of in poor taste) laugh, at least as BOTH the remains of the old tire and the replacement gave the man difficulties. He had to have someone help him hold the “new” tire as it was being inflated. Paid the cash. Let’s go home.

Put the oil in my car, cranked it up, and now enjoying some Chick-fil-A.

Hopefully I can go to bed soon…


Lol, fun times! I know the feeling.

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I had to do an unannounced 21 hour shift yesterday.

Let me rewind this.

So, Tuesday I was scheduled to work 3pm to 11pm. One of my managers called me at 1 to tell me the maintenance guy broke the shake machine while cleaning it (I was the one who trained him BTW :rage:). I rushed over there, and clocked in at 1:30pm. He had broken the shake side faceplate gasket FYI, which took about 20 minutes to replace. I then just figured I’d work my usual shift + 1 hour. Right before 10pm, I received a call from my GM, and she told me the overnight manager wasn’t coming in, so she begged me to stay until 4am, when the opening manager arrives. I reluctantly agreed to stay, cause there really wasn’t anyone else to cover the shift. Around 4:30, I was getting antsy, cause the opening manager still hasn’t arrived, but I stayed, cause again, only manager in the store. 10 AM rolls around, and my GM comes in:

“Oh my God Maou! Why are you still here?”

I explain it to her, and leave before 10:30. Get home, shower, and lay down by 11.

Sagwa wakes me up at 3:30, cause she’s hungry :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Wow. You’re a real trooper Maou. I don’t know how you powered through.


Here’s how:


And a bunch more, because I can! LOL

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Coffee, is there anything it can’t do? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Mark Gosdin


Way to step up, that’s what keeps the world spinning!

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Upgraded to a new phone today. I get home and said new phone which I haven’t turned on until I got home tells me it needs a SIM card. Old phone has already been deactivated. Now I can’t make or receive calls until tomorrow lolol. :sob::rofl::skull:


Something similar happened to me a while ago.

Had bought a new cell phone which worked intermediatly and then would display “No Sim Card”. Turns out the Sim slot itself was defective on that specific phone :roll_eyes:


Just noticed that I had mentioned it previously in this thread back in April 2018 :joy:


These gas prices is like a seesaw it never stays the same


Soooooo glad I really don’t buy gas these days! One of the perks to driving a company vehicle :wink:


This is an actual gas station near my store. @mgosdin may know about this as well

You aren’t seeing things, they are trying to charge $5.99 a gallon for regular!


I haven’t seen anyone pricing gas that high here in Kissimmee. Somehow I don’t think that will last.

Mark Gosdin


It’s over by Premium Outlets. They’ve been charging that for at least a year now.

There’s a few on 192 that are around $4 a gallon though.


They must not have any real competition. I think it’s been at least 3 or 4 years since we last went to the Premium Outlets.

I checked Kissimmee gas prices online just now and it is still in the 2.60 to 2.65 range, about what it was the last time I bought gas at the Circle K / BP.

Mark Gosdin


Holy crap! Glad I don’t have to go there.

Still $2.23 here.


Megacon Woes

Honestly, Thursday and Friday nights were less than what was originally presumed, so IDK if I even have the right to complain about last night…

They sent emergency assistance to our store to help us out for the excess sales. Now that’s fine and dandy, and was pleasantly pleased at our customer turnover on Thursday and Friday. However, Saturday was a whole different animal. Only one person of the 6 backup crew scheduled was there when I clocked in. I asked the manager I was relieving what happened to the other help.

His response?

Our supervisor sent them to another store (the one by Premium Outlets) cause they didn’t have people.

My jaw hit the floor.

Remember, we only have 4 people who work overnight shift, and one of them has to leave by 3.

^That person was there last night…

So the overnight crew was 3 managers, one kitchen person, and the guy who can’t work the full overnight…

If that doesn’t scream run now, right after I got there the truck delivery showed up. Another slight story, the website went down before I could place an order, so it was Auto shipped.


I did luckily place a massive order previously, so aside from Nuggets and Quarter Pounders we should be fine until Wednesday night…

Continuing, at 4, when we have to do system down, the system lost connectivity.


Super busy, short staffed, may run out of some product, and store offline for 3 hours on one of the busiest weekends of the year… :tired_face::sob:

(This post is all over the place, isn’t it?)


With any such problems, you survive, you learn, you continue on. And hopefully if it happens again, you will be better equipped.