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What's Bugging You?

I didn’t say good anime I said bad anime.

Maybe you should look at more than just 5.

well first i look at the title of the anime and then i decide to watch

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That sounds like a terrible premise.

just because everybody else is looking at trashy anime dont mean i am

So now I’m looking at trashy anime?

ppl have to look at something jk

they say one mans trashy anime is another mans Otaku dream

So everyone else besides you watches trash anime… that’s a pretty bold insult to wave around there Karen. Watching 3 titles a year and then complaining there’s nothing good isn’t really reassuring especially if you’re just going by the title which reminds me you should really watch Boku no Pico.

That’s how I try to do it too. Usually that tells what the show is about.


It really bugs me when you see these awesome spaceship designs for space battle. these ships are pretty well-designed as far as superstructure and hull layout goes. Then they go and put greeblies on it. this ship is meant to be used in combat. If it has crap on the outside of the armored plating of the hull, and a lot of it what was the point of even putting armor plating on it to begin with? Seriously I can see a few sensor packages here and there so that the weapon systems and such can monitor space but to have the entire surface covered in conduit and access points and boards makes it pointless to have even had plating. Heck even the weapons systems shouldn’t actually be on top of the plating I’d say they should emerge from a point under the plating and fire in a large you know hemispherical ark creating overlapping fields of fire and when not in use their withdrawn into the plating again providing good coverage and protection when not in use. but no people have to have it so that it shoots forward and it only shoots forward you’re in space like you can shoot what’s in front of you while moving away from it really really fast or you don’t even have to be moving in any kind of direct direction away from it just slightly adjacent to the left or right or maybe not even on the same z axis as your y axis and x axis. In other words at humble which is really freaking about how it see it being done.

My body does not like calcium supplements. The reaction is similar to lactose intolerance and I have no milk issues

So a little while ago, a guy threw his order at me.

I called the non-emergency police number, and they dispatched an officer.

He said as nothing made direct contact (thanks to those coronavirus barriers they installed on our drive thru windows), there was nothing they could do.

That made me feel good inside…


That’s damn funny man!

So I can throw food. At a worker and it’s ok as long as it doesn’t hit them?

I know what I’m doing the next time I get pissed off :laughing:

So yesterday, I went in to the store at 5pm. When I clocked in, we were 24 hours plus for the day, with 3 new employees.

My support manager called out again, so from 5-11 I was the only manager.

I managed to get everyone except one person a break on my own shift, and that was the girl who is training to become a manager.

Please note, the only reason because of that was due to the truck arriving, and I had to count it down as it arrived.

Well, I got a text in the group manager chat this morning, saying "Oh. We were 29 hours plus yesterday (remember, came in to 24 hours plus and training new crew on my shift too), and some people didn’t get breaks. Every manager on shift yesterday is at fault for running poor shifts.

I started swearing after reading that text.

Just one more shift Maou, and you get a week off…


it seems like the so called managers are butt holes