What's Cooking?


Got paid today. A little hint for an upcoming meal :wink:


So, I’ve kept y’all waiting long enough. This is one of my piece de resistance.

Crabmeat stuffing covered flounder with cheese mashed potatoes and a squash, zucchini and red pepper blend


The chef strikes again with another mouth watering meal :grinning:


Pan simmered swordfish with fried oysters and a deluxe baked potato


The pic isnt that clear sorry about that


Hawaiian pizza? Awesome! :grin:


Yes it’s not delivery it’s digiorno lol


So, while I was in the Winn Dixie the other day, I saw this:

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s a breakfast pork loaf, kinda like mushy sausage without all the spices. Popular in the northeastern states, it’s a Pennsylvania Dutch Amish dish using scraps of pig not usable for stand alone sale.

I used to eat this all the time when I was a kid, and was quite surprised to see it all the way down here in Florida.

Anyway, here’s the end result:

It doesn’t look pretty, but the flavor is out of the sprecturm :drooling_face:

Brain Drain

I’d have to hope it tastes better than it looks. :laughing:

I’ve never heard of it before, sounds like a weird flavor of Snapple.


Pork flavored Snapple :rofl::rofl::rofl:


BBQ chicken but not actual plate
Ate the food before could take a pic lol


Fired :fire: up the grill for the holiday everythings just about done

if you guys show up to the party
Will make you a plate


Here a plate for whoever want one


Chicken Alfredo with homemade basil sauce and broccoli and mushrooms over angel hair pasta with Garlic bread (not pictured…)

Garlic bread just finished baking:


Man bet that taste so good


A lil bite to eat buffalo wings and potato salad


Just finished making a meatloaf:


Kinda a weird meal. Beef hot dogs with rice and a carrot/ broccoli stem veggie blend:


Homemade garlic buffalo chicken in cornmeal batter with Velveeta mac & cheese.

Blue cheese dip on the side


A lil bit of cabbage and carrots sausages

Ate some before taking the pic Sorry