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What's Cooking?


McDonald’s :unamused::joy::sob:


will at least you can have it your way or wait thats BK lol


Nope. Mcds is “I’m Lovin It”


We have both a BK and McD’s about 2 miles from our house in different directions. We always use the McD’s. I’ve been to the BK and been told that they did not have enough meat to make a Whopper. The McD’s has those ubersized tablet ordering kiosks, they even work and so far they haven’t been out of meat for Quarter Pounders.

Mark Gosdin


How did a BK run out of meat for a Whopper? Their patties are frozen, to my knowledge.

The reason a McDonald’s would run out of Quarter Meat would be because either they didn’t order enough, or it expired.

The fresh beef is only good for 5 days from delivery, so we have to monitor it closely. Trust me I do the food orders for my store :disappointed_relieved:


I have no idea how, but the store is not well run. We’ve been here 12 years and the BK has always been iffy. The other BKs in this area are fine, just the one closest to us has issues.

Mark Gosdin


well cooked some tacos for dinner and those doritos pops that you like @maousadao


Beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn


wow maou thats one of the best lookin meal that looks great

you are a great chef

and also what does that beef stroganoff tasted like
heard of it before


It’s a cream based pasta sauce. Hard to place an exact flavor, cause it’s kinda like Mac and cheese.

You do bring up a good point about that though. I can’t remember the last time I saw Beef stroganoff on a menu :thinking:


yes thanks

is stroganoff russian or something


да товарищ

(That’s Yes Comrade in Russian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


do you speak russian or spanish


I can speak Spanish, thanks to my job.

Just did a Google translate for that Russian text.


ok well enjoy your meal

had breakfast food for dinner today


Mushroom Swiss burger with grilled onions. Steamed cabbage on the side


you have anything cookin today maou


Nope. I have .92¢ till Tuesday, so ramen, potted meat, and my free meals at work for the next 5 days…


So, despite being broke, I wanted to try something. In that thought, I devised something I could make with what I have in my house.

Therefore, I made a Japanese school anime staple: Yakisoba Pan!


looks great would like to try some