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What's ur device's personalized ringtone 2020

Hey Hey TANami associate hope everyone’s is still doing well off
And r in a safe location

Topic for today an old but new subtopic so to speak

What multiple ringtones do u have ur devices
Tone for phone call
Tone for text
Tone for email
Tone for notification

So go head unlock ur phones and daily in
@MaouSadao u did say u had two phones

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Not necessarily. I just use my old deactivated phone while I’m home. Saves the battery on my actual phone. (On that note, I need to get a replacement for my current one soon. The charge port is starting to give out…)

Needless to say, my ringtone has been Shut Up and Explode by The Boom Boom Satellites since about 2012, and my notification/ text / email alert is Mayrui Shiina from Steins Gate saying Tuturu since about the same time.


Yea I dropped my old phone and cracked it and now it goes me problems so I got another phone

One phone I have the op of kanojo not a surprise there

Notes is just a Bells sound

Phone calls


My ringtone is the Doctor Who TV theme.


Mine is Pantera - Cemetery Gates been that since the early 2000’s . My text tone is one of the generic comes with the phone ones .


Here’s my ringtone I’ve had for several years. Mine kicks in a few moments before the flute and ends a short while after.

And my notification I’ve had for a few months.


Hey @Slowhand do u have personalized ringer for ur phone


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I should have known that the mistress keeps it classy

i chopped out bit of it about the first 26 seconds or so… I love it

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