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Where is everybody? (ANO >> HiDive)


I looked at all 1241 members on HiDive, and only recognized two TAN members there: Lady off Wicca and Slowhand. Any other former ANO users on HiDive now?


Oh sure you didn’t recognize, Me or @Newshawk or @mgosdin or @dragonrider_cody etc? @Snowy_Stampede is Chilly there. Sent you a friend request lol


I’m also on HiDive.


You probably couldn’t find me because my Profile is set to Private lol


I got your friend request~

@psychopuppet is also there…


I had mine set to private as well. It’s public now.

Mark Gosdin


I’m also on HIDIVE under a different name Chilly.


I’m on there. I just don’t use the community features. Or at least, don’t see a compelling need to.


I lost my book of passwords doing a reorganization. I’d sign on again when I find it .


I only just signed on to the website last week, aiming to binge on my one day off this weekend.


I’m three, but haven’t been on much. School, work, and family issues. It’s been a rough couple of months. :sleepy:


I’m drowning in work myself, I guess my wish finally came true…


Gonna dedicate tomorrow to Anime :slight_smile:


I’m so happy I have some HIDIVE simulcasts to enjoy this season, thanks to Classicaloid 2 and Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2.