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Why the hijack Ad?


Why do I have to sit through a full screen advertisement to use your website now? I pay you a monthly fee as it is. If this is a hijacking, fix it. If this is an attempt to get more revenue, stop it. Or I promise you one less source of revenue coming from me.


What full size as are you taking about? The only ads I see are on the borders.

If you are getting something on the home page, simply go directly to the forum or online player page. Full size ads don’t show up here very often.


When I click my bookmarked homepage for this site I get a 20 second Monster Hunter full page add, before it allows me to continue to the main page.

Thank you for the suggestion. I have already bookmarked the show page to avoid this eye sore and I will be avoiding the Homepage from now on.


No problem. I never stop on the homepage, so when something like that pops up, I don’t notice.


It’s sad. I kind of liked the home page.


Yeah, and you can’t do a damn thing until the advert is done.

I object!



While I’m not exactly thrilled with it either, it’s generating money for the site.

We’ll all just have to deal with it until it’s run it’s course.


I got it! let’s just buy the advertising space! We can put something more interesting there… like a big picture of Rai or something, and you just have to stare at it for 20 seconds.


are we generating revenue for the website or committing mass murder?

random anime derrieres, i would pay for that ad. each time you visit you see a new back on the front…page.




In the future, if you TAN must run these types of full page ads, I hope they will go for ones that are mobile friendly. The ad is flashed based, so when I go to the homepage, I get a grey screen with a “Download Adobe Flash” icon that I am unable to close out of. The 20 second timer never decreases either. I have to close the page and reopen on a different part of the site.


I have noticed the ad, which is…for…um… Oh yea, the ad definitely serves purpose.


Next time, make it a game I care about!

I’m sure Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is great, but I don’t have a WiiU, and I don’t have any faith in a monster hunter game for the 3DS


If it only showed up once per session it would be merely a nuisance, but this damned thing shows EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to access the home page.


i am sure glad i still use my adult swim schedule bookmark from the old days. i dont really ever see the frontpage, only Sad Elsie.

i would have probably shot someone if confronted with a popup, dropdown, slideout, or other type of ad.


I bookmarked the forums directly on Firefox, but I still use IE8 and that bookmark is for the homepage.


I am not a big fan of this. I could understand if I was trying to watch for free, but as I’m subscribing, I’m paying for the service, so it gets annoying to have to sit here twiddling my thumbs every time I sign in. :unsure:


Legend Killer, if you can, try to sign-in directly on the forums page instead of the TAN homepage. From there you can go directly to the shows page without any silly advertisement delays. I hope this helps, and I understand your frustration.

Also, I do very much agree with the shared opinions about this so called ‘hijack ad’. I also understand the reasoning behind advertising and why TAN is using this to generate money for the site. However, if a less intrusive way of advertising could be put in place in the future, I’m pretty sure everyone would appreciate it greatly.