Will CR recover from the hacking incident?

Seems this is al I have seen since the week or so back when all the little icons were huge covering the page and someone said some mod account there got hcked and changed a lot of the site.

Does anyone else see this type of header as opposed to the old one, or maybe they jsut haven’t gotten around to fixing it with all the other security problems they have found? or am I the only one that still uses CR? This isn’t their new method so you have to scroll down to see the slide-out advertisement is it? If anyone has an account there (I won’t tell TAN or ANO you are cheated on them with CR) maybe you could pass along a header CSS error to them. I am not going to even sign up for the forum while they are having security issues.

I will ive TAN this, i may have the WORST possible aste in forums, and website software and companies like his one ad that Joomla mess, but at least their ugy CSS ha always worked. Worked, but still ugly, thought legible and mostly decent use of real estate space.

Anyone here a scripter that could give mesomething for greasemonkey to get the header back to working action if there is no way to get them at CR to fix it? just some CSS needs to be fixed, but I can’t tell what or where compaired to before someone went in and defaced things :frowning:

(Can’t wait for TAN to get Haikyu!! Season 2)

Are you drunk shadz?

there was a hacking incident?

As of right now it’s only hearsay among some of the forum members. Crunchyroll itself has not made any official statement in regards to whether or not there was.

Edit: I skimmed through all the news and forums, there isn’t a whole lot on the matter.

I have never seen anything like that. What browser are you using? Maybe an update to the CSS requires support for something you don’t have for some reason. (like you need to update your browser)

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if you google crunchyroll and warstrike, you can see the google cached version (link below) which shows the same broken CSS header that I see and show above and the forums title shows “Crunchyroll database hacked by warstrike” or something.

Most of the damage seems to have been reverted by mods and admins, but they are still checking into credit card charges very heavily and telling everyone to change their passwords and make sure you don’t use the same name and password on other sites that are used on CR…you know the standard safety precautions.

basically a moderators account was taken over by someone was what i read in one of the threads from the time.

Everything looks fine to me on the site except for the header CSS on every page is still broken.


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Thanks for sharing this. That’s a rough ride for all involved. :slightly_frowning_face:

Now that I’ve read the link I doubt Crunchyroll will have any problems recovering. I could be talking out my ass but I mean the guy said the breach was minimal so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to recover.

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Yeah, I just hope the playback problems many are having as well as the page formatting gets fixed as they seem to be linked to the time ofthe incident. Thats why I said if anyone wants to feel free to pass along that broken header image above if they hve an account there to have someone look into it since it happen from the incident. :smile:

They will just have to figure out how the playback issues were caused and that will take who knows how long, or it could have just been unrelated and happened at the same time as the incident. ~shrug~

I just logged on and took a look. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this site maybe a month but it does look like some of the headers and things were updated or changed a little. Nothing like the screen shot you shared. Maybe this incident took place while they were updating everything and somebody got careless accidently exposing sensitive material that only a moderator or admin should see.

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