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Wow, you're all still here


Not really gonna post this in the Intro forum, as most of you know me. The only thing is, you know me by a different alias.
I was just browsing another forum I go to and someone made a thread about what other things you’re signed up for online, and those you USED to be signed up for. So I thought of this place. Curious, I decided to see if TAN still had forums. To my surprise, they did. To even more of my surprise, people like Hentai, Pretear, Slowhand, Outlander, and Haissan are all still here. So I thought I’d register real quick to express my awe, and maybe even pop in from time to time. But one thing:

mfw the name “ryoga” was in use


Oh, it’s YOU! Hi…o ya doin’?


Not bad. Passed my drive test today.

Man, I was like… 12? back when I stayed here.
I’m 17 now.


I thought you were 15…

Congratulation so when are going to give me a ride to the bus stop?


I’ve been riding the city bus to school for two years now, ever since they cancelled school buses. I don’t even wanna set foot on the same piece of cement as a bus stop.


I think you missed the joke…lol


Heyo Ryoga! Seems like all the old regs pop back in every once in a while. There must be something about AN that draws people back to check it out. Perhaps it’s the occasional mass e-mail messages they send? :evil:

The Ryoga account likely belongs to you. When we switched to these Kunena forums, we were able to retain user data, but the process was a little buggy. Message Rai about it, and I’m sure he’ll set you up with your old account, if you’d like.

Also, congrats on passing your driver’s exam. Was it your first go, or do you have any stories from previous exams? I remember my first time, my driving proctor looked like a cranky old wretch with a stern voice, so I was scared stiff throughout the entire drive, and followed her orders in an almost robotic fashion. Got my license thanks to that.


Tenebrae wrote:

Never heard of them.



I remember you! Just couldn’t stay away, right?

If this,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,22/view,profile/ is you, then Rai can definitely help you out. Or you could try the forgotten password thingy-bob. I think they fixed it, as long as you’re using the same email account, you should be fine.

It’s nice to see some of ‘old’ people back, stick around for a while! :slight_smile:



Please help me

They have me locked in the TAN basement for 4 years


outlander wrote:


Please help me

They have me locked in the TAN basement for 4 years[/quote]

shut up and smoke your weed


No, Hentai. It was my first go. I missed three points, but I passed.

And no, I don’t use the same email anymore - too much pornspam/COMETOOURCOLLEGEspam.
But I am quite alright using “Tenebrae”. It’s my more common alias, now, excluding the forums I mentioned earlier. It is normally my name on Steam, too, unless I change it for some event.

But thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone. Say, does Wolfo still come here? Man, I remember those chats Wolfo and Hentai had with me when I was little. Those late night chats.


Somewhere shak is feeling really left out and/or relieved at the lack of mention.


Hi and welcome back to TAN. :slight_smile:


PretearHimeno wrote:




Hey RyRy, welcome back to the boards. Congratulations on passing your drivers test. My daughter just got her license about 6 months ago, and she’s loving it.


Hello, there, Ryoga, or Tenebrae, tykes!

I remember you!.. although we… never… talked, tykes… ._.’’

Welcome back to TAN forums! And congrats on passing your driving test! I’ve yet to, since I have no idea where to around here… (tykes! tykes…)


You mean we’re allowed to leave?


Plays AC/DC song ‘Jailbreak’ in the background
"RUN! RUN!!" ^>^