Why no Anime Network on Comcast?

I would love to watch the anime Network but the only cable provider that I have in my area is Comcast, the nations largest cable tv provider. Dish, AT&T, and DirectTV arent an option because they have slow internet and I need an ISP with fast internet connection speeds for a reasonable price. Verizon FIOS isnt available in my area either so I cant get that :frowning:

Please add the Anime network to Comcast Cable.

DirecTV is an option; that’s what I have.

I get high-speed Internet from Comcast (cable modem without cable TV).


I get high-speed Internet from Comcast (cable modem without cable TV)


Yeah but if you only have Internet with Comcast they raise the price that you pay for internet, so its either both services or none for me :frowning: I believe its $74 for the Blast internet from comcast if you get it alone or $58 if you get it with cable.

There is a secondary option.

I am also limited to Comcast cable due to circumstaces beyond my control, so I watch Anime Network online.

As you said, Comcasts internet is really fast so that may be a reasonable option, unless you multitask (watching Anime while gaming for example)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

At one time Comcast did have the Anime Network. As a matter of fact they were the first cable company to have the VOD or the Anime Network in any form. Then in 2009 someone in programming decided to not renew the contract. Shortly before this the Funimation VOD was added as a test then it went away then came back a few days after The Anime Network was removed. Rumor at the time was someone that used to work for a previously named Anime company was put in charge of the VOD programming around this time as well. :whistle:

Now shows from the Anime Network as pay per view VOD do sometimes show up in the Top Picks category of Comcast’s VOD.

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