"Yo!" there, everyone

Hey, I’m LordGeo, and those who go to other forums like the ones at Anime On DVD, Anime News Network, and GameFAQs will more than likely be familiar with me. I’ve only done the whole “watch anime via streaming” thing a few times, mainly because I have my computer also hooked up to my TV and I hate having to get up everytime to use my wired mouse after an episode ends.

But Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao being simulcast here has gotten me interested and I decided to give it a try over here. Hopefully this is just the first of a good number of Spring simulcasts… Maybe Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow, perhaps?

(Just a heads up, Ring ni Kakero 1 is my “Automatic #1 License Request/Guess/Hope/etc.”, so I’ll be mentioning it and hoping for it if there’s any hint of a chance of it being licensed)


Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

Hey, good to have ya amongst us! Enjoy the place, this is a hotspot for anime happenings.

Welcome, Geo. I came here for the same reason, can’t wait for the premier FRI.

Welcome to the board :slight_smile: Hope you have an awesome time here!

Welcome! Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Welcome to you! Enjoy the site!

Welcome, LordGeo! :slight_smile:

I see that you’ve already made yourself at home around the boards, that’s a great and wonderful thing! Please feel free to jump into any convo that interests you.

Browse around all the forums and see if anything else tickles your fancy. (The only thing we ask is that you use the ‘Search’ function before starting any new threads, especially in the Anime section.)

Also, I see that you’ve already made a sig, and that’s nifty! If you’d also like some of those cool icons under your avatar, go here:

If you have any questions, just ask and multitudes of people will come to your rescue; but remember, only MY answers count! :wink:

Again, welcome to TAN forums, hope you have fun, so please come back and post often! :laugh:

Welcome! Come back often.

Welcome aboard Lord Geo! I know we’ve posted on some of the same threads at ANN and AoD. It’s good to have one of the saner posters from there joining us. I hope you enjoy yourself!

Welcome and enjoy!!!

You’re not welcome. Go back home. :stuck_out_tongue:

I post on ANN once in a while. It’s a really hard board to enjoy.