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You spent HOW MUCH!? On WHAT!?: Video Game Collector's Editions


This thread is mainly for the discussion of Video Game Collectors Editions

Most video game releases these days, even for original IPs, which don’t have any huge fame or popularity will release with a collector’s edition.

There seem to be a lot of generic Collector’s Editions which come with some extra content for the game, an art book, and maybe a little something else. Those usually go for $80 or so which is around $20 more than the normal version of the game.

However, lately Collector’s Editions are becoming more and more interesting, and at times more and more expensive. The problem sometimes, is that these collector’s editions are not always worth the price.

Other times, the price and the content are well worth it. The stuff you get with some of these collector’s editions is really astounding. Some can’t see the reason for spending $80, upwards of $200 sometimes for these “limited” editions of games. Others only ever get the Collector’s Edition of the games they’re purchasing.

People argue all the time about a collector’s edition being overpriced because the items included just aren’t worth the price they’re asking for it.

What is everyone’s opinions on Collector’s Edition releases of video games?


I for one, see no reason why anyone should ever spend so much money to get what amounts to some new fancy things to look at. Needless to say, I’m one of those people who spends all that money on stuff that amounts to some fancy things to look at.

As you all know, I love taking pictures of stuff. This is my personal collection of “Collector’s Edition” games, plus my opinions on them.

[spoiler]Alan Wake

[spoiler]The Alan Wake Collector’s Edition is pretty intersting.

They try to make it look like an actual book, since the game is about an Author.

Inside the “book” is a lot of cool stuff. The game of course, then a soundtrack CD, an Extra’s DVD, and a book. Not an art book, but an actual book. I never read it though.

Overall, it’s a decent Collector’s Edition. I lost interest in the game, so the contents of this one is really lost to me. I would say that this one was a waste of money for ME, but those that played and enjoyed the game would probably love the extra content here.[/spoiler]

This was one of my first “fancy” collector’s Editions.

[spoiler]It’s a big fancy box.

Aside from the game, whats in the box is this small resin model of one of the game’s enemies.

I really liked Bioshock so I think this one was very much worth the price.[/spoiler]

Bioshock 2
For those of you who know it, the Bioshock 2 Collector’s Edition is a bit more… Intricate.

[spoiler]Large square box, very nice artwork. Soda can tab for size.

The box without the slipcover on it.

Just look at the contents of this. Not only does it have a normal soundtrack CD (not pictured), it has a second soundtrack on vinyl. That’s right, a vinyl record packaged with a video game. In addition, there’s an art book, and some little posters as well.

I actually bought the normal edition of this, and then changed my mind and bought this edition as well. I gave the other copy to my brother and we split the cost of this one. The record really makes the whole thing. I absolutely love that thing.[/spoiler]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
I was still a fan of the CoD franchise back when this came out, and I would have passed it up, but I couldn’t resist this:

[spoiler]This is/was the generic packaging for most Collector’s Edition cases. A slipcover that contains a Steelbook case for the game, and a small art book.

This one just also happens to come with a pair of nightvision goggles.

I have long since shelved this game, but the nightvision goggles are still very nice. They only see up to 50 feet, so they’re more of a gimmick than anything else. But I like them.[/spoiler]

Darksiders 2
The original Darksiders was really great, and when I saw the contents of this CE, I HAD to get it!

[spoiler]Here’s the box that held everything, you can see that the contents are no longer in the box.

Here’s the art book. The game just came out Tuesday so I haven’t looked at it yet. That’s Death on the cover by the way, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Take note of his mask…

And here’s Death’s mask. A full size replica!

I like the mask, and so far the game is great. I really love the detail that the replica has.[/spoiler]

Duke Nukem Forever
Ok, so this game was supposed to be a lot awesomer than it turned out to be… But the Collector’s Edition is packed with lots of stuff.

[spoiler]Here’s the box, I wonder what’s in there?

Clearly, it’s “The King”…baby

It has a couple little Duke Nukem poker chips, and some dice.

Plus, some tiny playing cards! Here’s the suicide king, just because… Don’t stick your sword there Mr. King, that kills you!

A comic, and an art book were in there as well. yes, those are sharks with lasers.

Duke Nukem Papercraft anyone?

This made it ALL worth it… Tiny bust of Duke Nukem.

Alright, so the game wasn’t so great… Personally, I like it. It reminded me a lot of old shooters from back in the day. The CE is packed with neat things, and the little resin bust is just hilarious.

Fable III
Say what you will about the Fable series and Peter Molyneux, I really liked the games.

[spoiler]Once again, you have a book sized box

And with good reason since this one really does look like a leather bound book.

This game is all about good and evil, so there’s a coin with a good and evil side, plus a pack of playing cards for some reason.[/spoiler]

Fallout New Vegas

[spoiler]The box is already really cool. This is without the slipcover, I forgot to get a picture with it.

This Fallout game takes place in Nevada, in and around the city of New Vegas, so it’s very Casino oriented.
A deck of playing cards, plus a poker chip from each major casino in the game, a replica of the the game’s main plot device, the “platinum chip”, a soundtrack CD, and a comic.

I love the Fallout games, and this one was no exception, so I have no problems with paying for the Collector’s Edition, even if it is a little boring.[/spoiler]

Halo Reach
Bungie really went all out with this one, I don’t have the most expensive edition, but this one was well worth the price, even without the game.

[spoiler]So here’s the case.

It’s designed to look like some kind of ammo cannister or secret case or something.

Inside, under the game, is this plastic bag which contains a Top Secret document which relates to events in the game, and the game’s overall universe.

Inside, is the journal of one of the key characters of this game, and one of the key characters of some of the Halo Novels, Dr. Halsey.

It contains a map of the planet Reach which the game takes place on, complete with fake coffee stain in the corner.

in the back of the journal are some fancy things, like an iron on patch, Dr. Halsey’s ID card, some other classified documents and some personnel files.

This particular Collector’s Edition is incredibly lore intensive. This stuff relates directly to the game and its overall universe. Like I said, Bungie went all out on this one, and it turned out great.

Starcraft 2

[spoiler]The box for this one is pretty big

It contains a bunch of stuff. An art book, a comic book, a soundtrack CD, and my favorite of all, a USB flash drive with the entire original Starcraft game on it.

This is Blizzard we’re talking about here, so it’s a pretty nice collection of stuff, but I really didn’t play SC2 much so I don’t think I got the full effect of the Collector’s Edition. However it came with a pet for WoW, so I’m happy :slight_smile: [/spoiler]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
I saved the best for last!

[spoiler]This is the box for this Collector’s Edition, it’s freakin’ huge. Once again, soda can tab for size comparison.

This is the art book. It’s about 200 pages long, and it’s very pretty.

If you don’t know anything about the Skyrim collector’s edition, you’re probably wondering why the heck this box is so big… well, it’s the only way to fit this guy inside:

It’s a model of a Dragon from the game… he’s kind of gigantic.

That last pice really makes this collector’s edition great, and the game itself is also fantastic.[/spoiler]

Well, that’s the end of my little tour through my stuff. I don’t know if I have any other fancy ones… I would have to dig them up if I do.[/spoiler]


The most I ever spent on a video game was R-Type for the TG-16. I paid $70 for it.


I’ve not gotten a big collectors edition Video Game at full price in some time now. I honestly can’t think of a more recent one except maybe Skyward Sword or Golden Eye for the Wii. Really though they were only $20.00 more then normal editions so not really a big deal. I’ve been seeing a lot of the collectors editions sit for a long time and eventually get sold cheap. Tron Evolution is a good one. I just got the Collectors Edition New for $9.99. I think originally it was $129.99. The Lightcycle it comes with really was not worth the extra money they were asking but at $9.99 I can’t complain. I think really my Video Game bug kind of went out sometime in the PS2 generation.

Probably the reason my Video Game Collecting is not what it use to be is my Anime Collection. I think the other issue is I have so much swag sitting around collecting dust. I see these things the collectors editions come with and think do I really need that?.


There’s been a single Bioshock 2 collector’s edition sitting on a shelf in a store I sometimes go to, and it’s been there for YEARS! it’s probably around $20-$40 now. Do I feel bad knowing I spent $100+ on it when I bought it? A little, but then again, I cared enough to buy it at that price, so I’m satisfied with what I got and how much I paid.

Now, if I passed on a collector’s edition and I happened upon it a few years later and it was really cheap, I may consider getting it.

I don’t get as many collector’s editions as I used to for a few reasons…
-I usually buy all my games digitally on Steam, so I really don’t have an option for it.
-I started spending more and more money on anime instead of video games that I now probably spend the same amount on both; if not a little bit more on video games.
-Most collector’s editions I see just don’t look to be worth the price for what they’re offering.

I actually was thinking this when I got my most recent Collector’s Edition. The Darksiders 2 CE comes with a replica of Death’s mask, and I though “I don’t think I have room for this” as I looked at the shelf I would put it on. Then I said “It’ll definitely fit! I’ll move some stuff around and make room!”

I do enjoy buying the CE for games made by developers I really like. It makes me feel like I’m supporting their games


I own a few “light version” of collector’s editions, mostly steel books with an extra disc for games like Doom 3, Gears of Wars 1 & 2, FFXII. There’ not much to them but I did managed to get my Halo 2 CE signed by Steve Downes at last year’s Otakuthon, so that was cool.

If we’re talking about these huge boxes, I bought Halo 3 and Halo Reach when I found them at $40 & $50 in-store. I also own the CE version of both Lunars with the soundtracks, pendant, hardcover manuals, cloth maps and punching puppet. Working Designs was one of the few companies that was releasing collector’s editions at the time in the U.S.

Sure, these huge collector’s editions are filled with fan servicing goodies (that Skyrim box looks awesome) but I don’t think I’ll ever buy one of them at full price. My free time for gaming is reduced at “slim-to-none” and with the ridiculous backlog of games that I have, I think I’m good to never buy another game again. So in my case, paying $100+ for a new game is a poor usage of money…

…but of course, I’m a full-fledged moron that gets suckered into buying everything when it comes to big sales, so the backlog is getting bigger every year around November/December.


Bumping the thread because this is definitely one of the pound-for-pound stupidest " This is 2013, do you really need this stuff ? " / " Of course not honey why do you ask ? " type of purchase that I have done in a long time :

A crapload of issues of a dead magazine.[/spoiler]

Along with the ones I originally own, I’m a few issues short of having every single one of them from the beginning in 1988 up to the Wii era. The best part of that purchase ?


Issues 1 to 6 in damn near perfect condition.

I know that Nintendo Power wasn’t exactly on the level of GameFan or in-its-prime EGM as far as content quality go but I don’t care. When I opened the box I felt like a kid again.

I have now about 75 duplicates (completely absurd) which will go on eBay, including a double of valuable issue #1 so it’s not a complete waste of money.

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