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The Highschool Of The Dead OVA (from the Nozaki-kun order) arrived today.
(I’m actually surprised they opened the Intercession City post office on a Saturday more than anything else!)


Since I have to do a double shift (11am-4am) we celebrated Christmas today.
These were my gifts:

Dou Ka! Please, can you keep my secret?
Special A is thanks to @Jababbi


Order with Christmas Money:
Squid Girl - Complete Collection


This showed up today:

I’m #4099. I guess of maybe 5000?
Got it from the Christmas PBS sale.
Was enjoying the dub of it, so I figured I’d get it while I had the money.

Now to figure out what to do with the single DVD set. :thinking:

Some of the pictures in the art book are really on the risque side!


December 2017 Anime Pick-Ups


The final purchase of 2017:

Got the keychain set with it too. Similar situation to AmaBri. Liked it from watching on ANOD, so got the DVD. Loved the dub and saw it was on sale, and had to get the PBS.

Literally broke the bank with all these purchases this month, but, ya know; McDonald’s doesn’t taste bad when you’re happy. :joy:

Btw, to anyone else who has this set, did the mini poster come slightly damaged? Mine has a couple of nicks in it and the top part has a nice bend in it. :thinking:
Not complaining at all. Just wondering.


I don’t have that boxset, but I’m wondering, does the cat come with it?


I’m not certain for all of them, but this one did :yum:

Seriously though, that’s one of my babys. And you probably already guessed his name: Garfield. The boy in the Nozaki-kun pic is Ronnie; he’s the one that was abandoned outside my house


This one arrived today:

It’s the Discotek release, but IDK if it should be in the ADV thread (since it’s one of their more notable series) or the Other Anime thread.

I’ll accept whatever the mods decide. :wink:


Eh, it’s fine. Leave it here.


Waited since October for this!

I really want this dub to be good. Fell in love with the series at episode 1, so please let the dub do it justice :pray:


April 2018 Anime Pick-Ups

Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other

My recent acquisitions and gifts

From The New World Complete Collection Bluray
Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless Premium Bluray Boxset
Flip Flappers Collector’s Bluray Boxset


Since Last Post:
Ajin Season 2 BD
Chihayafuru Season 2 BD
GATE Complete Collection BD
Is it Wrong to Expect a Hot Springs in a Dungeon? BD
Squid Girl Seasons 1,2, and OVA BD


So I just got an email this morning for these being shipped. :sunglasses::upside_down_face:

Edit: Got these on sale at Sentai’s site. Cost me about $120.

Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other

Recently Pre-ordered:

  • No Game No Life Zero

Had a RightStuf cert just waiting to be used… since Christmas!


Bodacious Space Pirates Complete Collection DVD

Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other

Is It Wrong To Expect a Hot Spring In A Dungeon OVA Bluray

Maburaho Complete Collection DVD Thin Pack

I actually already own Maburaho, but it’s in storage somewhere. I found a decent deal on eBay and decided to pick it up, as I’ve been wanting to rewatch it for a while. Now watch someone finally announce a Bluray…lol


Gatchaman II - Complete Collection
Gatchaman Fighter - Complete Collection
Persona 4 - Complete Collection


Pre Oredered:
Aura Battler Dunbine - Complete Collection (1983) – Blu-ray. Amazon got it 44% off and 7 bucks cheaper to order then Right stuff right now.