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Genres: adventure, fantasy, science fiction, tournament
Themes: card games, monsters, parallel universe
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-01-09
Opening Theme: “EX:FUTURIZE” by Yoko Hikasa
Ending Theme: “Monochrome Overdrive” by Yurika Endou

Plot Summary: Five “Black Points” suddenly appeared around the world as portals to parallel worlds. Immediately after, strange creatures began their invasion from these portals. These creatures are the inhabitants of five worlds—the same worlds in different timeframes. In order to ensure their own future timeframe survives, each of the five invasion forces battle to wipe the other future timeframes out. The key is one card-shaped device. (from ANN)


Episode 5 –


So, Aina has turned to the dark side. Why am I getting such a “Star Wars” vibe? LOL


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]It looks like Aina is the one controlling Audium, whether she realizes it or not. Aina doesn’t seem like herself either, and I wonder if Audium is sucking up and feeding off of her hatred. But even this cheery version of Aina insists that Asuka get rid of his card device. She says the same thing to Ayase too.

Looks like Alexander is making his move. Now I know for sure that Aina is controlling Audium and soon everyone else will know as well.[/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Kobe is conquered and the search begins for Audium’s partner. Won’ they be surprised when they find out who it is! When Asuka and Fierte do come across Aina, she doesn’t seem like herself, and doesn’t want them to go with her back to the dorm.

Sera wanders off, following someone who she thinks is her mother. Of course it isn’t her mother. Everyone else is frantically looking for Sera too. The little girl is just walking around, thinking of her mother and the last time Sera saw her. The newswoman disappeared while covering an attack, and is most likely dead.

Seeing the story of how Sera met Tyranno was funny, but sweet, as they bonded. He grew up pretty fast too! Sera is finally found at a shrine by the others, and tells them how she hopes to find her mother someday. She is just so cute!! But they never found Audium’s partner.[/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]I can see why Ayase hates Angels now and why she wants revenge against them. But it was a Guardian that saved her and she meets this Z/X, Gar, once again. Ayase also finds out why her parents and the rest of the villagers were killed, and it was a very stupid reason. Everyone was killed to cover up an accident that the Angels had caused. Gar was opposed to the way the Angels dealt with the accident, and was able to save Ayase. Because he saved her, he became a traitor, and could never return home.

The story of how Ayase met Sieger was pretty terrifying. But a deal is made and Sieger will let her live long enough to get her revenge on the Angels. They killed many Angels and I can see how it changed Ayase. But revenge was not the reason Gar saved her, so she simply asks him to give her parents back. Of course he can’t, and thinking of her parents only makes Ayase cry. She wants to know who was responsible for their deaths. Ayase apologizes, but has no intention of giving up her revenge against the Angels. As they part, Ayase asks again who gave the order to kill everyone and Gar finally tells her that it was Aquarius Gambiel of the Twelve Disciples. Now Ayase has her target![/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]I’m not liking the Blue Word much either. The technology is great, but I don’t like what they’re doing with it. Because of what she knows, Rigel is considered defective and will be “reformatted”. In the process, she will forget all about Azumi. Poor Azumi is another product of the Blue World, or I should say, victim. They keep her sick on purpose! That is just horrible! Of course Rigel runs, but the city guard is sent after her. I think too that Polaris might actually be on Rigel’s side. I hope she can get back to Azumi.

Rigel evades the guards, but then she has to face Type II, which is like fighting herself since they were created from the same DNA. Type II is all business and without emotion. She considers Rigel a “degenerate copy”. Vega is not pleased that Polaris allowed Rigel to escape, and she also orders Type II to bring Azumi back. Type II questions the importance of Azumi, but Vega tells her that she isn’t to know such things.

The others have had no luck in finding Audium, so Mikado comes up with a plan to lure her out. However, his plan means the destruction of Kobe. Of course Asuka is against it, but there doesn’t seem to be any other way. But Mikado will give them all three days before his plan goes into effect. Rigel does make it back to Azumi, but she’s injured. As Fierte heals her, Rigel tells everyone the truth about Azumi and her disease. Azumi begins to have another attack, but Rigel was not able to bring back her medicine. Rindo gives her his clan’s secret medicine and it seems to work. Old world medicine against modern nanomachines – I love it! Perhaps the knowledge of Rindo’s world could even heal Azumi completely.

But Type II has arrived and Rigel can sense her. Rigel says that because she knows Azumi, she can no longer return home if she stays with Azumi. Rigel tells everyone that she has chosen to go home, and says goodbye to Azumi. I’m sure she’s doing this to protect Azumi, but Azumi tries to stop her. She grabs her cape and the pin comes undone, leaving Azumi holding the cape as Rigel leaves. She says that they aren’t partners anymore. Azumi has another attack and passes out.

Rigel faces Type II and Type II knows exactly what Rigel did. Rigel is with Type II now in order to give Azumi time to escape. But without Azumi’s resources, Rigel isn’t going to last very long. But Rigel’s plan is to sacrifice herself, taking Type II with her. Back at the café, Azumi knows that Rigel is fighting and wants to go to her. She’s holding Rigel’s pin in her hand. Asuka drapes Rigel’s cape around Azumi and says that they will go to Rigel. Rindo and Chitose go as well.

Type II was right and Rigel isn’t doing well. She’s taking a terrible beating from Type II. She’s too weak to even stick to her plan and Type II handcuffs her. Type II really wants to kill her, but her orders were to bring Rigel back alive. She contacts Vega and gets permission to return. However, Rigel is suddenly infused with resources and breaks free of the restraints. But now Type II realizes that Azumi is nearby. Rindo and Fierte attack before she can even think about that. As they fight, Azumi goes to Rigel and gives her more resources. They reunite and apologize to one another. I knew that Rigel would end up saying that her home is with Azumi. Better now, Rigel goes to join the fight against Type II.

Rigel is a lot stronger now, and Vega and Polaris are watching their fight from their Command Room in the Blue World Fortress. As the fight continues, Asuka comes up with the idea to find Type II’s partner and stop the resources. It works and Type II is weakened, but instead of destroying her, Rigel sends Type II back to Vega with a message. However, Audium appears and grabs Type II. Her appearance draws Alexander and Ayase as well. Type II is destroyed as Audium takes all of her resources. Is Aina finally going to be found out?[/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]The others can’t believe that Audium was strong enough to totally defeat Type II. Alexander appears and feels he’s found a worthy foe. He does manage to knock her down, but Audium isn’t that easily defeated. The others arrive in time to witness Alexander’s final strike, but Audium disappears to reveal Aina! Finally!

Aina is a bit dazed and she doesn’t know why she’s there. She sees her friends and starts towards them, asking what they are all doing there. She can’t remember anything after her work shift ended, but then another memory comes to her. Aina remembers taking the floating mask, and gets a few glimpses of what happened afterwards. She suddenly realizes that she is Audium and that she tried to kill her friends.

Before Aina gets hysterical, Asuka tries to calm her down. It doesn’t work and Aina falls to her knees, screaming as she holds her head. Unfortunately, these strong emotions make Audium appear again. Mikado arrives and is told that Audium is really Aina, who is Asuka’s friend. Audium is acting strangely and Sieger notes that she’s in pain. Sera can sense Audium’s hatred of the Z/X, but she also senses that she’s scared. Aina has turned out to be a weak host and cannot feed her hatred.

Audium attacks and captures Ayase, and then Asuka, who went to her rescue. Audium absorbs them into her chest. There, they experience Aina’s memories, and why she became Audium. But Asuka feels responsible. A memory of Malice appears and tries to entice Ayase into becoming the next Audium, by telling her to focus on her hate. Now her memories appear, and Ayase is restrained by Audium, to feed on her hatred. Asuka tries to reach her, but is also restrained by Audium. He is pulled away from Ayase and is tossed back out into the world. Great – now they have to save both Aina and Ayase. Between the two of them, Audium is much stronger now, and puts a barrier around herself.

The barrier cannot be broken, and Audium is evolving into a new form. Mikado has an idea and gathers the forces together. Asuka opposes his plan because of Aina and Ayase, but Mikado needs him to look at the big picture and save Kobe. However, Asuka still protests and appeals to Mikado’s humanity, not knowing about Mikado’s little sister. Asuka vows to save the girls and to protect Kobe. The others will stand behind him. Alexander tells Mikado that he has lost, and I don’t think Mikado liked hearing that.

Sera adds her appeal as well and Mikado gives in to the little girl that reminds him so much of his sister. Well, he doesn’t totally give in. Mikado gives the heroes exactly ten minutes before he moves ahead with his own plan. But what can they do in ten minutes? Without Ayase’s resources, Sieger won’t be much use, but he’s going with them. He even demands resources from Asuka! Asuka can’t take anything away from Fierte though, until she tells him that there is a way to feed two Z/X at the same time. It’s call “Ignition Overdrive” - if Asuka can do it. Asuka agrees to try.

With thoughts of Aina and Ayase, Asuka does test it out, and it does work, however, he also collapses. But he’s still determined to do it when the time comes. Inside Audium, the mask transfers itself from Aina to Ayase, but Aina doesn’t want to see her friend turn out like her. She encourages Ayase to fight it as the mask covers her face. Aina protests as Malice ejects Aina from Audium. Sieger saves her, thinking she was Ayase. When Aina wakes up, she begs Asuka to save Ayase.

Inside Audium, Ayase hopes her friends run away as the new Audium begins to awaken. Her new form has wings now, and she can use those as a weapon. Audium begins the destruction of the world. The only one that seems happy about this is the watching Gambiel. But I still wonder how Asuka and company can do anything in ten minutes![/details]


Episode 12 –

[details=Spoiler]Audium flies away and Sieger invites Asuka to get on his back. He intends to go save Ayase and he knows that Audium’s power is in her mask. Still, the group needs a strategy to get to that mask. In the meantime, Ayase is lost in a world where her parents are still alive. The friends begin their attack against Audium, but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to get near that mask.

Fierte, Sieger, and Asuka are caught by Audium and Sieger asks Ayase for help. She can still hear him! Her parents tell her that she’s imagining things, but Ayase suddenly realizes she’s caught in a dream – a reality that she’s longed for. The dream fades as Ayase remembers that her parents are really dead. It seems that she was able to free her friends too. Audium has stopped moving for the moment and Sieger hands Asuka a weapon. This might be their only chance!

Sieger flies towards Audium’s face and tosses Asuka off to take care of the rest. Asuka falls straight to the mask and, using the weapon and his momentum, cracks it. Malice disappears and Ayase fights against her restraints. Then she can see Asuka coming for her and fights even harder. Ayase manages to free one hand and reaches for Asuka. Once they join hands, it’s over, and Audium is destroyed. Ayase and Asuka are falling and Asuka is screaming like a baby. He really does hate heights! Sieger rescues the falling couple. But Ayase doesn’t like Asuka clinging to her, even if he is thankful to be alive, and she pushes him off Sieger. It’s left to Fierte to save her partner, and Asuka has never been so happy to see her! And it looks like Audium’s broken mask is picked up by Gambiel.

Aina reunites with Ayase and begs her forgiveness, but Ayase says that they are even now. Gambiel shows up and Sieger manages to cut her cheek. That only angers her and she attacks, but the attack is stopped by Michael. Michael says that she will no longer allow Gambiel to run wild. Gambiel makes a fuss until she hears that this is by Uriel’s order. That puts some fear into her! Michael orders Gambiel to return immediately for questioning. Gambiel has no choice but to obey.

However, Ayase is not about to let Gambiel, the one responsible for killing her parents, get away that easily. But Michael intervenes again, and calls Ayase the “Angel Killer”. Ayase looks at Michael and calls her “Sakura”. Sieger is confused. Michael tells Ayase that if she wants to hunt Angels, then she will be Ayase’s next opponent. Ayase just turns and walks away with Sieger following her. Michael turns her attention to Fierte next, and asks her if she want to return. Now that Uriel is back, Angels will try to coexist with humans. Fierte is torn and looks at Asuka. He smiles and tells her to do what she wants; he won’t hold her back. Fierte chooses to stay with Asuka and Michael says that she will let Uriel know. She tells Asuka to take good care of Fierte. Asuka just wonders how Michael knew his name. Michael disappears in a rain of feathers.

There is more going on in the White World than meets the eye. Gambiel meets with Gabriel who wasn’t expecting Uriel to reveal himself. Gabriel doesn’t seem happy about that. Gambiel has also given him Audium’s broken mask and he refers to it as “the second one”. He says that “they’ll come in handy someday”. It sounds like this Angel is out to get Uriel!

Back in Kobe, Alexander is leaving. He says that he is not one to retreat, but Mikado tells him that they are just going to another base to reorganize the troops. They need to prepare in case they run into something like Audium again. Well, as long as Mikado is certain that this is not a retreat, then Alexander is okay with it. LOL Sera is returning to Nagoya with Tyranno. Mikado hopes she finds her mother and Sera hopes that he finds the person he’s looking for as well. That surprised Mikado. He never told Sera about his little sister, but she seemed to have known anyway.

Chitose and Rindo are returning to Tohoku and it looks like Azumi and Rigel are going with them. Not only is it a good place for them to hide, but based on what Rindo had once told them, perhaps Azumi can be cured in their world. Rindo promises to take Azumi to the Eight Great Dragon Kings to see what can be done about her illness. Aina is leaving as well. Asuka sees her off at the train. She tells Asuka that she likes him and he says he likes her too, but I think he missed the message, as he says that they are good friends. Aina just sighs. Asuka is so dense!

Asuka and Fierte later meet with Ayase. She is leaving too. Ayase is returning to Yokohama to figure out what to do next. It looks like she wants to tell Asuka that she likes him too, but she gets too flustered and takes off on Sieger. However, she ends up calling him and just says “thank you” before hanging up. Sieger tells her that she still can’t be honest with herself. I wonder what happened to their deal. Wasn’t Sieger supposed to devour Ayase once her fight was over? LOL I guess they became good friends instead.

So, it’s just Asuka and Fierte now, and Fierte says that it’s a little lonely without everyone. Asuka is positive that they will all meet again. They visit Asuka’s mother in the hospital and she tells him that his brother is returning to Japan soon. Why do I get the feeling that he’s connected to all this in some way? Anyway, mom mentions that she’s told Yamato that Asuka has a girlfriend, and looks over at Fierte. And Asuka spills the hot tea! LOL Mom says that her son is hopeless.

On the Blue World, Polaris says that the danger has passed. But it seems that “they” have not escaped their fate. The world will still be destroyed, no matter which world it is. Polaris says that they just need a sixth future. Asuka may be their savior as well. Asuka and Fierte are on their way home and Fierte says that she would like to get a job. Asuka promises to talk to the café owner, and it begins to snow. As they continue home, it turns out that Uriel had been watching them that whole time. And it was nice to see Fierte working at the café at the very end.

This show was another pleasant surprise for me. Although it started off confusing the heck out of me, things evened out and it turned out to be a pretty good story. It ended well, but there are enough unanswered questions for another season, if it goes that way. I ended up enjoying this one more than I thought![/details]


Z/X Ignition TV Series DVD collection November

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November 24th
Z/X Ignition DVD


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