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A lot of anime seems like its gettin to trashy

Japanese anime creators are gettin to loosey goosey with their adult content in non ma rated anime shows that’s what it seems to me at least don’t know about you

just been lookin lately at some of the shows on the forums
and man some of the anime titles was crazy

but anime is goin to have some adult themes
but its gettin to ridiculous for kids


Anime ( and Manga ) have never really been entrely for “Kids”. They were and are targeted, for the most part, at Teen & Young Adult audiences. Which means that mature subjects are not off limits.

Never mind that those groups, as well as younger & older people, now have access to the InterNet and the InterNet will give you anything without regard to age.

And, of course, the Creators in Japan are now themselves largely children of the InterNet era. So, what might look a little risque to some doesn’t even register on those same Creators.

Again, Never mind the same factors here in the USA have caused me to abandon most commercial TV & Movies. I will put up with Trashy stuff if it is something I’m interested in. If I don’t have any real interest in it then I will just turn it off or put it down.

Mark Gosdin


well had a lot to say but it would take to long to say what I want to get to

but ok
that what it just is I guess

a lot of people like it
so they keep makin it


Did a lil research and some of the earlier anime in the US had a child like vibe to them and the main ones r mobile suit gundam and Gigantor and astro boy
So but now these younger hormontic Japanese anime creators have moved it to appeal to the older horny viewers
Nothing against the older generation
But for this reason and other reason don’t look at these new anime series