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A Lull in the Sea / Nagi no Asukara / Nagi-Asu


A Lull in the Sea / Nagi no Asukara / Nagi-Asu


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Genres: comedy, drama, fantasy, romance
Themes: parody, post-apocalyptic, sea-dwelling people, underwater world, unrequited love
Objectionable content: Mild
Running time: 26 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2013-10-03
Opening Theme: 1. “lull ~And Then We~” by ray
2. “ebb and flow” by Ray
Ending Theme: 1. “Aqua Terrarium” by Nagi Yanagi
2. Mitsuba no Musubime (Knot Made of Three-Leaf Clovers)" by Nagi Yanagi
3. “lull ~Earth color of a calm~” by Ray

Plot Summary: Long ago, humanity lived in the sea. But the humans who longed for the land left the sea behind. They cast aside the special raiment they’d been given by the sea god that let them live in the ocean. The thinking of the sea humans and the land humans became as separate as the places they lived, and as countless time passed, they forgot they were once one people. This will change as the land-dwelling human Tsumugu Kihara befriends four students who live in a village at the bottom of the sea. (from ANN)


Episode 1 –

[details=spoiler]What a pretty underwater world! But I wonder how the kids can breathe on land. There also seems to be some intolerance problems between those from the sea and those from the land. This looks like it will be an interesting show.

It was funny when Manaka got cursed and ended up with a fish head on her knee. Hikari covered it up so she could go to school, but she ends up getting embarrassed by it anyway – and in front of a human boy she kind of likes. I can see how they breathe now, but when the Ena dries, they are in trouble.

When Manaka ran away, I’m glad Tsumugu found her. I don’t think Hikari would ever have found her where she fell. Tsumugu doesn’t seem to mind that she is from the sea either, and he even likes the fish on her knee. He actually seems quite fascinated by Manaka. Unfortunately, Hikari is very protective of Manaka and seems jealous of Tsumugu.[/details]


This was the only new show that Crunchy had ready for Android streaming so I watched it. Well, I tried to watch it. Bailed halfway through.

I didn’t like the characters (so stereotypical), and I didn’t like that the dudes looked so effeminate.

BTW the streaming quality on Android from crunchy is still sub-DVD. Android streaming ought to be free from them.


Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]Manaka finally loses the fish head on her knee. The curse is gone, but she’s a little sad since Tsumugu thought it was pretty. She even tries to get cursed again, but it doesn’t work.

When Tsumugu volunteers to make the Ojoushi for the Ofunehiki, Manaka volunteers as well, causing Hikari and the others to raise their hands too. Hikari really doesn’t want to be doing this, feeling that it’s a job for the humans, but otherwise it won’t be done.

Tsumugu asks all kinds of questions and really seems to know a lot about the world of the sea. Hikari can see that he truly isn’t a bad guy, but he’s still a human. Then Hikari finds out that Akari has a human boyfriend. If she stays with him, she’ll be banished from the sea village. The idea of banishment really upsets Manaka and Hikari thinks it’s because she wants to be with Tsumugu.

Manaka begins to use Tsumugu’s last name in order to appease Hikari, but he still seems upset. I don’t think Hikari wants Manaka talking to Tsumugu at all. Chisaki finds out that Tsumugu is building a pond for them on the hill behind the school. She’d like him to stop being so kind to Manaka, for Manaka has Hikari.

Manaka is still trying to get her curse back and ends up having a conversation about the why with Uroko instead. Akari’s secret is out and her father finds out too. He takes her in to see Uroko for a chat. I hope she doesn’t get banished![/details]


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]While Akari is meeting with Uroko and her father, Hikari vows to find out about her boyfriend. His feelings intensify for the surface people when he overhears Manaka talking about her possible feelings for Tsumugu. Akari and his father say nothing about the meeting, but Hikari hears Akari crying during the night.

The next day, Hikari chases down Akari’s boyfriend at Tsumugu’s house and starts swinging. He’s prevented from punching the guy when a fishing net is tossed over him. It turns out that the boyfriend had no idea what dating a girl from the sea truly means. Tsumugu explains about the Ena and the boyfriend finds out why Akari would be banished from her home. Hikari ends up giving the boyfriend a beating until he’s stopped by Tsumugu’s grandfather. It’s possible that the grandfather might be a former resident of the sea as well, which would explain Tsumugu’s fascination with it.

When Hikari returns home, he finds out that Akari will break up with her boyfriend, but he isn’t sure if she’s doing it for herself or for him. She tells him that people of the sea and those on the surface just don’t belong together, but Hikari realizes that really isn’t how she truly feels. Akari tries to laugh it off and even teases Hikari, but she ends up crying instead.

The next day, Hikari seems to be a little more understanding. He even thanks Tsumugu and calls him by his first name, prompting the others to do so as well. It’s possible that they may even be friends someday, if Hikari can put his feelings aside. Tsumugu later shows them the pond behind the school that he’s finished. And the truth comes out about Manaka’s knee and the fact that she’s no longer cursed. However, Tsumugu is just amused by the entire thing. After they all end up in the pond, it seems that Hikari and Tsumugu may becomes friends after all.

Hikari later finds out that Akari’s boyfriend has a daughter that wants his help in breaking up Akari and her father. I guess she doesn’t know that the relationship is already over – at least on Akari’s part.[/details]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Hikari doesn’t like the fact that Akari’s boyfriend has a daughter, but he won’t play dirty like Miuna either. At school, it was sad to see that no one wanted to try the sea people’s cooking. Two boys tell Manaka that the dish “smells fishy” and one of them pushes her away, causing her to fall. But I think that she was more upset that the food fell on the floor. Hikari is ready to attack the other boys, but Tsumugu steps in, and tells the boys to apologize.

Things go even further when the kids find that the Ojoushi has been destroyed. It had to have been those same two boys that pushed Manaka. Angered, Hikari races back to the classroom and attacks the two boys. Everyone is called to the principal’s office and the two boys deny doing anything. Hikari is sent home and he’s mad that he’s the only one. Manaka follows him.

It turns out that the culprit was Sayu, but Chisaki begs Kaname to keep it a secret so that Hikari won’t be seen as the bad guy. She doesn’t want to see Hikari hurt anymore, but Tsumugu has overheard the conversation and tells them that it isn’t good to lie. Sayu upsets Miuna when she tells her what she did to the Ojoushi. But in Miuna’s opinion, that is really playing dirty.

Back in the sea village, Manaka tries to talk to Hikari, but they end up having to rescue Akari’s boyfriend. He wanted to see Akari and she’s been avoiding him. But Akari knows that Miuna disapproves of her. The child only lost her mother three years ago and it turns out that Miori was from the sea as well. Akari had admired them as a family. When Miori died, Akari wanted to stay with them.

When Miuna encounters Hikari and Manaka leaving her house, she tells them that she ruined the Ojoushi. Manaka convinces Hikari that they will have to apologize to everyone at school the following day. The next day, Hikari formally apologizes to the two boys. Manaka joins him. Tsumugu puts in his two cents, but Hikari ends up getting mad at the boys again for ruining the food. However, he offers them a chance for revenge and one boy takes him up on it. At least the boys end up shaking hands.

Kaname catches Sayu on the school grounds and tells her that he won’t forgive her. But when Sayu breaks down, Kaname tells her to apologize to Hikari. Sayu does apologize to Hikari, but then he wonders why Miuna took the blame. Hikari can forgive the little girl though. It looks like people are learning that there really isn’t much difference between the sea people and those on the surface.[/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Things seem to be more serious than I first thought. Akari is told to end it with her boyfriend and later, Uroko tells Tomori that the separation between sea and surface should be made permanent. It seems to have something to do with the saltflake snow too. Is the surface destroying the sea village?

Chisaki’s secret of liking Hikari is found out by Manaka, but Chisaki wants her to forget she heard it. And perhaps that confession bothers Manaka more than it should. Seeing Chisaki with Hikari seems to upset Manaka, although they are only practicing dancing for the sports festival.

Akari does break up with Itaru, saying that it isn’t fair to Miuna. But I think Akari hurting Miuna is just a convenient excuse that she’s using. Itaru says that he doesn’t want to break up, but I think he understands. Akari later comes upon Miuna and tells her that she’s leaving. Akari apologizes to Miuna for bringing her pain before turning away and it looks like Miuna really doesn’t want to lose her either.

That night, Hikari gets a frantic phone call from Akari. Miuna is missing! She wants him to ask Uroko if Miuna fell into the sea, but Hikari promises to find the little girl. He wants Akari to be happy and be Miuna’s mother. And Miuna hasn’t fallen into the sea, which is good news. Kaname and the girls join Hikari in his search for Miuna. And it turns out that Miuna finds them! But she doesn’t want to go home.

Itaru tells Akari that Miuna has been found and Akari admits that she loves him and Miuna, as well as Miori. She breaks down and says that she doesn’t want to give up. Itaru holds her and comforting her, says that he doesn’t want to give up either. After a meal, the kids leave Miuna with Hikari. He tries to talk to her about Akari, but the silly girl jumps into the sea. Hikari pulls her out, but Miuna struggles, upset that she can’t swim even though her mother was from the sea.

However, her real fear is losing Akari – she thinks it’s easier to just not love someone. Hikari thinks of Manaka and can sympathize with Miuna, but he tells her that he’d like to think it isn’t hopeless. The following morning, Akari and Miuna make up. However, Miuna seems to be the more mature adult here. Akari just balls like a baby![/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]A class at the school pool shows the kids from the sea that this kind of swimming is different. They just aren’t used to it and it’s hard for them. Hikari injures his foot during a race with Tsumugu, and Manaka takes him to the nurse’s office. Hikari seems to be more upset with himself than anything else. He doesn’t even want Manaka around him right now.

Miuna and Sayu show up at school to help with the Ojoushi statue. By the time, Hikari gets to the room, there are a lot more students helping out. I think Hikari just got a bit of a shock! LOL The boys have that whole who’s the leader thing going on when Hikari announces that they are all his minions. But it’s more of a friendly rivalry now. It’s nice to see everyone getting along.

Now that Manaka knows that Chisaki likes Hikari, she’s been trying to throw them together. But Chisaki keeps running away. When Manaka gets Chisaki alone, Chisaki reminds her of her promise to forget she said she liked Hikari. In fact, Chisaki resents her interference. The girls have a bit of a strained relationship now. Neither one of them knows how to get things back to the way they used to be.

Tsumugu finds Manaka walking down the street by herself. As he asks her where Chisaki is, Manaka begins to cry and says that Chisaki doesn’t want to talk to her. Tsumugu gives Manaka a lift to the pier on his bike. Manaka shares a memory with Tsumugu and worries that Chisaki might not talk to her anymore. The boys see Tsumugu drop Manaka off and I don’t think Hikari liked it. Manaka is still thinking of Chisaki and sees the Tomoebi. She runs to get Chisaki and the boys race to meet them as well.

It looks like Manaka and Chisaki have made up. Things won’t be as they were, but everything needs to change although Chisaki doesn’t want them too. She just wants them all to be together forever. Hikari and Kaname are close by and hear their conversation. I know Hikari is still worried about losing Manaka.[/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]The beautiful Ojoushi is finished! But now the kids want to see a real Ofunehiki, the way it used to be done. However, due to circumstances, the teacher thinks it will be impossible. But Hikari says they should do it anyway. I think he’s doing more for Manaka because it was her wish, and he’s very determined to make it happen.

Hikari finally gets the people of the sea and the people of the land to sit down together and it looks like things are going well, but disagreements arise once again and the meeting breaks down into a fight. When Akari and Itaru walk into the room, it just makes things worse. Hikari tries to break up the arguing men and is pushed into the Ojoushi. Yup, it breaks, but at least everyone stops fighting. Tomoru asks his son if he’s satisfied.

Tomoru is also back to ordering his daughter to break up with Itaru. The recent fight just shows that the people of the sea and the people of the land will never get along. They are just too different. Akari tries to explain and tells him that she is going to be Miuna’s mother. In the next scene she’s packing, so I guess she’ll be leaving the sea for good. Hikari sees her packing and says that he’s leaving too.

Tomoru discusses the problem of his daughter with Uroko and Uroko tells him that there isn’t much time left. Both Akari and Hikari arrive to say their goodbyes. Uroko asks Akari if she will change her mind and, looking at her father, she says she won’t. Akari tells Uroko that she will live out her life on land and leaves. Hikari follows her, saying that he won’t be coming back either.

However, Uroko stops them by sending a flame after them that encircles them, and prevents them from leaving. The whirlpool completely engulfs them, making it impossible to move. Uroko’s voice tells them to give up, but they refuse. Hikari asks why they are being stopped. Uroko says it’s because of a promise – a promise he made to protect them both, because they are “his descendents”. I wonder who that would be.

Hikari grabs Akari’s hand and begins to move forward. Uroko says that they leave him no choice and he claps his hands. The whirlpool freezes, and Hikari and Akari begin to freeze as well. Once again, Hikari refuses to give up. Akari has a vision of Itaru and Miuna turning and walking away, leaving her behind. Both siblings break free of the ice encasing their feet and move forward once again.

Uroko mentions that they are really giving it their all and Tomoru can’t take it anymore. Running to Uroko, he kneels and begs him to show mercy. Uroko stops the freezing whirlpool and it breaks apart. Hikari and Akari see their chance and run through the remaining ice. Uroko looks down at Tomoru where he’s still kneeling and asks him if he’s sure. I never thought it would come to this. Hikari is finally getting over his prejudice of the people on the surface, but I never thought he’d be the one to leave the sea. Wow![/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Hikari and Akari make it to the surface and are met by Itaru and Miuna. At home, Itaru tries to cheer everyone up, but it doesn’t quite work. Hikari plans on staying with Tsumugu, but I don’t think Akari wants them to separate. When the kids are in bed, Akari explains the situation to Itaru, and tells him that she is okay with staying on the surface. But Itaru would rather her father forgive them and grant them his blessing. He wants to marry her and Hikari overhears them talking. Miuna is still awake as well.

Now the adults are in bed and Miuna and Hikari talk. Miuna would like to buy a present for Akari, so Hikari will help her. His friends will help as well. The next day, they all meet up and even Tsumugu joins them. He has an errand to run, but will show them around the city afterwards. They all help Miuna search for a present, while enjoying a taste of the city.

Hikari and Chisaki get a chance to talk alone and Chisaki admires Akari for what she’s doing. They talk about how Manaka may make the same decision someday, and Hikari says that he will support her. Chisaki says that she knows that Hikari has always liked Manaka, and that seemed to surprise him a bit. Looks like his secret is out, although it wasn’t much of a secret to begin with. LOL

Kaname talks to Manaka about Tsumugu and what she thinks about him. It’s obvious to Kaname that Manaka has feelings for Tsumugu. Meanwhile, Hikari tries to explain his feelings and his change of heart to Chisaki. He just wants Manaka to be happy, but Chisaki tells him not to ignore his own feelings towards her. Chisaki says that she will support him and Hikari thanks her. But then she teases him.

Miuna has chosen the perfect gift, but calls her father to advance her allowance. Actually twelve allowances! LOL She even tells her father that she will work. He wants her to wait for the money, but Akari urges him and he agrees. But the seashell pendant that Miuna wants is sold out. Hikari asks the other what they should do and Chisaki suggests going to another store. They all agree and the search for the pendant is on!

At one point, Hikari falls down and Miuna, thinking that his Ena is drying up, soaks him with a bottle of saltwater. It was funny but also very sweet. The truth is that his sandal came off, so Miuna apologizes. So she won’t feel bad, Manaka asks her for some saltwater too. Chisaki and Kaname join in as well. It ends up being a water fight and Tsumugu looks on, amused, until he gets wet as well. Kaname asks him about his errand and Tsumugu tells him that he can do it anytime.

Revitalized, the group continues the search for the pendant. It looks like they fail too. They are back on the train and Miuna looks crestfallen. Tsumugu mentions fish scales and how his grandfather carries around the ones he had given him. He says that the gift really isn’t important, it’s the giving. Miuna and Hikari get an idea at the same time. Later, it’s dark and both Akari and Itaru are beginning to worry about the kids not being home yet. Just as Akari decides to go to the train station, the kids arrive home.

Miuna presents Akari with a necklace that she made. She tells Akari that they were in stores all day, looking for the perfect gift and couldn’t find one. Then they all worked hard to find the right shell along the shore. Miuna wants Akari to have the “thing she loves”. Akari is touched and tells Miuna that the gift is perfect and makes her very happy. She thanks Miuna and Hikari teases Miuna to lighten the mood. As the kids run around, Itaru puts his hand on Akari’s shoulder and she tells him that she does want to do things properly after all. It begins to snow and Miuna is enchanted. Hikari sees that it’s saltflake snow and wonders why it’s on the surface.[/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Hikari is still concerned about the saltflake snow falling on the surface. Akari wonders if the sea people know that it fell on the surface. Hikari says that when they do find out, they will make up some silly reason for why it happened. Then Akari tells Hikari that their father is probably worried about him. She urges Hikari to go home and he protests. But they are interrupted by the arrival of Miuna and the subject is changed.

Meanwhile the people of the sea discuss the saltflake snow on the surface and see it as a sign that it will be getting colder as the prophecy said it would. The sacred fire has been going out faster as well. Tomoru enters the room and everyone looks to their Chief Priest for answers. Uroko is with him and urges everyone to take their seats. He is there to tell them of the approaching calamity.

Hikari actually is worried about his father as he figures out how to repair the Ojoushi. The others show up early, telling Hikari that the adults are having some kind of meeting under the sea. When the teacher enters the class Manaka is making an announcement regarding the Ofunehiki. The students agree that they should see it through, even if no one else will, and Tsumugu will borrow a boat from his grandfather for the ceremony. The teacher is happy and agrees to help them.

As the kids work, Manaka goes to the store to get them all something to eat. Akari gets the chance to talk to her and wonders if Hikari has said anything about the sea or their father. Manaka assures her that Hikari really is worried about his dad and that seems to make Akari feel better. Manaka also finds out that Tsumugu’s parents live in the city, but he decided to live with his grandfather when he was nine. Manaka tells his grandfather that Tsumugu must have had a love of the sea.

Chisaki almost faints and Tsumugu realizes that her Ena is drying up. Kaname returns from an errand and asks where she is. Tsumugu has taken Chisaki back to the sea and once she is recovered, he asks her about the sea slug. She tells him that she doesn’t need one anymore. So, he asks her if she’s giving up on Hikari. She says that becoming an adult means change and Tsumugu accuses her of neglecting her feelings, and Chisaki take offense.

They are interrupted by Kaname and Chisaki says that she’s going home. Kaname goes with her. She tells him that she really hates Tsumugu. As they approach the village, they see that something has changed. It’s dark and everyone is outside holding a lantern. Back on the surface, work on the Ojoushi has stopped for the day and they are getting ready for Manaka’s meal. Hikari checks on her and she tells him that if it’s hard for him to go home, she will go with him. But she’s being too nice to him and he resents it. His feelings for her are surfacing once again.

Back home, Manaka finds her parents waiting for her and everyone is still holding lanterns. She asks what is wrong and her father tells her that she can’t go to the surface anymore. At school, Hikari is still trying to come to terms with his feelings for Manaka. He walks into class late and sees that his friends are missing. The teacher asks him if he knows anything about their absence. He’s sure it has something to do with the Ofunehiki and gets angry. He tells the teacher that he will go home and straighten everything out with the adults. He runs from the classroom.

Hikari goes back to the village and sees it covered in saltflake snow. It’s very quiet and no one is around. He sees one of the lanterns on the seafloor and wonders what is going on. Checking Manaka’s house, he finds it empty and begins checking other houses as well. The village is empty and Hikari wonders where everyone went. A villager sees him and insists that Hikari go see Uroko. He resists and Manaka appears, calling his name. She’s upset and crying. Hikari breaks away from the villager, and grabbing Manaka’s hand, runs with her.

Hikari takes Manaka back to their old school and she tells him that she was told that she couldn’t go to the surface anymore. Her father even locked her in the house. But she doesn’t know why. She was only told that it was dangerous on the surface and that no one could leave the village. Manaka had run away to come and tell him what happened. Hikari realizes that their feelings for one another are different after all. But he still loves her and can’t stand to see her cry. So, he grabs her in a fierce hug, but Manaka pushes him away so forcefully that Hikari falls on the floor. Manaka hesitantly apologizes and Hikari runs away. Once outside, Hikari sees his father heading towards him. Tomoru tells Hikari to come home and Hikari asks him what is going to happen on the surface.[/details]


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Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea streaming now with retail release planned


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]Uroko retells the story to Manaka and Hikari of how the humans first went up to the surface, and how it saddened the Sea God. But now the Sea God is losing his powers with no one to worship him and forgetting about him instead. Hikari thinks it’s a fairytale, but it’s actually their history. Uroko says that within the next century, humans will die. The only way to survive is to go into a deep sleep and escape the soon to be frozen world. The saltflake snow will continue to fall until the world freezes and the humans die. The people of Shioshishio will go to sleep immediately and wait for the Sea god to regain his power. Uroko tells them that the Ena will allow them to hibernate until the catastrophe passes.

Hikari asks about the people on the surface, but there is no way to help them. Tomoru says that they don’t even have to be told. Uroko tells the kids to prepare. As he leaves with Manaka, Hikari says that he can’t believe it. He starts to say something to Manaka, but she runs away. Hikari returns to his home. His father made quite a mess while he was gone. Tomoru tells Hikari that there will be a feast and Hikari is expected to attend. It will be their last meal. They will fast after that so that the Ena will thicken and put them to sleep.

The next morning, Hikari goes for a walk, but he’s told not to go to the surface. However, I’m sure that is exactly where he’s going. Kaname and Chisaki meet him. Hikari does plan on going to the surface. He seems to think that the answer to everything is the Ofunehiki. And perhaps it is. He goes off to talk to Uroko about it. Uroko denies his request, saying that the sea and the surface should be separate. However, Hikari is determined.

Uroko later meets with Tomoru and the kids, and tells them that he will allow them to return to school for a little while. Hikari tells his sister what will happen and she doesn’t seem concerned at all. She reprimands him for upsetting Miuna with his story. Itaru mentions that fact that strange things have been happening, and says that he will help Hikari by speaking with the people about the Ofunehiki. Hikari thanks him, knowing that they won’t listen to him again.

The kids inform their classmates of the coming disaster as well. The kids question it, but Tsumugu knows it’s true. He tells his grandfather about it, and he knows it will happen. Back in the sea, it’s the night of the feast. Uroko is having his own private feast – with plenty of sake. Manaka hasn’t said much since she was told of the coming calamity. Chisaki says that she’s been quiet, but Manaka insists that she’s fine. She does get a little frantic when she asks Chisaki when they will wake up, and if they will wake up together, or if they will wake up at all.

A villager tells Manaka that she is their future. She’s confused until he tells her that she will be one of the ones to repopulate the village once they wake up. With a crude gesture and telling her that it doesn’t matter where the seed comes from, he tells her to make babies! Hikari interrupts them and Manaka just looks sad. She slips away as Hikari and the man talk. Kaname joins her outside, bringing her some food. As he talks to her, Chisaki joins them too. Manaka worries again about waking up. She wishes she didn’t have Ena as she begins to cry and stuffs the food into her mouth. She doesn’t want to sleep! Her friends try to comfort her, but it isn’t working and Manaka just continues to cry.

Later, Manaka is in her room, and thinks about Hikari. I think she finally realizes that he likes her and that she must have hurt him when she pushed him away. Manaka finds a sea slug with a red underside in her room and makes a wish. The next day, Kaname goes to pick up Chisaki. He tells her that he’s tired of “watching” and although he knows that she likes Hikari, there’s no more time. Kaname declares his feelings for her. Chisaki is just stunned![/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Kaname has just shocked Chisaki with his confession. She just doesn’t know what to say. He’s also managed to shock her parents as well. LOL At least he tells Chisaki that he isn’t expecting a reply. However, their relationship still got a little weird. The saltflake snow continues to fall and the undersea village is completely covered in white as the people prepare for their hibernation. Everyone has stopped eating and the Ena is thickening. People are starting to get sleepy.

On the surface, the saltflake snow only fell once more, and the kids are still preparing for the Ofunehiki. And that is the day when Uroko thinks that everyone will fall into sleep. Akari is feeling a little tired as well, but only because she still has her Ena. She’s also filled out a marriage registration and hands it to Itaru. He asks her if she’s sure and she responds that she wants to stay with him for a long time. He says the same and they giggle. Itaru asks about a ceremony, but Akari thinks they can skip it since her father won’t come anyway. But Itaru thinks that her father would like to see her as a bride, and Itaru would still like to get Tomoru’s blessing.

The kids are given a water break at school. Hikari wonders if they are going to wake up at different times after their hibernation. This was Manaka’s fear as well. Kaname says that there’s no guarantee and that everything will be different afterwards, including them. He tells his friends that the only certain time they have to spend together is now. Tsumugu comes to ask them about lunch and Hikari says he will eat. Manaka tells him that he will get into trouble, but Hikari refuses to fall into a helpless sleep. Manaka will eat as well, agreeing with Hikari. It seems that Hikari wants to confess to her, but remembering her earlier rejection, he holds his tongue. Kaname and Chisaki decide to eat as well.

Miuna rejects Akari, calling her a “fake mom”. She hopes that Akari will return to the sea for her own good and won’t stay on the surface to die. But Akari sees through her ploy, and appreciates the thought. The people of the surface apologize to Hikari and want him to go ahead with the Ofunehiki. Akari urges her brother to accept their apology. Hikari brings their message to Uroko and Tomoru, but Uroko tells him that even if they do go through with the Ofunehiki, nothing will change. Hikari begs Uroko to save the surface, but what can a scale of the Sea God do?

Hikari runs away, and Uroko tells Tomoru that “the Ofunehiki had no meaning or power”. Hikari tells his sister what happened and she comforts him. Everyone gathers together to discuss the Ofunehiki and Akari makes an announcement about her upcoming marriage to Itaru. She would like to hold her wedding together with the Ofunehiki. Akari wants to take the place of the Ojoushi and offer herself to the Sea God! She isn’t sure what will happen, but she still intends to marry Itaru after the ceremony. She just can’t give up without trying, after everyone’s hard work. Everyone agrees and further plans are made. With everyone working so hard and the way that they are all changing, Chisaki decides to confess to Hikari. I know she’s going to end up getting hurt if she does, but I admire her resolve.[/details]

[size=20]Nagi Yanagi to Perform New Nagi no Asukara Ending Theme[/size]
posted on 2013-12-23 21:00 EST
Amnesia/Jormungand singer’s 7th single to ship on February 19

Singer Nagi Yanagi will perform the new ending theme song for Nagi no Asukara (Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea), the original animation project from P.A. Works and ASCII Media Works’ Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine.

Yanagi’s seventh single with the “Mitsuba no Musubi me” song will ship on February 19. The first limited edition will include a DVD and will retail for 1,680 yen (about US$16), and the normal edition will retail for 1,200 yen (US$11.50).

Yanagi performed the first ending theme song for the series, and has also performed theme songs for Jormungand, Jormungand Perfect Order, Amnesia, Waiting in the Summer, and My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

The series premiered in Japan on October 3. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan, and Hulu is also now streaming the anime. NIS America will release the series on home video.


Episode 12 –

[details=spoiler]Tomoru is a pervert! Make him eat flowers! LOL So, that’s how you meet your future grandfather. Best first meeting ever! Once Miuna and Sayu find out who he really is, they apologize quickly enough. It was also sweet of Miuna to tell him to make Akari and Hikari hibernate, especially after her earlier “evil” speech. I also loved Tomoru’s reaction to being called “grandpa”. LOL

Tsumugu takes Manaka and Chisaki into the city to go shopping and Kaname doesn’t like that. Hikari probably doesn’t either, but he knows the girls with be safest with him. After they get a kimono, Tsumugu takes the girls on a little side trip and has them wait while he meets briefly with his mother.

Over coffee, Akari apologizes to her father for acting like a child. They talk about the Ofunehiki, the wedding, and the hibernation. Because it’s on the same day, Tomoru won’t be at the wedding. Akari makes a very sweet speech and I know Tomoru was touched. Even the bartender wiped a tear from his eye.

Tsumugu and the girls return to find that Hikari will be one of the ones waving a flag at the Ofunehiki. The kids return to the sea to find a procession in progress. A little girl has been the first of them to fall asleep. I wonder if Tomoru knows that his son is eating. Suddenly, they hear singing from the surface. People are singing the ritual songs for the Ofunehiki.

When Chisaki finds herself alone with Hikari for a minute, she almost confesses to him, but the arrival of Kaname stops her. I think he knew what she was doing too. Kaname just looked very sad. The kids joke around and pretend they are in class. Things turn serious when Kaname raises his hand and asks Hikari how he feels about Manaka.

Even with eating, their Ena is still thickening and if they sleep, they may not wake up together. Kaname’s point is that they may never see one another again. There’s no guarantee that they will even wake up at all. This truth finally hits the kids and Manaka begins to cry. I think Chisaki almost confesses again, but Hikari announces that he loves Manaka first. Chisaki looks sad and Kaname turns his head away. Manaka is surprised and tells Hikari to stop joking around. Hikari tells her that it isn’t a joke.

Hikari tells Manaka that he loves her although he knows that she likes Tsumugu. Manaka runs from the room and Hikari follows her. After yelling at Kaname, Chisaki follows them as well. Poor Kaname! Hikari runs out of the school in time to see Manaka leaving the schoolyard. Chisaki is right behind him, yelling at him not to run after Manaka. Chisaki trips and falls, and Hikari comes back to help her. She tells him that she couldn’t say “it” because he likes Manaka, but she tells him now. Chisaki says that she’s “in love with the Hikari that loves Manaka so much”.

Hikari is surprised and Chisaki tells him to go after Manaka, but Hikari just sits down next to Chisaki. He tells her that even with their confessions, their relationships won’t change, which is what they were both afraid of. However, I think that isn’t true. Their relationships are already changing. Chisaki says that Hikari is very “kind”. Manaka arrives home to find her mother sleeping and panics. But the woman had just dozed off while packing. She tells her daughter that the hibernation is coming soon and Manaka can’t deal with it. Telling her mother that she forgot something at school, Manaka runs from the house. She’s terrified and her first thought is to go to Hikari, but she gets caught in Tsumugu’s net again. He knows something is wrong and asks the crying girl what it is. I wonder what she will tell him.[/details]


Episode 13 –

[details=spoiler]Tsumugu apologizes for catching Manaka in his net. He asks her again why she’s crying and Manaka tells him that he’s the sun, but even brighter. She tells Tsumugu what she thought of the sun when she was little.

Hikari notes how quiet his village is at night now. As he thinks of the world around him, he shows wisdom beyond his years once again. He finds Manaka and takes the opportunity to speak with her. He apologizes for blurting out that he loved her, supposedly without thinking. But he wants to say it again, “properly”, now. Hikari tells Manaka that he loves her and that she’s precious to him. Then he tells her that everyone is precious to him. These feelings of his will never change even if she can’t return them.

Manaka tears up again and Hikari wants to know what she was going to say earlier. But Manaka just smiles and says that she will tell him after the Ofunehiki. She tells him to wave the flag a lot, so that “no one will get lost” and she leaves Hikari to wonder.

The day of the Ofunehiki dawns bright and beautiful. Everything is ready. Hikari prays to his mother and Manaka tucks in her still sleeping parents. Chisaki’s parents tell her not to stay out too late, and that they will try to keep awake till she returns. They know that she’s been eating too. Chisaki meets Kaname and finds out that he had a fight with his parents. But he wants to spend as much time as he can with her, reminding her that he still loves her, and that those feelings will never change.

They walk on and meet Hikari. He’s worried about Manaka not being there yet. However, she shows up right behind the others. The kids pay their respects to Uroko, who is with Tomoru. Uroko wishes them well and Tomoru compliments his son, and gives him a message for Akari before sending everyone off. But I found it a little odd that he told Hikari not to run away, “no matter what happens”. Does he know that something is going to happen at the Ofunehiki? I hope nothing bad happens!

It was funny when Hikari’s surface friends insisted that he be dressed as “a man of the sea”. Manaka catches Miuna practicing saying “mother” which was sweet. Akari makes a beautiful bride and Itaru was funny, refusing to look at her. Miuna almost got to call her “mother”, but runs after her father instead, and leaves Akari with a promise to tell her something after the ceremony.

The people of the surface gather together for the festival as Uroko begins a ceremony of his own under the ocean. The fires are lit, Hikari waves the flag and the boats depart. The men sing as the boats move out to sea. They form a circle and the boat with Akari moves to the center. Underneath them, the Sea God’s sacred flames go out and people begin to fall asleep. However, Uroko sends a gift to Akari in the form of a brightly lit roadway. Akari’s boat follows the path lit from below.

Everyone sends their wish to the Sea God. The village under the sea begins to shake as multiple whirlpools form. The surface gets very choppy as the whirlpools appear. The Sea God has come to claim his sacrifice! Akari gets thrown into the ocean and Hikari and Manaka dive in after her. A wave overturns Tsumugu’s boat and a whirlpool pulls it down.

Manaka reaches Akari first as Hikari desperately makes his way to them. Tsumugu knows he’s drowning and is happy to catch a glimpse of the pretty village beneath the sea. Chisaki gets to him just as he closes his eyes. Tomoru wants to know what is happening, but Uroko puts him to sleep. He apologizes, saying that he’s just a scale of the Sea God. I feel badly for him. He really doesn’t have any will of his own apparently.

Chisaki valiantly fights against the whirlpool, and tries to save Tsumugu. Kaname is suddenly there to help her and they fight together to get Tsumugu to the surface. They manage to get him into a boat, but the sea is now attacking the pillars, and knocks one of them down. Kaname, trying to climb into the boat gets tossed back into the raging sea as the boat turns to avoid being hit. Chisaki screams.

Manaka is trying to pull Akari back to the surface, but it’s a losing battle against the whirlpool. Manaka begs the Sea God not to take Akari. But ritual or not, Akari did make herself the sacrifice in the first place. Did she really think it would only be for show? She knew the original story. Manaka continues making pleas to the Sea God, as she tries to hold on to Akari, and is getting nowhere.

Manaka releases her hold on Akari and begins to swim to the bottom of the whirlpool, telling the Sea God to take her instead. Hikari finally arrives to grab his sister, but sees Manaka being dragged down. He reaches for her and screams out her name. Manaka opens her eyes and smiles at him. Hikari is thrown upwards and Manaka hits the seafloor with a bang. Did she even survive a landing like that? With the sacrifice accepted, the whirlpools disappear, and the sea is calm once more. Shioshishio is covered and frozen in time.

The people of the surface are just shocked with silence as they try to understand what just happened. Someone cries out that a body is floating on the surface. It’s Akari! Itaru, Miuna, and Sayu go running as a boat retrieves her. The broken remains of the Ofunehiki float on the surface of the ocean. This entire story just got torn apart! I’m just stunned and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I have so many questions![/details]


Episode 14 –

[details=spoiler]It looks like a lot of time has passed and the world is much colder now. Saltflake snow covers the surface and ice floats on the sea. Chisaki is in nursing school at this point and visits Tsumugu’s grandfather in the hospital. It turns out to be five years since the disaster. Akari and Itaru even have a young son now, named Akira. Miuna and Sayu have Chisaki’s old teacher. The class is excited over that evening’s viewing of the Tomoebi. Miuna’s thoughts turn to the sea where she hopes Hikari and the others are safely sleeping. I’m sure Chisaki shares those same thoughts.

Tsumugu is an oceanographer now, and is hosting a visiting professor that is researching villages in the sea and the Tomoebi. I thought there for a moment that Tsumugu and Chisaki might be married, but I’m glad to see that they aren’t. Tsumugu invites Chisaki to see the Tomoebi with them, but she says that there isn’t any point without the others. Tsumugu understands and he seems just as sad.

Chisaki remembers the aftermath of the disaster, when she was left all by herself on the surface. Akari offered to take her in, but Isamu said that he would open his home to her instead, saying that he was from the sea as well. It was hard for Chisaki to be left behind, without her friends and family. She never intended to be a surface dweller, but she adjusted and ended up gaining another family. Tsumugu seems to have been at a loss as well, without his friends from the sea. There is just such an air of sadness around everything.

During the Tomoebi, as Miuna rejects Minegishi, and tells him that she loves someone else, something happens to the sea. It begins to glow oddly under the ice and Miuna goes running. The Tomoebi is a beautiful phenomenon and the professor is impressed. But he sees something weird happening on his computer screen. He sees something big and wonders if it’s a fish. When Tsumugu sees it, he goes running as well. He meets Miuna on the ice and just as he asks her why she’s there, the glow beneath their feet gets more intense.

Miuna closes her eyes against the fierce light and when she opens them again, someone naked is lying on the shore. It’s Hikari! Tsumugu calls his name and runs to him, covering him with his jacket. He notes that Hikari hasn’t aged a bit. Miuna sees that he isn’t breathing, and gives him mouth to mouth, but Tsumugu doesn’t think it will do anything. However, Hikari comes to and calls out for Manaka. He sits up and looks around for her.

Hikari sees a strange girl next to him and asks who she is. That really must have hurt Miuna. Hikari is shocked when Tsumugu tells him that it’s Miuna. Then Hikari is even more surprised to see how much older Tsumugu is. Hikari stands up and looks out over the frozen sea. What a great continuation of this story! I’m so glad Hikari is back too. But I wonder about Manaka. Was it her will that finally cast Hikari to the surface? I can’t wait to see what happened![/details]


Episode 15 –

[details=spoiler]Tsumugu arrives home and gives Chisaki the news of Hikari’s return. She’s stunned and Tsumugu only adds to that when he tells her that Hikari hasn’t aged at all and is still the same. The professor is anxious to speak with Hikari, but Akari holds him off, asking him to give her brother some time. Hikari is dealing with the reality that five years have passed and Miuna is now the same age as him, as well as the fact that his sister also has a son.

Sayama takes Hikari around the town and fills him in on the past five years. Hikari stares out over the ice where everything happened and things seem to be a bit off with him. At the Oshiooshi Fishery Cooperative, Hikari is presented with the flag he waved at the Ofunehiki. But it only serves to bring back painful memories of Manaka. Hikari claims he feels a bit sick and claiming that he needs rest, Sayama takes him back home.

Miuna never lost her feelings for Hikari and I’m sure she will be a little more serious now that they are the same age. Chisaki has been avoiding Hikari, thinking she has changed too much, but her feelings for him also remain. She’s finding it hard to deal with and Tsumugu encourages her, telling her that she’s gotten a lot prettier over the last five years. That only makes Chisaki cry more.

Hikari takes a walk around the town by himself. Miuna takes the opportunity to talk to Tsumugu and ask him why Chisaki won’t see Hikari, but he really doesn’t understand either. Hikari ends up going for a swim, but when he tries to reach the undersea village, a strong current pushes him back to the surface. Tsumugu finds him there and asks why he hasn’t gone to see Chisaki, but Hikari seems a bit belligerent about the fact that he should have to visit her instead of the other way around.

Tsumugu mentions that Hikari hasn’t changed and Hikari takes offense, telling Tsumugu that he hasn’t changed, reminding him that for him, the Ofunehiki was only two days ago. Hikari is really overwhelmed by the fact that five years have actually passed and so much has changed on the surface. Unable to deal with this, Hikari doesn’t want to see that anything else has changed, and that includes Chisaki. Giving him the flag was the last straw. Manaka had told him that if he waved it, no one would get lost and that is all he can think about. Hikari is the one that is lost, and he’s lost everything as well – Manaka, his family, and his friends. Meanwhile, Miuna has overheard the entire conversation and that must have hurt her.

Hikari dives back into the sea, to try to reach Shioshishio again. Tsumugu tells him that it’s pointless, and Hikari knows that, but he can’t give up either. Miuna realizes that she overlooked how Hikari must be feeling. She had only been thinking of herself and the fact that they are the same age now had made her so happy. Miuna feels awful as she digs out the flag she kept from the Ofunehiki. She says that Hikari needs a flag too.

Dejected and crying, Hikari walks by the sea. Hearing music, he heads towards it, and when Chisaki gets off the bus, she hears the music as well. Hikari follows the music to loudspeakers on a hill and there he finds Chisaki. Surprised and awkward at seeing each other, Chisaki explains about the music. The town plays it at five o’clock every evening for the people sleeping beneath the sea. Hikari seems to feel a little better that everyone on the surface was thinking of them.

Chisaki apologizes to Hikari for changing. Hikari says that she was just taking about changing the other day, but for Chisaki, that conversation took place five years ago. Well, for him it was the other day! Hikari now realizes just how scary change can be. But he smiles and tells Chisaki that he’s relieved that she hasn’t changed at all. Chisaki cries, telling Hikari that was the last thing she wanted to hear from him. He teases her and gets her to chase him.

Running along the road and feeling better now, Hikari promises to look at the world around him and accept it for what it is. Miuna calls out to him and when he looks up, she’s holding up the Ofunehiki flag and welcoming him home. Akira is with her and calls out to him as well. Hikari runs up to Miuna, grabbing both her and the flag, but Miuna steps back, leaving Hikari holding the flag. He sees that Miuna has decorated the flag with hearts and butterflies and Hikari reprimands her for it. But he ends up laughing over it and Miuna is pleased to see Hikari smiling again. Miuna makes a vow to herself to protect that smile. I hope Hikari will be all right now. But I wonder how Chisaki is going to deal with her feelings.[/details]


Episode 16 –

[details=spoiler]Hikari goes back to school, repeating the class he left, and ends up with Miuna and Sayu. Hikari is an instant hit with the other students, but Sayu thinks it’s weird having him in the same grade. However, I don’t think Miuna minds at all. LOL

It was funny watching Hikari try on Tsumugu’s old uniform – way too big! But Akari seems to think that Hikari’s cheerfulness is just an act. Itaru advises her to leave Hikari alone. A trip to the city is planned to get Hikari a new uniform, but when Akira wakes up with a fever and has to be taken to the hospital, Hikari and Miuna are expected to go alone. However, Hikari doesn’t want to go. He doesn’t want a uniform.

Miuna insists that they go and when Hikari teases her about a date, Miuna invites Sayu to go with them. But watching Miuna and Hikari, Sayu feels out of place. Once at the tailor’s, Hikari doesn’t want the Hama Junior High uniform made. He’d rather have his old Nami Junior High one. He says that the Hama one is fine, but Miuna tells the tailor to make the Nami one.

Embarrassed by her outburst, Miuna goes outside. Sayu joins her and reminds Miuna that Hikari is technically her uncle and can’t marry her. Miuna is upset over the fact that Sayu doesn’t seem happy for her anymore. Asking her why, an angry Sayu tells Miuna that she feels like a third wheel. With tears in her eyes she berates Miuna for flaunting her happiness.

Hikari decides that he really doesn’t need a uniform after all and leaves the shop in time to see the two girls fighting. Not understanding what is going on, Hikari can only watch as Miuna runs off and Sayu bursts into tears. Hikari later calls home, but Miuna hasn’t shown up. Sayu is still crying her eyes out and Hikari isn’t sure what to do until the next train. Sayama drives past and gives them a lift home.

Sayama tells Hikari more things about the town and when they pass the old shipyard, Hikari has him stop the car. He gets out, telling Sayama to make sure that Sayu get home safely. It was the right decision as Hikari follows the footprints in the snow to find Miuna looking out over the ocean. He tries to tease her back into a good humor, but when that doesn’t work, he tells her that Manaka and Chisaki would fight all the time and then make up.

Hikari keeps teasing her, but the crane above them suddenly falls. It misses both of them, but Miuna backs up and falls into the sea. She can’t get back to the surface and slowly sinks into the cold water. Miuna silently calls out for Hikari to come and save her. There is a miracle as Miuna hears a noise and realizes that she can still breathe under water. She swims around, enjoying the view of the sea floor and all the fish.

How can Miuna possibly have an Ena? Or is she just dreaming? She hears Hikari calling for her and turns around to see him reaching for her. She thinks Hikari looks so much brighter in the water. Hikari brings Miuna to the surface and she hugs him as she tells him that she could swim and breathe under the water. She tells him how amazing the sea is and is anxious to run home and tell Akari what just happened. But Miuna runs into Sayu and looking at her tear filled eyes, apologizes to her. They should be okay now.

A man is sweeping up in front of a café when a naked boy approaches him and asks what day it is. This has to be Kaname! Yay! At least Hikari won’t be alone anymore.[/details]