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A Request and Complaint email to Comcast

[quote]Please put The Anime Network back on Video on demand. The replacement the Funimation channel is well a inferior replacement as of this time. The encodes are really screwy with motion blur and pixelation . Some thing the Anime Network or even Anime Select did not suffer from. I have been talking with a friends all over the Country with similar complaints so this is not a localized issue. The Anime Network has been adding more and more new shows to their line up since you dropped them for the inferior replacement which makes me all the more disappointed that I no longer have it. I am not sure why the The Anime Network was removed in the first place but it was indeed a big mistake on your part one I hope to see you correct. Please take my request serious and do not send me a generic response like Comcast always seems to.

A very dissatisfied customer![/quote]

I’ll post the response I get when/if I get one.

So I take it you put your comcast account number somewhere in the letter?

Well written…good you’ve been taking the stand PP

I send a very similar email every week or two, and have got only one response so far. It was something along the lines of:

“We are sorry that we do not currently offer On Demand services in your area. We are currently working to expand our network and hope to have it in your area soon. We apologize for the inconvenience and will contact you as soon as service is available in your area.”

Apparently they didn’t even bother to read my email. Nice job Comcast. But on the bright side, I switched my primary TV service to DirecTV and they have more TAN offerings than Comcast ever did. Unfortunately, you do have to give them a few minutes to download before you start watching. But on the bright side, once they’re downloaded they stayed saved to your DVR, so I can pick them back up whenever I want.

Anyway, Comcast can suck my a**!

tell them that

So Pup, did you ever get a response to your email?

dragonrider_cody wrote:


With these companies you pretty much have to call to complain, or send a real letter in the mail. I tried emailing TWC once and even going for live help and basically got ignored.

Trust me, I’ve done that as well. Comcast is notorious for lousy customer service. I once had some issues with my cable box after a reset, and when I called in to get it fixed, I got sworn at by one rep, and hung up on by another. Then the third talked to me like I was idiot and knew nothing about TV’s. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told he was the supervisor (don’t they always say that?), and then I hung up. I’ve never had to deal with such incompetent, rude people in my entire life.

I do love how I’m constantly getting calls from them, now that I’ve switched to DirecTV. I finally got an apology for being hung up on and sworn at, but it’s too little, too late. Comcast can shove it!

psychopuppet wrote:

[quote]Please take my request serious and do not send me a generic response like Comcast always seems to.
A very dissatisfied customer![/quote]

Comcast already has a bad reputation for customer dissatisfaction so I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything intelligent but good luck anyway. If they do give you that generic response, clearly that e-mail went in the trash.

Also as a side note just because, Comcast has been very busy the last month with negotiations with Vivendi and General Electric, a deal to ultimately acquire NBC Universal which has now been finalized. Just so we all understand, I’m sure that place is chaos at the moment. Again good luck with that response.