Sad Day :(


Please explain, please.

Now I am afraid.

Rai’s post in the Announcement forum. Perhaps the second worst news to happen to AN in AN’s history, might even be the worst.

It’s a very sad day for what it could mean… ADV/Anime Network has overcome a lot of adversity in the last year and a lot of things are looking a lot more positive in the last 6 months after last year’s difficulties. It isn’t the end or something, Anime Network is hard at work in expansion and offerings and with a lot of good things coming up. But certainly for a huge segment of cable viewers, Comcast’s domination is nothing to overlook, and this is a loss. And also, this is just something Anime Network did not need at this time, what was already hard before just became magnitudes harder, and that might be an understatement on my part.

Industry consolidation and shrinking as predicted last year is happening.

Perhaps once the sadness settles, I can compose a more meaningful response on what it means to me personally as it is something that has a great significance for me as an Anime fan and for historic reasons of over 4 years of following it… Anime Network on Comcast is in many ways what expanded me from casual anime fan of 10+ years to someone who started to buy a lot of DVDs, not just from ADV but other companies as well… But right now all I am able to do in this situation is to lament and ponder from an arm-chair-quarterback position.

That is very unfortunate, though now I am conflicted as to which thread to post in. I’ll just post in here for now, and if you feel my responses more appropriate for the Announcements forum, feel free to move them.

I don’t very well know the history behind Anime Network’s relationship with Comcast besides what you had written in Rai’s thread. I do know, however, that AN has been getting the butt-end of quality airtime. From my experience, this hasn’t been a recently occurring situation.

Regardless, this is indeed a great loss for AN, and those who support AN would be savvy to switch providers. It seems that cable is becoming quite redundant today anyway, what with the Internet catering to our needs.

dragoon, I suggest you switch to DirecTV. It’s cheaper and from what my mom and sister tell me, isn’t much different at all than our previous cable service.

I wish I could change providers. I’d follow where TAN is going if I could. So now I’ll be posting on a forum of a channel I no longer get. Damn it. Frigen comcast. Guess the best I can do is call on the phone and complain.

Don’t forget one option is Anime Network Online Player Subscription service. A lot of Anime Network’s SVOD shows and exclusive content are going to be on the new Online Player. Since I’m already subscribing to it, that’s one of the reasons I’m not as disappointed at this news.

I’m more disappointed at the ramifications of this news. Comcast is by far the biggest and most dominant player in the industry, losing access to it isn’t good. :frowning:

As far as the online player goes… personally I’m really considering getting a HDTV or Widescreen Monitor so I can put it in my room and replace my TV with it and hook up my computer to it so it’ll be like watching stuff on TV instead of being on my computer desk.

^ I know, I love checking out shows on their online player from time to time. I saw all of Kino’s Journey there, and made me want to run out and buy it for example! I also saw an episode of Area 88, and I loved that! I’ve watched a lot of stuff on their online player, but I’m not the biggest fan of watching on a computer. And I can’tsubscribe to the online thing because I don’t have/don’t want a credit card. I am getting a pre-paid card but that will only be used to buy anime DVD’s from rightstuf and amazon etc. So I can’t do the paid online thing, but that’s for trying to help me Dragoon.

Still I’m ganna miss Anime Network VOD. I remember how probally 4-5 years ago now, when my friend called me up to tell me about Anime Network VOD and Anime Selects VOD. He’s not much into anime, but he does like the random show I show him. But he knew I loved anime, and clued me into this stuff on On Demand. Anyway if not for that phone call I might not have enjoyed this channel as long as I have, and been as big into anime as I am. That was about the time when I get really into anime, all thanks to him, TAN, and anime selects hehe ;). I’ve been into anime since Pokemon and DBZ, and buying the stuff on DVD since 2000, but that’s when I really got into it, like crazy ;). I’m ganna miss this great channel.

It does suck for TAN too. Comcast is a huge player, and their channel has been making money for ADV for some time now. Without Comcast, will their channel still make them as much money?

Do you think it may have something to do with Funimation getting added, or is ADV maybe setting up the online player as their only option(I doubt it, or at least I really hope so).

This stinks for Comcast users though.

It has to do with Funimation :wink: . Trust me on that one. Comcast played a hand in it as well I’m sure.

I’m thinking Funimation too. Funi probably told Comcast about all of ADV’s troubles and how they have a “wider selection”.

Don’t need Comcast anyway…;_;

I wouldn’t go that far. I highly doubt they could/would do that. But Funimation probably partnered with Comcast, and told them competition from Anime Network would reduce ratings, so please kick em off the service please. They probably showed Comcast the amount of content they could get, and how it’s newer then TAN’s stuff, and how there is much more of it available etc. etc. and Comcast said “sure whatever”.

What you just posted is the same scenario that I suggested. What’s the difference? We all know Overlord Gen-sama to be a ruthless person who doesn’t care if everybody except Funimation goes under.

You said they told them about ADV’s troubles, I highly doubt that part.