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Episode 20 –

[details=spoiler]Everyone praises Tanba, but he still has a weakness to overcome. The coach overhears Tanba say something and it may cost him the ace status. Tanba gives an honest answer to the question that Kataoka asks him and the moment passes. His teammates joke around and make a bet with him. With a shaved head and shaved eyebrows on the line, Tanba better do a good job!

Unfortunately, Tanba gets hit in the face with a ball. He insists he’s fine, but the coach won’t let him move. He even calls an end to the game. This accident affects the entire team and Rei isn’t sure they can recover in time for the summer tournament.

Tanba’s condition is announced, but he may not be able to play in the tournament. This news just brings everyone down. But the coach also tells them that he’s made Tanba the ace, even in his absence. With Tanba out of the picture for now, Kawakami, Furuya, and Eijun will be playing more. Rei can only hope that the team will unite for Tanba’s sake.

Eijun isn’t sure he’s ready and Chris is happy that Eijun admits it. Chris and Miyuki will work with Eijun and Furuya to get them ready in time. Chris gives the boys some more important exercises and guides them through the routine. He tells them not to rush, but the guys are still under a lot of pressure with finals coming up as well. However, Eijun is determined to be ready for the summer![/details]


Episode 21 –

[details=spoiler]The entire team is working hard to improve their skills. Tanba is still healing, but wants to return to practice. However, Kataoka wants him at his best for the final quarter game. Eijun has worked hard on his school studies, but even with tutoring, he barely passed all his subjects. On the other hand, Furuya failed and will have to take a make-up test.

Team numbers are assigned by Kataoka, and the ace number one is given to Tanba. Once again, the coach warns him to take it easy. Miyuki is given the number two, and so on. Furuya is assigned number eleven, and the very last number of twenty is given to Eijun. He’s happy with it, but still vows that someday, it will be a single digit – number one to be exact.

Chris is asked to be the scorekeeper and accepts. The managers are recognized for all of their hard work and given uniforms. Those girls were so happy, they were positively glowing! And so the team is ready to fight for the national championship! The first games will be the East / West Tokyo Qualifiers.

Furuya and Eijun are improving, but while Tanba recovers, all the pressure is on Kawakami, and it shows. The fist team they will be facing is Maimon West. Chris coaches his team on Maimon’s players and their strengths. The coach encourages his team and urges them to victory. Kataoka announces the starting pitcher and it’s Furuya. Kawakami will be the back-up. I think poor Eijun is all fired up for nothing. LOL Chris speaks with Eijun and tells him that while he’s really improving, his control is still a little weak. Meanwhile, Maimon is getting ready to face Seido![/details]


Episode 22 –

[details=spoiler]Seido vs. Maimon! And Seido isn’t doing well. The team seems really nervous, and the opposing pitcher is good. Seido is still feeling around a strategy to deal with that pitcher.

Furuya is pitching first and Miyuki can’t tell if he’s nervous or not. It seems he isn’t; Furuya has got a job to do, and he’s going to do it. He is a little nervous at first, but manages to shock the crowd and Maimon with his first pitch. Then, strike after strike after strike – go Furuya!

Seido is winning and Eijun is all fired up even though he isn’t playing in this game. Ever optimistic, Eijun wants to be ready just in case, so he warms up. Good thing too. Kawakami was supposed to be up next, but Kataoka decides to use Eijun instead. I wonder what the coach has up his sleeve.[/details]


Episode 23 –

[details=spoiler]Eijun takes the mound in his first real game, but is he truly ready? Seido has a great lead over Maimon and I hope Eijun can add to that. Maimon’s coach calls out encouragement to his batter, and soon the rest of the team is too. The fans also join in and the pressure is really on Hasunuma to make a hit. Eijun is feeling a bit of pressure as well. Eijun makes his first summer tournament pitch – and hits Hasunuma right in the shoulder!

The batter walks and Miyuki calls for a meeting on the mound. The team needs Eijun to calm down, but I don’t think kicking him in the butt is going to help. LOL Eijun just needs to relax and not think too much. But the pressure is on Eijun again and with his next pitch, the batter bunts and runs. Eijun grabs the ball and throws, scoring two outs, as he screams his victory. But he doesn’t stop screaming either. LOL

Seido eventually wins the game and as the two teams face one another, Eijun sees the Maimon members crying. After the official bow, both teams shake hands. Maimon wants to see Seido in the nationals now, and even Eijun is wished luck. Eijun is really surprised that the losers are cheering the winners on to the nationals. And of course he overdoes it again.

Back at Seido, Chris takes both Eijun and Furuya to task for being too tense. Meanwhile, Rei reports to Kataoka on the game she attended, and the readiness of the Ichidai team. Seido will have to face them eventually, but they still have a couple of games to win before then. Tanba is still healing as well, but is coming along nicely as he practices. He also has a history with the Ichidai pitcher and the coach wants him in that game, fully recovered.

But until Tanba can come back, Rei tells Furuya that he’s the ace in the meantime. Eijun did not like hearing that one bit! In round three, Seido is facing Murata East. Furuya is the confident ace, as Eijun just fumes. And an observer is assessing the skills of those new first years![/details]


Episode 24 –

[details=spoiler]Seido vs. Murata East! In the bullpen, Miyuki is being extra hard on Furuya. Eijun is all fired up again, but is ignored by Miyuki who wants to concentrate on Furuya. It’s another short game and Seido wins it. But the coach has them stay and watch the next game. The winner will be their next opponent. And it looks like that will be Akikawa and their amazing pitcher.

Chris instructs the team on Shun’s pitching skills and how to possibly beat him. Kataoka adds in his own instructions. The team practices under the watchful eyes of many reporters. Funny that they describe Eijun as having an “interesting form”. He’s still all over the place with his pitching. The reporters are also wondering if rumors of Tanba being injured are true, since he has yet appeared in any games. And Furuya? Well, he’s just taking a little nap. LOL

Furuya doesn’t seem able to deal well with the summer heat and Miyuki is worried. It’s actually Furuya’s first summer in Tokyo and his body hasn’t adjusted to it yet. After a few throws, Miyuki has Furuya call it a day and tells him to rest up. The reporters check out Akikawa too. Their coach really has a good strategy to counter Furuya. And Shun is just as amazing as usual. He has a very unique training regimen. Shun also has tremendous control, something that both Furuya and Eijun lack. Akikawa has a very good chance of beating Seido![/details]


Episode 25 –

[details=spoiler]Seido vs. Akikawa! Furuya is supposed to pitch, but no one is sure how he’ll do in the heat, so the coach puts Kawakami on standby. The game starts at 10am, but by 9am, the heat is already stifling. Just in case, Eijun is also put on standby at the last minute. Seido takes the field and the favorites are cheered.

Shun comes up with a plan to beat Furuya. Even in the heat, Furuya is on fire, but Miyuki realizes the opposing team’s strategy too late. They are trying to exhaust Furuya! Shun’s plan is working well too. Between the heat and overexerting himself, Furuya is getting tired. Can Miyuki help him?

Miyuki signals Furuya and Furuya pitches. It doesn’t work, and another player walks. Miyuki gives Furuya the same signal again and this time, he gets a strike! And another! Eijun cheers Furuya on, and it looks like Furuya has finally loosened up and has found his rhythm. Shun realizes that his true enemy is Miyuki and not Furuya. I wonder what kind of strategy he’ll come up with next.[/details]


Episode 26 –

[details=spoiler]At least Furuya is more relaxed and getting strikes now. Shun is batting next and exchanges some words with Miyuki. Shun finally realizes what he’s up against and knows he needs to destroy Furuya. Miyuki signals Furuya and Shun swings. It’s a strike! Then a ball. Looks like Furuya is feeling the pressure again. Everyone calls out encouragement and support to Furuya and Miyuki signals him again. Shun hits it!

Akikawa gets two runs. And another strike. Shun still knows that Miyuki is the one to beat. The teams switch and Tanba has some words of wisdom for Furuya – “blame Miyuki”. LOL But Shun is pitching now and Kuramochi is up first. And he’s out! Ryosuke is up next. And he’s out! But I think it was called incorrectly. The umpire seems to be favoring Shun. This is turning out to be a really tough game!

Akikawa has done their homework and Seido isn’t doing so well. It’s getting hotter and Furuya is getting tired. Perhaps it’s time to use the unpredictable Eijun![/details]


Episode 27 –

[details=spoiler]Akikawa is keeping Furuya exhausted. Between that and the heat, he isn’t going to be of much use to Seido in the future. And Shun would like to see Furuya destroyed. The coach does decide to replace Furuya with Eijun, and Chris can see how that will boost the team spirit, knowing that they still have Kawakami in the wings. And Eijun is more than ready!

But Furuya has found new strength in not wanting to let his team down, and will not be giving up the mound anytime soon. The coach can’t let too many people see this weakness of Furuya’s and switches him out anyway. Akikawa thinks they’ve succeeded in destroying Furuya and congratulate themselves. They are now prepared to face either Tanba or Kawakami, and know what to expect from them as well. Even Seido thought Kawakami was going in next. However, no one was expecting Eijun!

After he had worked so hard, it was jut too painful for Furuya to give Eijun the ball. Only Miyuki’s insulting reprimand and Eijun’s encouragement finally get Furuya off the mound. But as he walks away, Furuya tells Eijun that he hates him. Watching Eijun warm up with Miyuki, Akikawa doesn’t think much of Eijun and decides to take a more aggressive approach for the rest of the game. I think they are in for a big surprise!

But now Eijun is just as tense as Furuya was, and he isn’t paying attention. After a few deep breaths, Eijun seems a little better. Miyuki signals him and Eijun produces! Shun is amazed at the strike. Then Eijun gets an out. Even Seido is impressed. Eijun is getting better, but he still isn’t perfect. However, if he can keep this up, Akikawa doesn’t stand a chance! Stick that in your hat, Mr. Shun![/details]


Episode 28 –

Just a recap of Eijun’s journey. He has really come a long way.


Episode 29 –

[details=spoiler]Back to the game! Eijun produces! Some are amazed, some are not, and some just knew he had it in him. Shun tries to analyze Eijun. He needs to think carefully about him now. So much for dismissing him earlier.

Shum is pitching now and trying to defend his team. But after that boost of morale, thanks to Eijun, Seido is in the zone. Things aren’t going well for Akikawa now, but that’s fine with Shun. He’s finally found a worthy opponent to play against, and is enjoying himself.

The score is tied when Eijun is up again. The kid is on fire as Shun continues to analyze him. Eijun’s control is still weak, but his confidence is high. Shun is pitching again, and the game falls back to Akikawa’s favor. It’s discovered that this is Shun’s last season as well. No wonder he’s so determined.

Eijun’s turn again and he gets Shun out. Shun finally acknowledges Eijun as a pitcher. And the coach comes up with a good strategy when he has Tanba warm up. This is probably just to intimidate the other team, since Tanba can’t really play yet. The coach wants to put the pressure on Akikawa, and it seems to be having the right effect on Shun. He’s definitely been taken down a notch or two at this point.[/details]


Episode 30 –

[details=spoiler]Shun is feeling the intimidation, but can still perform. Eijun is still doing well with his pitching, and Akikawa just can’t get ahead. Seido is really putting the pressure on Akikawa! And Shun smiles! He’s really enjoying this unpredictable game. And Seido surprises him again!

Of course Seido wins the game. But although he’s lost, Shun isn’t all that disappointed. It was a great game and he finally got have some fun. He has no regrets, but Shun still ends up getting emotional along with the rest of his team. And Seido advances to the quarter-final![/details]


Episode 31 –

[details=spoiler]While some may compliment Eijun, Miyuki won’t let it go to his head, and continues to insult Eijun’s pitching. Miyuki doesn’t let Furuya off any easier either. Both boys still have a ways to go.

The members of the Ichidai Third High team congratulate Seido on their win. However, the tension in the air is thick enough to be cut with a knife as both teams face one another.

The Seido team moves to the stands to watch the game between Ichidai and Yakushi. Ichidai is the stronger of the two and will most likely be the ones that Seido will be playing against in the future.

Eijun seems to have a twin brother on the Yakushi team. At least everyone can see the personality resemblance - except Eijun. LOL But Raichi is exactly like Eijun! And he’s also an amazing batter. Maybe, just maybe, Ichidai won’t be winning this game after all. Kataoka begins to watch Yakushi more closely. Chris and Miyuki know that Ichidai might be in trouble. Raichi has disheartened their pitcher. Will he be able to make a comeback?[/details]


Ace of Diamond’s voice cast experience a real baseball game


Episode 32 -

[details=spoiler]Manaka has made a comeback! He even gets two strikes off Raichi, but Raichi hits his fast ball. Unfortunately, it hits Manaka. He’s still able to get Raichi out before he collapses. Manaka insists that he’s fine, but he obviously isn’t. The coach sends another pitcher to warm up immediately.

Inashiro Vocational School arrives at the venue and finds out that Ichidai has lost to Yakushi! The coach explains how Manaka was hit with a ball and had to step down. Although still a strong team even without Manaka, they eventually lost their momentum and lost the game. A shocking conclusion for such a great team! Yakushi is a force to be reckoned with now.

Good thing the Seido team was at this game. They will need to come up with a good strategy to beat Yakushi. And it looks like Tanba wants revenge for his friend, Manaka, too. On the way to the bus, Eijun, Furuya, and Haruichi come across the scary batter, Raichi. Even after winning a game, he’s practicing. He dad is the team’s coach and he’s a tough on Raichi. But Raichi doesn’t mind. He wants to beat every pitcher in the country! It looks like Furuya and Eijun can’t wait to face him either.

They also overhear the coach tell Raichi that the only other pitcher worth facing here is Narumiya from Inashiro. But Yakushi is supposed to face Seido before Inashiro. Do they really think Seido isn’t worth their time? Furuya and Eijun are really fired up now! Back at the school, it’s noted that Furuya and Eijun seem really motivated. Haruichi tells the team why. Now the entire team is fired up! And Tanba asks for extra practice.[/details]


Episode 33 –

[details=spoiler]Yakushi has made it to the quarter-final. Chris gives his team information on the Yakushi players, none of it good. Seido is going to have to be very well prepared to face them.

The reporters interview Coach Todoroki and get the scoop on his son. At the moment, Raichi is doing his own research on the Seido pitchers. He’s looking forward to this game and playing against Furuya and Eijun. Meanwhile, the Seido pitchers are putting all they have into practicing. However, Tanba still isn’t in his best condition.

Kataoka gives the pitchers their order. Furuya will be up first, then Eijun, and Kawakami will be next. Tanba won’t be playing again. Kataoka feels that Tanba isn’t ready yet. However, he tells him to warm up during the fifth inning. Will Kataoka surprise everyone and use Tanba? Or is this psychological warfare again? Kataoka gives Tanba a pep talk and wants him to be ready to pitch. He even offers to help the ace of the team stretch! Loved Tanba’s reaction to that!

It’s the day of the quarter-final and Seido vs. Yakushi. Yakushi has changed their lineup and is using a little psychological trick of their own. Seido is none too pleased. Raichi will be up first and he will be facing Furuya. Miyuki talks to Furuya beforehand, trying to keep him calm. Miyuki includes Eijun in that talk as well. The boys just have to do their job and not worry about anything else.

Just before the game, the coaches give their respective teams a final word to fire them up. The teams take the field and Miyuki gives Furuya a final word of encouragement. The players take their positions and it’s time for Furuya to face Raichi. He needs to take him down, but can Furuya actually do it?[/details]


Episode 34 –

[details=spoiler]Seido vs. Yakushi! And the game begins! Although he’s pleased with Furuya’s pitches, Raichi isn’t swinging. However, Raichi does hit the next pitch with such power that it hits the fence. Well, that wasn’t expected! Both Eijun and Furuya are angry now. Another batter and another hit and Raichi makes it home. Yakushi gets the first run of the game.

Seido does even better during their time at the bat, surprising Todoroki. He may have to change his pitchers. But during the next inning, it looks like Todoroki might have a backup strategy which seems to be his real one from the way he’s smiling. However, Furuya trusts in his teammates, and Seido is still going strong! Still, it’s going to be a tough game to win.[/details]


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Real-life pitcher Masanori Ishikawa, Shō Yamaguchi also voice characters


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Episode 40 –

[details=spoiler]This game between Seido and Yakushi is lasting way too long. At least Tanba is pitching now.

It seems that even the wonderful Raichi is beginning to tire. He keeps hitting fouls. The coach thinks that his son is over thinking things, but that only works to Seido’s advantage. It was disappointing to see Raichi lose like that after playing such a great game. And the reason why was a sad one. Once he decided to play for the team and not for himself, the pressure got to him.

But this is why Tanba is the ace! Seido has won the game! Seido moves on while Yakushi thanks their coach. It’s all over for them, but they don’t blame Raichi or the coach. With tears in everyone’s eyes, the seniors encourage the team for the next season. The semifinals are next for Seido and they still have to win two more games to make it to nationals.[/details]


Episode 44 –


Sensen is destroyed and Seido moves on to the finals! It was nice that Eijun’s old teammates came to cheer him on too. They can see how much Eijun has grown. They also see that he hasn’t changed very much either. LOL