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ADV Films Status?


[QUOTE=JimmyG]Back on September 1st, 2009, ADV posted their final notice concerning their operations and then that was it for company. I accidently clicked an ADV Films link and as opposed to be taken to the final PR release, I noticed that ADV Films site is online with some sort of counter - I was skimming around and didn’t see any posts here in the forum, main site, or other sites about this. Is this some sort of sign that ADV Films will be making some sort of return? If I missed the news piece, my apologies then for a duplicate thread.


Incase it were to vanish by some chance - [URL=“”]screen cap[/URL].


Sending a test message to an old ADV address, it bounced but the headers show the bounceback came from I gues Aesir owns the label and might using it soon? [/QUOTE]


Someone pointed this out on FP and I figured I’d bring it up here since what’s on the ADV site looks rather interesting.


Also remember that the BD release of Elfin Lied in 2013 was under the ADV Films label.


Hmm…very interesting. What could it mean? Does the counter going crazy mean something? Or is it just to mess with our minds?


First TAN heading to Roku and now this? I guess it will be a service under Aesir’s brand to sell or stream certain shows that can’t be under there own name.

If ADV suddenly resurfaced, then what would happen with Sentai? Another idea I could imagine is that ADV would not only hold licenses under Aesir Holdings, but they would merge with Section 23 for upgraded distribution manufacturing. But that is HUGE speculation cause a ghost company probably has no resources to produce discs/cases.


As long as it allows me to get RahXephon on Blu-Ray, I am totally for this,


Shadow Skill

The world needs to be reminded of the awesauceness of Elle Ragu.


Except for the video extras (showcasing an early Chris Ayres lol), I still haven’t gotten around to watching that. The RahXephon blurays would be nice to have…

Is the counter still up? When I follow the link, all I see is a black page
When I go to the site in any Firefox-derivative browser (aka the only browsers anyone ought to be using) I see just a blank page. When I fire up the shoddy excuse for a browser that is Internet Explorer I see a graphic. Huzzah for bad web design! :wink:

The counter just flashes through a series of arbitrary numbers, rather than actually counting visitors?? Is it some sort of code?


I use Chrome when something doesn’t work in Firefox.

Thinking about, I don’t remember the last time I used IE for anything outside of my own web development work…


You know, if they are bringing back the ADV Films label, there are a few reasons to do so.

  1. They are using it as an Aniplex / PonyCan type label. ( boo) Offering series that might not be licensable by normal means.

  2. They are using the label as a license entity for Anime based films. This seems the most likely scenario, as we haven’t heard squat from Sentai regarding the Bodacious Space Pirates movie. Being its own entity allows them to have a budget etc without effecting SentaiFilmworks licensing capabilities.


Or it could be like a Discotek for older anime: the classics. A new print of Gunsmith Cats, Plastic Little, maybe even Rune Soldier. The new BD release of Lodoss War…nice…


Isn’t that what the Maiden Japan label is for?


A guy named Blaizevincent on YouTube did a video about this same thing. Personally I don’t even know what to make of this idea of them “coming back” let alone that screwy counter. This is just completely random chatter suddenly. Why would they NEED to?

We have Sentai Filmworks/Maiden Japan today but it’s a wait and see I suppose. Imagine my shock if ADV returns.


ADV Films will be for just that: films of live action adaptations.
Kenshin, Gatchaman, Patlabor, Space Bros, etc with classic and newer samurai films that time has forgotten.

Yes more please…


Personally, I’d rather see ADV have something to do with anime.

It’s part nostalgic-ADV got me back to dubs after Funi’s weak dubs from back then sent me running to the sub track (Funi got much better when ADV died…Operation Paperclip 2.0?)-but IMO it just wouldn’t make much sense for a company that was primarily anime to reinvent itself as a live action company.


As long as they pick up and release SHINOBIDO, I’m all for that.
Man, I’ve been waiting a couple years now for someone to license that movie.