ADVNation relaunches as SXAniMedia for 1 year Birthday


New site as part of my 1st Anniversary. ADVNation as a blog name is retired and the new site is at sxanimedia

Hmmm. You lost me Dragoon. I have no idea what this could be about. But you got me interested now, that’s the point correct? Hehe.

Wait! Maybe your logo for your blog will be revealed on thursday? LOL I have no idea

Hopefully! :wink:

He’s taking us all on vacation! :laugh:

What? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Mrs. Santa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it involve a new anime license? or maybe a dub for a anime?

^ I think he said it has nothing to do with ADV or Anime Network. Probally something he’s doing with his blog? IDK…

Prede’s right, like I mentioned above it has nothing to do with the involved companies that I write about.

Maybe I should fandub To Love Ru… then again no one would want that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would want that!

No, no you wouldn’t! While I’m an english anime dub analyst and fanatic; I’m a horrible actor and performer. :stuck_out_tongue: 80s/90s dubs are better than I could personally pull off. I was in a school Christmas Play once though, as one of the wise men from the Story/Birth of Jesus. That’s the first and last in my acting resume. lol I have however worked with actors and singers as a producer. I’m more of a behind the scenes guy. :wink:

Yeah, then I’d like to hear it to see how bad you are lol. You have to play every part, even the girls, and with a different voice too! And you have to self-direct and write your own script. LOL j/k . I figured you were more of the behind the scenes kinda guy anyway lol.

I don’t go high enough for the girls, maybe I could ham it up fruity style like Blum as Leeron in Gurren. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dragoon, skipping in place and saying “Tee-hee?” I could see it…

You do? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are under a contract not to divulge the information until that time…and at that time the information you divulge will be shocking, possibly you are a producer for some live action work that is in no way affiliated with the above mentioned companies… lip flap stops after .25 seconds of extra flaps.


You have some insider information on a new series coming to the US(could be from any distributor)? Maybe something coming to tv?

Dragoon is going to reveal that he is in fact an LP destroying Cyborg, and will be unleashing a path of destruction across North America as he destroys the whiners and fansubbers!

Am I close? :wink:

They’re on a ship bound for the sun, or so I hear!

I hope you wait until after FUNi Con. I wouldn’t want to miss that.