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All Anime Fan boys and girls alike WANTED ( in ours own story collaboration )

I know U guys don’t post here but lets us all collectively make a story about each of us being a Fan of anime
Let’s see how much fun we can have

So Tell us why you got into anime and what keeps u going in the same otaku direction and ur learning experiences dealing with anime

And each of us will come up with ur character that reflects R Fan qualities and then we all can brain storm about a good story for R characters to interact in

So tell us ur Anime Fan story

And leave nothing out tell us everything the whole shebang lol

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What got me into anime was my very first Yuri My Z Hime I suppose then I want to watch Fairy Tail Cause it sound interesting But out of everything my real goal is to watch every anime yuri.In other words I suppose I’m a yuri myself
And a kind heart one I guest.
So there you have it a whole brife about Sarahviola. I hope I’m not forgetting anything…