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Hi im new here! and i have some very important quetions


hi my name is shanice like, ( Shan-eece) and i am a big fan of anime, espcially girly anime and fantasy anime.i’m 17 years old and im a senior at high school and of course going to college after this; i love the color pink, i love my boyfriend he’s the world to me, i hate latin class( cause its so hard):angry: i love lunch b/c i see my future husband:kiss: ^^
but besides all those things, the questions i would like to ask ( but kind of ridiculous) are this:
see recently my friend and i have create an entire hand written anime story about our charecters, and it has always been my dream to have one created!:silly: but the promblem is i dont know where to begin! i’m typing up the episode so if i do find someone that can make my dream come true, they will be able to read it without any errors. so my question is this: What should do? Who do i go to?
i really do not want to create a manga, but an anime because its really amazing . Thank you! :blush:


Hey there! Welcome to the land of TAN. Very cool that you’re interested in having a hand in the anime business. Why don’t you start with posting what ya got over in the fan section, we’d love to see it!


Thank you for your welcome. I would but im afraid that someone will steal it. i dont have a copyright on it just yet, i meam they are kind of expensive.


Welcome to TAN, let us hear your thoughts an opinions by posting.

Well, my thought would be to become active in writing fan fiction, such as By writing and posting there you will gain experience with writing, editing, and criticism. Then because you have to make an account, your information will be there and should be noticeable if someone steals your ideas. No promises.

Since you mentioned episode, that makes me think of something you would watch - with voices and animation. There are two thoughts that I now have. Are you looking for something that would eventually end up in peoples homes on DVDs or something on youtube that you created?

Lets say it’s the first one - go to animation school. It wont happen over night. It’s the same as writing a novel.

Now lets say it’s the second one. You will have to learn how to draw, animate, edit and produce your film. You already have the script - which is awesome. I suggest that you post it on the site so that other may read it to offer suggestions to help make it better.

You will have to do research if you truly wish for your episode to become a reality. Do some searches for “how to animate”, don’t limit it to anime just yet - leave that for the end. You need to learn what the basics are first.


Hello im the local unlicenced Doctor that roams these parts and I too am 17 and a senior


hello!! nice to meet you too! gentay i really appreciated your comment it really helped me out a lot, i will try posting.and if ppl like it i will try to find someone who is someone with status that will read it for themselves and judge the story.


I believe you’ll find the people here are often fair and balanced.



Hello. You should turn As the Mecha Turns into an anime.

also, SEIG ZEON!


Hi I am the resident pervert, I am not allowed to be flamboyantly perverted. I hate to say this when reality bites hard, but you’ll understand later…

Understand this, nothing worthwhile in life will ever come easy, anyone who is worth anything of actual value spent their life working and pushing hard to get were they wanted. Miyazaki and Makoto ShinKai are two examples of people who had to start out on their own and through dedication and hard work, they single-handedly created their anime. I think the voices were hired of course but they did it out of their pockets. This is what your work will be. It wont happen overnight. You should go to an art or animation school for this. Look around at your options AI is the finest in quality for this kind of work, but there are other cheaper alternatives you can look into, but everything is pretty much given a standard set By The Art Institute. If your heart is really set on what you want, give an idea, your sketches, your script, and a prepared story board. it is a long arduous process, but the standard you will be set next to will be none other than Jan Scot Frasier, she is probably the only american animator the japanese will respect with awe. Remember this,