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AN lies constantly about their VOD service


It is sad that AN posts updates for VOD schedules in my newsletter, but doesn’t post the actual shows on the VOD service. They skip shows and episodes entirely and generally neglect VOD subscribers even though they get PAID for the VOD service from my provider.

I’m not sure why they neglect these services and people (who are among their greatest fans, no less).

I sure would like to see Rozen Maiden (December 1st - as promised in my latest newsletter - but it is totally absent).

Here are the quotes:

“Rozen Maiden, Modern Magic Made Simple and Ro-Kyu-Bu ~ Fast Break! come to Anime Network OnDemand!”


"Rozen Maiden Season 1
Remember those nightmares you had as a child, where your toys came to life? That’s the reality Jun Sakurada suddenly finds himself in when Shinku arrives in a box. ‘Action figure’ takes on a new meaning in Rozen Maiden!

Starts: December 1st
Language: English Dub
Rated: TV-14"

I do not mind an occasional flub - it happens to everyone - but AN does it every week.

When are you going to stand by your promises???

Do it soon or you will lose me as a PAID online subscriber and VOD watcher, permanently.


This is the thread where you need to report problems with your VOD service.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,72244/

Anime Network can’t fix anything if they aren’t aware of any problems. As I can see from your post count this is your first post, so you have not reported any issues previously. Please pay close attention to the first thread and post the information needed. Problems vary from service provider to service provider and even from zip code to code. For instance sometimes Time Warner subscribers in one region will have missing episodes that other TW subscribers do not. Your post currently doesn’t list any information that is needed to track down the problem.

Also, this page will tell you what updates your individual operator is due for.

Please not that they vary from provider to provider and there are differences between the various subscription levels.

Ultimately Anime Network only transmits the episodes to your cable or satellite provider. Actually updating the episodes is up to your cable or satellite provider and you may need to contact them to clear up missing updates.


First of all, I need to know who your provider is.

And if you’re referring to the most recent newsletter…

It does state at the bottom to ‘Check your local Provider’s Schedule for availability.’

You might be have one of the providers that won’t be carrying that particular anime. And that would be something to take up with your provider.

Some providers carry 30 hours of service per month and some carry 45 hours. That’s the difference here.


Rozen Maiden appears to be part of the SVOD 45 package. If you pay a separate fee from what you pay to have VOD on your cable provider for your The Anime Network on demand service then yes you should have it. If your The Anime Network is included as part of your “free” package then no you will not get it on your cable service.

Check here to see if your provider will be showing it.

The first episode is up on the Online Player for free now .


DeMann wrote:

I see it as being the other way around. (My provider shows the FREE30 package, as opposed to the Subscription VOD/30-hours and Subscription VOD/45-hours packages.)

When they announce shows as being available on VOD, far too often the unwritten disclaimer is that it is available on the SVOD45 package only; not on the SVOD30 or FREE30 packages.

(If your provider is getting the SVOD30 package; I feel your pain.)

It would improve the accuracy of their announcements if they were to put in a more informative disclaimer: “Available on SVOD45 only” or “Available on provider group 1 only” with a link to a list of the actual providers that will be showing it.


TAN is basically an afterthought, they’re more focused with getting you to use their online player or just buy the DVDs in the first place. They’ve added pay packages for some shows in addition to the FREE30, but I’m not going to pay $4.99 for at least three parts of a series that I can turn around and buy on sale for $20 or so if I wait - sometimes even less - especially when the service is so hit or miss and when you call the provider, they blame TAN before they check anything.

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