Another noob..... yes

Hello all! I’m Jessica! Firstly, I’m a very (very) good friend of SpiritingEzlo’s so as for animes I watch and that stuff I stick with him! Also, warning for all, the steamroller of mangabaka might enter here… other than that… i meow sometimes and like to cosplay!

wow… i’m… touched… and I don’t know where in the world you got that picture… it fits sadly enough. Watch out for manga (I’m gonna message him) and where did you get that pic anyway?

I got this naughty pic off your laptop X3 funny how we’re messaging each other online but I’m sitting next to you! It’s like… a zero suit samus cosplayer that never leaves


-giggles- Hentai? Sorry about that, SpiritingEzlo got me started on this since I’m at his house. I here for questions from other participants of course! ask away! I like your name btw :3

Hello and welcome to the tactful TAN boards Jessica!! :3 We seem to be getting the whole circle of friends on here aren’t we? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, it’s always nice to have a few new members I guess. Don’t worry about the meowing thing; we’re all neko fans here (except for one…), and more kawaii is always welcome. :3 I’d do it too, but I’m not sure how others would take it…

Anyway, do you mind if I inquire as to what your favorite anime are? I’m curious to know. :slight_smile:

[size=2]Also, please feel free to visit my chat in my signature any time. It’s meant for this board, but not many people from here use it. ^_^;[/size]



I kind of figured you would. :wink:

Well, Tager, (whom SpiritingEzlo told me much about) I like alot of animes that Ezlo likes since we usually watch them together. I liked Maid-sama, I even read the 67 or so chapters of manga. Hmmm Angel Beats is another. Naruto, Bleach, Clannad, and FMA are some others. I got Ezlo into Durarara and was thinking of doing a Celty cosplay with him as Shizuo.

Thank you btw Tager, I’m taking Ezlo into Petsmart this weekend for some leash shopping. (he doesn’t know yet) I credit his willingness to put a leash on Grimmjow completely to you! Wan wan~!

Hello! Welcome to TAN, where everything is possible! We have everything anyone could ever want! We even have Tom Selleck somewhere around here… Enjoy your stay!

Also, while I’m here…

here’s a 1290 x 728 version of it for you that I know you didn’t ask for :slight_smile:
click to make [strike]them[/strike] it bigger.

Riding on a steamroller HEY BBBS! I was told to come in on a steamroller? :evil:

Also, welcome to TAN, I knew you’d like it here, and that your pic would be something pervy from Ezlo’s laptop, lol.

^^ hello manga! finally my pen-pal has arrived! :unsure: I’m not explaining what BBBS means though… though I’m not manga’s sister! And Hornet… I got to save the pic before Ezlo!

I’m so happy! announcement to all, my Riza wig will be here by the weekend! Excitement! Then I’ll just need the rest of the costume…

Wait… I get to leash shopping! :silly: yay! and don’t bug Tager! He/She has a busy schedule! And why would you wan wan? Confusion! But a Riza costume… text or PM me your demands :pinch:

Aww; I’m so flattered that I would be talked about so much. :blush:

I like to think I have good taste in apperal. I once had to pick out a leash for myself, and then one for another person, so I guess I’m experianced? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because! It’s cute~!! ^ω^

[quote=“Hentai” post=114637]

I kind of figured you would. ;)[/quote]

Welcome to TAN. I have a website I can link you to. Interested?

[quote=“PretearHimeno” post=114688]

I kind of figured you would. ;)Welcome to TAN. I have a website I can link you to. Interested?[/quote]

Tager has a leash too? Ezlo didn’t tell me this! I’ll have to spend time walking each of the animals now… starting with Grimmykitty :3 then the mystical Tager dog can “tag” along ^^

And no thank you Pretear, I’m good. I just think its funny to say I’m looking at Hentai but actually be viewing the profile…

Manga, message from Ezlo, behave yourself! If you feel the need to fap use hentai :pinch: (im gonna have so much fun with this now)