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Anime Network on Roku - Support Thread


I’m once again shut out of my Roku account for TAN. I get the authentication failure message when I try to log in with my email and most recent password (the previous problem was due to my logging in with the wrong account, but this time I’m definitely using my email-named account).

I then use the password reset feature on this website to try to force the issue, but after I enter the new password and click the button I always get this message:

Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. Timeout in IO operation

Can you please clear this up for me? I’m totally stuck until I can log in.


Never mind- I was able to reset my password last night and I can log in to Roku now.

Not sure why 1) my previous login + password combination stopped working, or 2) TAN servers kept timing out when I tried to change my password, but that’s all moot now.


About to cancel my sub, havent had the chance to watch a single thing on the roku OR on the PC…bad experience…


Holy cow! It’s actually working on my Roku players now.


Roku app isn’t working for me. It keeps telling me to log in, and, when I do, I am told that my creds cannot be authenticated. Was working just fine a day or 2 ago. Restarted my Roku. Uninstalled the Roku app. Reinstalled it. It just isn’t working. :angry:


Can you try resetting your password? We’ve had a few users say that helps…
This is a known issue that we are working on with the developers.


Yes, that fixed it. Thanks.


When I try to watch undefeated bahamut chronicle, it tries to force me to login and won’t show the video. I am already logged in and can watch other things fine.



Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is only available on Hulu for those in the United States.

Hulu link.

Hulu has their own Roku channel. Go to for details.

The version on the Anime Network Online Player is available only to those outside of the US.


That’s fine, but still a failure on your part. It should be marked clearly on the shows link on the app, that it is unavailable in the states.


Did anyone find a solution as to why it won’t let people watch things on the Roku? It keeps asking me to sign in, but I am, so when I re-log in, it says to not use an email. I am not using my email, I am using the same login info I use to get onto the website online.


Hello Jennyyzo,

Have you tried to change your Anime Network password through Anime Network’s channel on the Roku? If you have not done so yet, please try and do so and then try to login again using the new password.

Thank you,


Yes I did. It let’s me watch shows, but it won’t let me add things to my queue.


A few days ago I signed up for the 2 week trial and added the Anime Network channel to my Roku TV. I logged in via my Roku, and I can scroll through all of the content, but whenever I try to play a video, regardless of the show, after pressing play, it takes me to a loading screen for all of a second and then bumps me back out to the screen where I can choose to play the video again.

I have checked my connection speed via my Roku network settings and via third party sites, all of which essentially tell me that my connection speed is stellar. This is the only streaming channel for which I am having this problem.

Would welcome any help.


I am having the same problem described above, it goes straight from the loading screen back to the play screen on my roku tv. I have an active paying subscription. Will this be fixed? If not I’d like to know so I can cancel.


Does anyone really think AnimeNetwork cares? I contacted them before Thanksgiving and so far all I’ve gotten from them is the general “we are trying” with no resolution at all. Others have had issues for 6 months.


Yes, we do care. The developers are working on this issue.
We have found that resetting your password is a temporary work-around which has helped most users get their account to work when they keep getting logged out while trying to access videos.

Beyond that, I cannot make any further specific comments. When we have solid information from the developers and Roku about a definitive fix and upgrade, we will make an announcement.

I wish I could give you better news, but to do so would be an empty gesture of dodgy information.

We do hear your frustrations and your comments have been relayed to the appropriate parties.


@spazzysam - Thanks for the reply. I did notice from this thread that several users seem to be having a login problem, and I attempted changing my password, hoping that such a workaround would help me as well.

However, I think that, perhaps, the issue that FullMetalMokona and I are experiencing is a separate one. I, at least, am not being logged out of my account when I try to play videos. My account stays logged in without a hitch.

However, I am being bumped out of the videos themselves, back to the play screen, before the videos have finished loading.

FullMetalMokona mentioned having this issue with a Roku TV, and I also have a Roku TV instead of a Roku player. Perhaps that is a common denominator? Hopefully the developers will have some luck.


Thank you hhouston for the feedback! We will forward this on over to our developers.



Why are new series disappearing from Roku?

Three of the latest new series have been Phantasy Star 2, Norn9 and Girls Beyond the Wasteland. I watched one episode of PS2 and then one day it wasn’t in the listings anymore, either in New Releases or the alphabetical list. Today I checked again and now the other two have simply vanished in the same way. What’s going on?

This is the kind of craziness which caused me to switch from VOD to Roku streaming. If it’s going to happen here as well, it’s hard to imagine why I’d keep subscribing. Please help.