Roku log in fails, can anyone help

I’m new to this company as I usually get my anime from Netflix but I wanted to give them a try. The problem is the Roku app doesn’t seem to work. It logs me into the app just fine and the Roku created an account where my email is my username. When I go to watch a video however it asks me to log in again and that’s when the log in fails. It then tells me to use my username and not my email, but my email IS my username. I’ve tried emailing them but no one has responded yet and with the holidays I imagine it could be some time.

So far this service seems to be inferior to my current Netflix / Hulu combination. I can get Crunchyroll to work but they hate dub fans so I don’t want to give them my money.

I’ll forward your message to Administration, however, in the future, please use the Anime Network on Roku Support thread.