Anime Network Shows on Netflix

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I didn’t see an existing topic related to Anime Network content on Netflix.

It seems that a number of Anime Network shows expired from Netflix streaming over the last day or so (I use FeedFlicks to track when shows expire). The Anime Network does which indicates which shows are available for Netflix streaming.

The following shows are on that list but were removed from streaming:

- Appleseed

- Clannad

- Le Portrait de Petite Cossette

- Popotan

- The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Of the Anime Network shows that expired, is there a plan to add any of them back to streaming? Will any other new shows be added?

Netflix has been dropping quite a bit of anime content in the past month or so from other providers like Funimation and Viz but this is the first batch of Anime Newtork content I can remember being removed in quite some time.

In general, will the Anime Network continue to put shows on Netflix? Or will Netflix support be dropped in favor of other avenues like the Anime Network Online Player?

I enjoy content via Netflix since it’s often available in HD and playable through a very large number of devices, many of which are designed to operate with standard TVs such such as the Roku, PS3 and XBox 360.

The Anime Network Online Player is serviceable and amazingly does function (though poorly) on the PS3’s limited version of Flash, but to get the equivalent Netflix experience it seems like a decent PC hooked to a TV is really the only option. That’s not quite as cost effective as the other options.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance that the Anime Network would consider making a streaming application for the Roku, PS3 or Xbox360? I know Anime Network content is available for purchase through PSN and XBox Live, but it’d be nice if content could be streamed instead if a user had a Anime Network subscription rather than having to purchase it.

Yes, this content has expired. However, TAN is talking with Netflix to provide new shows via streaming soon. We will make an announcement once everything is in place.

Thanks for responding. It’s reassuring to know that the Anime Network is still considering putting content on Netflix.