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The June 2018 Schedules are now live.

The SVOD schedules are still broken, Go here for a listing of June shows

June 2018: AT&T / Cox / Comcast / Shaw / SD VOD Blogs

Frontier users, please refer to the Comcast blog.


The July 2018 Schedules are now live.

I know the FVOD schedules are out of order, sent in a request to get those fixed.

SVOD blogs coming soon


SVOD July 2018 Blogs now live


Rogers Cable users

I’m not sure we have any users with Rogers who come to the forums, but just in case:

You have the dubious distinction of being the final Provider switching from the SVOD45 to SVOD HD package.

The transition will begin the first Thursday of August (Aug 2).

You will begin to receive complete episodes of each anime instead of one or two episodes a week.


The August 2018 FVOD Schedules are now live

August 2018 SVOD Blog

*Starting August 1, there should be no more SD content for SVOD (please note I’m saying “should”)


The September 2018 FVOD Schedules are now live

September 2018 SVOD Blog


The October 2018 FVOD Schedules are now live

SVOD users, please check your schedules and see if they are correct. (I have already heard from @MaouSadao about the Xfinity schedule)

Known issues:

  • Frontier/Rogers - your schedules don’t seem to be complete, could someone confirm?
  • AT&T/Xfinity/Cox - Squid Girl Season 2 thumbnail broken
  • Spectrum Charter/Optimum/Shaw/FiOS - page broken
  • FVOD are out of alphabetical order with the dates


October 2018 SVOD Blog


November 2018 SVOD Blog

FVOD updates coming.


The November 2018 FVOD Schedules are now live


Note - these are NOT the schedules, list new shows only.

December 2018 SVOD Blog

December 2018 FVOD Blog