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April 23, 2009

  • Ushio and Tora / Cyberteam in Akihabara postponned on Time Warner, DirecTV and Bright House issue:

Unfortunately these had to be pushed out of the schedule to make room for newer programming that is getting more attention (like one of the hotter new titles Kiba). Anime Network is trying its best to deliver the best shows it possibly can. Both these shows should return in the future though.

(My addition) Given the limited storage capacity the Free VOD providers (Time Warner, DTV, BH) allow Anime Network, ultimately everything is a compromise. If you want to see anything in its entirety your best bet is to check out the DVDs.

  • Anime Network new shows SuperGals and Koi Koi 7 to be shown in its entirety
    Anime Network has acquired all episodes of these titles, including SuperGals season 2 (but season 2 will be a sub-only series) as the licensor RightStuf did not produce a dub for it. SuperGals season 1 will be shown with the ADV Films dub.


April 30, 2009

  • More episodes for Clannad, Mahoromatic Something More Beautiful, Wedding Peach, and New Cutey Honey for Free VOD

With regards to more new episodes of Clannad and Mahoromatic SMB (for Time Warner, Bright House, DirecTV), and Wedding Peach (all Free VOD, including Comcast) viewers:

Clannad ep. 7 will air on 5/14 and ep. 8 on 5/28
Mahoromatic SMB ep. 2 will air on 5/7 and ep. 3 on 5/21
Wedding Peach’s next episode will air on 5/14
New Cutey Honey more episodes To Be Determined


[size=4]June 4, 2009[/size]

  • For those who missed Panyo Panyo Digi Charat ep. 2, it will be available free on the Anime Network Online Player for you to catch up on early next week!


[size=4]June 18, 2009[/size]

[size=4]Attention DirecTV and Mahoromatic Something More Beautiful viewers[/size]

Anime Network has been looking into the problem and for various reasons was unable to get the issue (Mahoromatic Something More Beautiful ep. 2 not being posted on DirecTV) resolved for VOD.

To make it up to you so you can catch up, Anime Network has made Mahoromatic Something More Beautiful episodes 1 and 2 at the Anime Network Online Player free to watch as a Free Registered member of this site/forum.


[size=4]July 6, 2009[/size]

  • Anime Network July schedules are posted.

  • Anime Network will be contacting the VOD companies involved to see how soon they can send fixed episodes for Clannad ep. 18 and Kiba ep. 31 replacements.

  • Shaw: Samurai Gun ep. 13 missing - Anime Network will be contacting Shaw as soon as possible to find out why it wasn’t posted.

  • Alice Academy Rescheduled - Alice Academy will be airing in September.


[size=4]July 21, 2009[/size]
Kiba episode 31 Update**

Anime Network wanted to let you guys know:


[size=4]Aug 26, 2009[/size]
Mahoromatic ep 13 sound problem**

Got some info about the issue from Anime Network.

Anime Network wanted to let you all know they are working to replace the Mahoromatic ep 13 problem as soon as possible and will be sending it to the related VOD/cable companies. Anime Network apologizes for the inconvenience.


[size=4]Princess Resurrection Final 2 episodes[/size]

Unfortunately due to some production circumstances, the final 2 episodes of Princess Resurrection were delayed. But they are still coming down the VOD pipeline and are scheduled to be shown in January. Anime Network told me to convey their apologies for the unfortunate delay and to thank you for your understanding.


[size=4]Time Warner and BrightHouse missing episodes[/size]

Anime Network has contacted the VOD company that services Time Warner and BrightHouse and they will be re-pitching (resending) these episodes soon.

Other missing episodes for other providers are being looked into/handled as well, including the AT&T issue.


[size=4]Nov 18 info: Legends of the Dark King episode 9 problem[/size]

  • Anime Network is sending out replacement updates for episode Legends of the Dark King ep 9 as soon as possible.

  • Anime Network has also posted episode 9 on the Online Player for free (requires you to register for free on the site/forum to view) so that you don’t miss out.


[size=4]November 5 Missing Update problems for Free VOD (Dec 1, 09 News)[/size]

  • Anime Network has contacted Time Warner and the VOD company and the solution Anime Network has resent these episodes to the VOD company so they can be repitched/reupdated on your VOD. These shows (below) will now run 12/10/09 thru 1/6/10:

**Aria the Natural 03
Babel II 10
He is My Master 03
Revolutionary Girl Utena 14
Wedding Peach 32
You’re Under Arrest TV 07

Other episodes that month will be extended to 1/6/10 so that you guys won’t miss the following episodes.

He is My Masters episodes 4 thru 6
Aria the Natural episodes 4 thru 6
Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 15 thru 17
You’re Under Arrest TV episodes 8 thru 10
Babel II episodes 11-13

  • Anime Network is talking to DirecTV and AT&T about the remaining recent issues.


[size=4]AT&T Local Missing Updates (Dec 12, 09 News)[/size]

  • Anime Network has confirmed with AT&T that the episodes did arrive, as evidenced by most if not almost all regions getting the updates. So at this point it’s unfortunately out of Anime Network’s hands. Anime Network has no control over how the VOD company or the carrier (AT&T) distributes the data through their network.

Anime Network has made a request to AT&T to redistribute the content in the affected area that have been reported in the forums recently. If you haven’t posted about it in the last few weeks, report it in the VOD thread with your zip code and the missing episodes.


[size=4]Anime Network VOD News Update - DirecTV and AT&T info (Dec 15, 09)[/size]

  • Anime Network is making available the following updates to the Online Player for 1 month for DirecTV viewers (you need to Register to the website/forum for free to access it): Cosmo Warrior ep 11 and 12
    Princess Resurrection ep 21 and 22
    Kiba ep 40
    Gun Frontier ep 11

The following episodes are still being discussed with DirecTV:
Aria ep 13
Maria ep 11**

  • AT&T Fort Worth missing updates:
    Anime Network is still working with AT&T to try to get the updates posted for this area

  • Subtitle Suffix issue
    Anime Network says, “We started putting it in the metadata that it was subtitled and dropping it from the title. It will eventually weed itself out.” Anime Network apologizes for the inconvenience.


[size=4]Anime Network VOD News Update - (Jan 5, 2010)[/size]

  • [size=4]AT&T Notice[/size] AT&T Users read and respond to the thread:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,33237/

  • Time Warner regional missing updates
    Time Warner is working on the missing updates reported by some regions. Unfortunately this is not a high priority for Time Warner as these are free episodes. It is out of Anime Network’s hands, Anime Network has confirmed with TWC’s VOD company and they have stated these episodes have been delivered to Time Warner’s hub (as evidenced by most TWC viewers here getting the update). Anime Network can only inform Time Warner of the issue at this point, it’s up to them to distribute the content through their network.

  • Schedule pages will be updated to contain the missing titles.

  • Ultimate Crop Circles
    There was a problem with the delivery, these should be showing up soon.


[size=4]Anime Network VOD News Update - (Jan 18, 2010)[/size]

  • Shaw Cable - Anime Network called Shaw with regards to the missing update of Destiny of the Shrine Maiden ep. 1 and Shaw’s Operations department contacted the Vancouver Operations division and they say that they are seeing Destiny of the Shrine Maiden “up and orderable.” (I’ve sent AN again the 2 other missing episodes from last week)

  • AT&T Problem Solved? AT&T has informed Anime Network that they are fully aware now of the deployment issues and hope to have the missing episodes posted by this week - as some of you already have reported in the last few days as having been received.

  • Time Warner, Rogers, Suddenlink issues Anime Network is contacting these companies with regards to the recent problems


[size=4]DirecTV VOD News Update - (Feb 08, 2010)[/size]

From Anime Network:

[quote]DirecTV users:
We have received word from DirecTV as to what caused our channel was not available.
Please read the below response:

From DirecTV:
“The customers who are unable to see the channel did not receive the Guide information for the latest Homepage update”…
“We have resent the Guide information to all customer boxes, and all customers should be able to access the channel within a couple of hours, as soon as their receivers acquire the updated Guide information - we are watching the channel very closely to ensure that it returns. It is not clear what prevented customer boxes from getting the Guide information, and we will find the answer to prevent this error in the future.”

Most of you should be back in order now or within the next day. If anyone is still having problems after tomorrow, please let us know.

Thanks for your patience while this was being fixed!!![/quote]


[size=4]E’s Otherwise Free VOD issue[/size]

E’s Otherwise is currently a SVOD program and not meant for free VOD. The inclusion of episode 8 for Free VOD carriers (TWC, DirecTV) is a mistake due to human error. There was no intention to have E’s Otherwise on Free VOD, hence why episodes 1-7 did not show up. It wasn’t possible to pull ep. 8 off from VOD.

Anime Network would like to apologize to you all for the inconvenience.


[size=4]March VOD Schedule pages[/size]

The March VOD schedule pages with regards to DN Angel, Get Backers, E’s Otherwise (see the previous report in the stuck thread at the top) and SuperGals are human errors with the schedule. A fixed schedule has been provided and will be updating the website pages to reflect the correct information as soon as they can.

  • DN Angel final episode is continuing and ending.
  • GetBackers is not going anywhere and is continuing
  • SuperGals and E’s Otherwise are SVOD programs and are not for Free VOD (the schedule pages on the website will be updated)


[size=4]AN VOD News Update - TWC Info (April 19, 2010)[/size]

  • Time Warner regional missing updates April 1
    Administration has contacted TWC about some of the April 1 failures and this is what they said:

[quote]"Staten Island and Indianapolis have not failed any of the Anime pitches for April. They should have all content. Please let us know if you have any specific issues that we can forward to them.

Could this be something like ATT and TWC redid their structure and now the fans can’t find their content?"[/quote]

TWC Users: Most of you who are missing the April 1 content have received content after that, correct?

And, has your menu for VOD changed? Are you having trouble locating your VOD content?


Ok… bad news, I’m afraid.

The content for March 25 has expired and the April 1 content expires today.

Since the TWC companies we contacted had no records of any failures, we are not sending out any more updates.

No one is being called a liar here!

Please! Go to the,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,33086/ in the VOD Report Update Questions section - You must call your local cable company when your content is not delivered! As well as posting here.

If your cable company is not aware of the problem, they will assume that all is well.