Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2014)

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I’m fairly certain that Time Warner Cable in Cincinnati Ohio and Dayton Ohio is the same group so we should always be missing the same material. just for verification, I’m re-listing everything…

Still Missing
Amagami SS+ Episode 09
Little Busters Episode 22
Nakaimo Episode 07
Yuyushiki Episode 07
Busou Shinki Episode 02
Flowers of Evil Episode 12
Stella C3 Episode 08
Amnesia Episode 03
Godannar Episode 25
Letter Bee Revelation Episode 20
Majestic Prince Episode 23
Mobile Police (Patlabor) Episode 23

Charter Essexville, MI 48732

Everything for today’s update (1-2-2014) has yet to show up as of 4:00 PM EST. All missing episodes from previous weeks have been received.

September 2013 and earlier: Episodes were available for 28 days. Shows with one new episode per week never had more than four episodes available at any given time.

October and November 2013: Episodes were available for 29 days. Instead of expiring at the end of Wednesday (as had been the case for years), episodes were expiring at the end of Thursday. This meant that many shows had five episodes available for a 24-hour period; all day Thursday.

December 2013: Episodes were available for 28 days; expiring at the end of Wednesday just minutes before new episodes became available on Thursday. Things were back to normal, even though Blog / Important Notice for Anime Network Online Users - Anime Network still listed Thursday as the END date.

January 2014. Four-week-old episodes did not expire on Wednesday; back to being available for 29 days again. Amagami SS+ episode 07 is available until 01/02, ep 08 until 01/09, ep 09 until 01/16, ep 10 until 01/23, ep 11 until 01/30. Those END dates are all Thursdays.

This makes me wonder what TAN’s contractual obligations are.


Near as I can tell, The VoD systems support five episodes per show at a time, and I have noticed when the current menu went live for AT&T, it would show the new shows starting the upcoming Thursday as early as the weekend before (for a week or two, it was the previous Thursday), but the episodes didn’t go live before they were supposed to, so the list of shows would have a show with no episodes (interesting enough, sometimes the episodes will expire, but not the show listing until Friday, so there will be shows on the list that shouldn’t be there)

TWC- Newcomerstown OH, 43832

Got every thing for this week.

Still missing for the week of 12/19.

  • Amnesia 3
  • Godanner 25
  • Letter Bee rev 20
  • Majestic Prince 23
  • Mobile police 23
  • Bosou Shinki 2
  • Flowers of evil 12
  • Stella C3 8
  • Amagami ss + 9
  • Little Busters 22
  • Nakaimo 7
  • Yuyushiki 7

TWC Carson, CA 90745

The missing 12/12 updates with the exception of Yuyushiki Ep. 07 were added without ceremony Monday (episodes just slipped in sequence as if they had not been missing, with no notation that they had just been added).

The 1/2 updates all appear to be present.

Question: Is Yuyushiki Ep. 07 missing from the 12/12 update (original schedule date) or should we call it missing from the 12/19 update since episodes 06-08 were to be part of the 12/19 update due to logistical issues?

Charter, Millbury 01527

No updates as of this week yet. Maybe the are stuck in the snow. :slight_smile:

Two missing updates from last week (Rozen Maiden Z 7, Majestic Prince 24) also have not arrived yet.

Thank you.

Time Warner, 27545 (Knightdale, NC)

Well, not sure if there’s a point to me still reporting at this point, but Yuyushiki Ep. 7 has still yet to show up. Also ep 6 is still hanging around and ep 10 was added to a different section, though that’s not a big deal.
Anyway, everything else seems to have arrived fine, though I’ve yet to watch any this week yet, as for Yuyushiki, I won’t give up, but I’ll probably just watch ep 7 online at this point so I don’t fall so far behind. XD

Thanks for your time, and sorry for being such a broken record. :stuck_out_tongue:

Been a while since I had to post here.


Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653


Nothing was updated last week, I figured it was due to Christmas hitting on update day, but this week all the shows that were set to continue are missing the update from last week. Examples…

La Famigilia 4, 5, then jumps to 7
Gatchaman 10, 11, jumps to 13
No clue if there is a Godannar 26, but it ends on 25
Missing an episode of Majestic prince, at 22 for two weeks now
Patlabor Mobile Police 22, 23, jumps to 25

Lots of other anime are like this too, but there are a couple that have kept their numbers correct, like kinmoza showing 4, 5, 6, and 7 but Sasami-San is showing 1 then 3. Also lost Yujushiki 6, had 5 up there, jumped to 7, and now only 7 is showing when there should be 2 or 3 episodes showing.

Amagami SS+ showing 8, 9, 11. Missing Special A 14, Say I Love You 4, Rozen Maiden 7, Hiiro No Kakera 205. I am sure there are a few others missing from the series I don’t watch so am not entirely sure if they were screwed by updates or not.

I will get a hold of suddenlink tomorrow and have a talk with them, but I am definitely expecting the run around answer listed above.

[quote=“Meister” post=158695]Suddenlink

No clue if there is a Godannar 26, but it ends on 25.[/quote]

Have you checked the Godannar episode 26 is supposed to have shown up.


It seems like we have one missing episode for this week, and we were off to such a good start… ah well. Here is everything that we have on our end.


[size=4]Cable Provider: Wave Broadband
Zip Code: 98292[/size]

[size=5]Received Content Updates:[/size]
01/02/2014 Update

Amagami SS +Plus Ep. 11 – “Haruka Morishima Part 1”
Amnesia Ep. 05 – “V”
Busou Shinki Ep. 04 – “It’s a race! Once Around the Park”
Little Busters! Ep. 24 – “If Rin-chan is Happy, I’m Happy, Too”
NAKAIMO: My Little Sister is Among Them! Ep. 09 – “Surprise Attack! Little Sister Warning!”
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Ep. 03 – “You Work, You Lose”
Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 Ep. 10 – “Brothers in Arms are Bound to Disappear”
Sunday Without God Ep. 01 – “Valley of Death I”
Taisho Baseball Girls Ep. 01 – “That Which the Boys Do”
Tamako Market Ep. 09 – “I Will Sing Love’s Song”
Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Reverse Ep. 22 – “A Place to Return To”
Uta no Prince Sama Ep. 02 – “Brand New Melody”
Yumeria Ep. 08 – “Our Reason”
Yuyushiki Ep. 10 – “Because It’s Fun”

[size=5]Current Missing Content Updates:[/size]
01/02/2014 Update

Mobile Police Patlabor Ep. 25 – “Storm of Spring”


I will keep this as a friendly reminder, no harm done, in my VOD reports for now. The Wave Broadband schedule is mixed with SVOD content entries. When you guys can get around to correcting it… that would be great.

Heck, just a thought… I always wondered why there are separate schedule pages for each provider anyway since there are only two types of services. Why don’t the provider links just point to a master schedule page for SVOD providers and one for FVOD providers? This way, individual provider schedules would not have to be updated and there would be less room for error.

Wave Broadband VOD Schedule:

cox cable san diego ca 92173

never put up

the severing crime edge ep 13

never put up divergence eve: misaki chronicles 01, title up but plays 1st series divergence eve ep 01

kinmoza 07 title is playing hiiro no kakera ep 7

thank you

Cablevision in Wall Township, New Jersey 07719.

Update is up. I was at magfest so I couldn’t report till today.

Got This Week:
Amnesia 05
From the New World 25
Gatchaman 13
La Storia della Arcana Famiglia 07
Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Reverse 22
Mobile Police Patlabor (TV) 25
Phi-Brain ~ Kami No Puzzle 42 aka Phi-Brain 2 17
Saiyuki 30
Sunday Without God 01
Busou Shinki 04
Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles 03
Hiiro no Kakera (Season 2) 06
Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen (Season 4) 08
Say I Love You 05
Special A 15
Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 10
Taisho Baseball Girls 01
Uta no Prince Sama 1 02
Yumeria 08
Amagami SS+ 11
Kokoro Connect 12
Little Busters 24
NAKAIMO - My Little Sister is Among Them! 09
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 03
Tamako Market 09
Yuyushiki 10

[quote=“Lost soul” post=158811]cox cable san diego ca 92173

never put up

the severing crime edge ep 13

never put up divergence eve: misaki chronicles 01, title up but plays 1st series divergence eve ep 01

kinmoza 07 title is playing hiiro no kakera ep 7

thank you[/quote]

Are the rest of Divergence Eve episodes playing the first season, or just the first episode?

Can anyone else confirm the KINMOZA/Hiiro no Kakera problem, please?

quote=“One who watches Anime” post=158810

All episodes have arrived successfully! O_O

Is 2014 the beginning of a shining new era for the Anime Network!? :slight_smile:

List of missing episodes:

Thank you and keep up the good work. ^_^[/quote]

Charter Tennessee 38501

Missing all updates from January 2

cox cable san diego ca, 92173

divergence eve ep 2 and 3 are playing chronicles series, only 1st ep wrong

The report for the last week & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

[quote=“SHKeeper” post=158611]Charter, Millbury 01527

No updates as of this week yet. Maybe the are stuck in the snow. :slight_smile:

Two missing updates from last week (Rozen Maiden Z 7, Majestic Prince 24) also have not arrived yet.

Thank you.[/quote]

All Episodes except the two below have arrived for this week.

Taisho Baseball Girls Ep. 01
Yumeria Ep. 08

The two from last week are still missing.


St. Hyacinthe, QC J2S 2Y1

Hope everyone here had great Holidays.

I haven’t posted a report in the past few weeks. Only two shows seem to be missing : Majestic Prince ep. 23 & 24 ( as already mentioned by Trurl ). They’re the two last episodes of the series so seeing those shows would be kinda neat :wink: