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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2017)


The report for this week & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

Users with missing episodes that have not reported back since the last report:

Admin is aware of the VOD schedule issue and is working to get it fixed. - if the schedules are not back up by Wednesday evening, I’ll post the FVOD/SVOD schedules here and in the General Info thread.

Also, have requested black text on the Print/Text version of the schedules.

Glass Maiden is not available on HIDIVE. - that’s the only response I received


Frontier VantageTV
Trumbull, CT 06611

One problem to report.

Sunday Without God Ep 11 is playing Sabagebu - Survival Game Club Ep 11 instead.


It’s working for DirecTV now. But I’m not a fan of the double descriptions.


Reported this.

Thanks @SpaceCobraJoe





That’s really a shame. While there is only one current forum member with Suddenlink cable, @AnimeSniper it still is sad that AN is losing another media outlet for their programming.


Verizon Fios - 13027

The missing 11/9 update has been received.
Norn9 - 10 (The episode names for 10 through 12 are numbered incorrectly (11 is actually 10, etc.)

All 11/16 updates were received.

11/23 updates received
Akikan! 7
Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation- 11
Celestial Method 8
DRAMAtical Murder 10
Frame Arms Girl 12
Glass Maiden 7
K-On!! (Season 2) 1
My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU 3
Norn9 - 12
RIN-NE 3 - 2
Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! - 11
Uta no Prince Sama 2 - 7 & 8
Yuyushiki 7

11/23 update not received
K-On!! (Season 2) 2 (Only one episode can appear in the menu at a time because the name is just “episode” instead of “episode ##”, the same thing is still happening for Akikan)


Not sure what to make of this but anyone notice with schedule back up shows with dubs and subs now list scheduled native and sub episodes? Do we update reports as to native version missing or chalk it up to error?


Sorry! Deleting…


The December Schedules are now live.

December 2017: Anime Network On Demand Blogs for AT&T / COMCAST / COX / SHAW

Looks like the double episodes are only on November now. If you see it happening again, please let me know.


I noticed the “Native” vs. “Subtitled” thing before and thought they’d fixed it, but I’ll bring it up again.


:arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up:

Some more comments about the December schedules:

:one: - Checking to make sure that’s the OVA for DRAMAtical Murder on December 14 (FVOD) & December 28 (SVOD)

:two: - SVOD - Asking about the three-week gap in DRAMAtical Murder

:three: - SVOD - Asking if Uta no Prince Sama, Season 2, is supposed to be starting over on December 14, or if it’s supposed to be Season 3.


:one: - It IS the OVA that’s airing.


I already knew what 4 of next months series would be, but Beyond the Boundary looks intriguing. After all, the CE version is sold out for a reason, right?


I’m quite fond of that particular series myself. But given my rather eccentric tastes, whether that’s a good sign or an ominous one is up to you…


Updates Received/Not Received 11/30/17 :: Spectrum :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

The short version:

To make us atone for any Thanksgiving gluttony, they’re putting us on short rations thius week. Only four of this week’s scheduled episodes were received: Celestial Method #9, Demon King Daimao #11, K-ON! II #3, and Yuyushiki #8. The rest is silence…

The long version:


Celestial Method 9

Demon King Daimao 11

K-ON! II 3

Yuyushiki 8

Missing in Action:

Akikan! 8

Beautiful Bones 12

DRAMAtical Murder 11

Glass Maiden 8

K-ON! II 4

MY youth romantic comedy is wrong AS I EXPECTED 4

Sabagebu 12

Remaining Incongruously:



(0) At this rate, since it won’t take long to get through four shows, maybe I’ll get around to retyping that post about bad dubs. You Have Been Warned…



DirecTV, San Francisco Bay Area, 94536

Schedule for 11/30

  • Akikan 08
  • Beautiful Bones 12
  • Celestial Method 09 - missing
  • Demon King Daimon 11 - missing
  • Dramatical Murder 11
  • Glass Maiden 08
  • K-On!! 203+204 - 203 is missing
  • My Teen Romance Comedy SNAFU 04
  • Sagagebu Survival Game Club 12 - missing
  • Yuyushiki 08 - missing

Missing from 11/23 - none

Still missing from 11/16

  • Akikan 06 - arrived
  • Beautiful Bones 10 - arrived
  • Demon King Daimo 09 - arrived
  • Dramatical Murder 09 - missing
  • Glass Maiden 06 - arrived

Still missing from 11/09 - None

Still missing from 11/02 - None


Optimum/Cablevision in Wall Township, New Jersey 07719.

Received from 11/30/17 update:
Beautiful Bones 12
DRAMAtical Murder 11
Sabagebu ~ Survival Game Club 12
Akikan! 8
Celestial Method 9
Glass Maiden 8
K-On Season Two 3 and 4
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun 1-12
RIN-NE 3 3
Shirodako 3 and 4
My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU 4
Utano Prince Sama Two 9 and 10
Yuyushiki 8

Missing from 11/23/17 Update:
Sabagebu ~ Survival Game Club 11


Report for November 30th 2017

K-ON!! Season 2 part 1 subbed

Not received
K-ON!! Season 2 part 1 subbed


  1. Season 2 has the same problem as Season 1 with no episodes having numbered listings

  2. It looks like I may have to give up on K-ON, even though I don’t want to. With the upload of season 2 part 1, Freshman Reception (S1 ep 8) on the X1 App now goes to season 2 episode 8 Career. Therefore, I can’t complete season 1 via the X1 system.

  3. Due to the anomalies, I compiled a list of discrepancies for K-ON, now that S2P1 is available:

For episodes it will be listed title = actual episode
X1 app
Upperclassmen = Training Camp Again
Freshman Reception = Careers
Summer Festival = Late Summer Postcard
K-ON (Yep there’s an episode titled K-ON)= Summer fest
Field Trip #2 (There are two listings; each with a different description) = Staying Behind
No Club Room = New Club Member
Late Summer Greeting Card = Late Summer
Postcard (second listing)
Staying Behind (listing with actual title)
Training Camp Again (listing with actual title)

Master Box
All mistitled episodes from the app

10 out of the 31 episodes from the app are missing
No Club Room (the mistitled New Club Member)
School Festival
Training Camp Again (Episode with actual title)
Staying Behind (episode with actual title)
Late Summer Greeting Card (episode with actual title)
Clean Up

Mini Boxes
** Unchecked at this time. I’ve already spent a good 2 hours in total on this for the time being.**

  1. For the first time ever, I got level 3 support from Comcast. After talking with him for a half hour (after talking to the normal people that tell you to unplug it to fix the problems for almost an hour :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ) we may have found one of the problems. According to Josh, Sentai (ANOD) is only sending the IP version of some episodes and not the quam version in the data packets. He sent our findings to the engineering team for additional documentation.

@Slowhand if you need the service ticket #, please send a PM and I will send it to you.

Comcast Xfinity Intercession City FL 33848
Thanks :grinning:


Spectrum Phoenix, NY 13135

Yeah, seems to be the same for me.

I don’t mind bad dubs since I saw Tekken the motion picture and that was pretty much what could go wrong in every detail for an anime .


Spectrum; Lakeland, FL 33803

New episodes that are missing for today 11/30/17:

Beautiful Bones
Glass Maiden
Frame Arms Girl (if last wasn’t last episode)
Dramatical Murder
My Teen Romantic Comedy
Norn9 (again, if not last ep)

Thank you


DirecTV Georgia, 30087

Missing from 11/30 update: Celestial Method (09), Demon King Daimao (11), K-ON! Season 2 (03), Sabagebu - Survival Game Club (12) and Yuyushiki (08)