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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2017)


Spectrum (TWC) Round Rock, TX 78681

Schedule for November 30, 2017:

Celestial Method 9 - "The Meaning of Goodbye!"
Demon King Daimao 11 - "Girl’s Final Battle!"
K-On!! (Season 2) 3 - "Drummer!"
Yuyushiki 8 - “We’re In Our Second Year Now!”

MISSING from November 30 update
Akikan! 8 - "Swimsuit Sensitivity!"
Beautiful Bones ~ Sakurako’s Investigation 12 - “Bone 12: What Lies Beneath Sakurako…” (FINAL EPISODE)
DRAMAtical Murder 11 - "Data_11_Fixer"
Glass Maiden 8 - "Episode 8"
K-On!! (Season 2) 4 - "Field Trip!"
My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU 4 - "In Other Words, He Doesn’t Have Many Friends!"
Sabagebu! Survival Game Club 12 - “Farewell, Friends! The Survival Game Club’s Final Day! / From the Survival Game Club with Love!” (FINAL EPISODE)

STILL MISSING from November 23 update
Celestial Method 8 - "That Which She Believed!"
Demon King Daimao 10 - "Akuto’s Great Capital War!"
Frame Arms Girl 12 - “Last Battle / That Which I Give To You!” (FINAL EPISODE)
Glass Maiden 7 - "Episode 7"
K-On!! (Season 2) 2 - "Clean-Up!"
My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU 3 - "Sometimes the Gods of Rom-Coms Does Nice Things!"
Yuyushiki 7 - “3rd Semester!”


Weird. With the exception of Sabagebu #12, what you’re missing is precisely what we’ve got. Maybe AN should just send your package here and our package there.

Things that make you go “Hmm…”
(15 points extra credit for identifying the obscure 80’s quote) (It predates the 90’s song, and it fact gave rise to it)


That is weird

(And Arsenio Hall :joy:)


The points are yours! (If only they were good for something…)


Verizon Fios - 13027

11/23 update not received.
K-On!! (Season 2) 2 (Only one episode can appear in the menu at a time because the name is just “episode” instead of “episode ##”, the same thing is still happening for Akikan)

11/30 updates received.
Akikan! 8
Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation- 12
Celestial Method 9
DRAMAtical Murder 11
Glass Maiden 8
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun 1 to 12
My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU 4
RIN-NE 3 - 3
Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! - 12
Uta no Prince Sama 2 - 9 & 10
Yuyushiki 8

11/30 updates not received.
K-On!! (Season 2) 3 & 4


DirecTV HR24 Phoenix, AZ

I have the same missing items as Fallen_Kusanagi, not surprisingly. The listing at has been updated.

Despite the continuing missing episodes, I have to give my appreciation to Anime Network and DirecTV for one improvement. I am now seeing many of the missing episodes being backfilled. This is a big improvement.

And, for a not-so-limited time special, Aoharu X Machine Gun is still hanging around.



Frontier FIOs 90505 (CA)

It appears the updates are being loaded by Frontier as scheduled for the various shows. I assume the shows and episodes listed on Frontier are current since I was unable to view the schedule on the website to do a comparison today.



Are you getting an error on the schedule page?

If you’d like, I could list the shows for you.



Unlike last week, I could not even pull up the schedule. Is there a special link I should be using than what’s on the Anime Network web site?

No need to list the shows unless something new was added besides the oddity of 12 episodes at the same time for Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun.



Here’s the link for the Frontier schedule. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

There should be 15 new episodes + the 12 for Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. That’s the only new show.


i seem to have the same mileage.


Your link and the website display the same results. Both work just fine.


Program removal report for December 2nd 2017

Programs removed
To Love Ru Collection 2
Log Horizon Season 1 Collection 2

Programs still hanging around
Colorful: The Motion Picture (ends on 12/8/17)
Hakuoki The Movie 1 (Now ends 12/1/18)
Hakuoki The Movie 2 (Now ends 12/1/18)
Log Horizon Season 1 Collection 1* (Now ends 12/1/18)
Log Horizon Season 1 episode 3 (ends 12/15/17)
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?* (Now ends 12/1/18)
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Episodes 1 and 7 (ends 12/8/17)
Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (Now ends 12/1/18)
Norn9 (Now ends 12/1/18)
Flying Witch (Now ends 12/1/18)
Bakuon* (Now ends 12/1/18)
Bakuon episode 11 (ends 12/15/17)

Comcast Xfinity Intercession City FL 33848
Thanks :grinning:


Aoharu x 06 is back, or maybe it never left and i am just so used to it being there i mistakenly thought it was finally gone.


Update to Updates Received/Not Received 11/30/17 :: Spectrum :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

I just checked my listings, and no AoharuxMachinegun #6 here. Or any of the seven missing 11/30 episodes, either…



Modification to Removal report for 12/2/17

Log Horizon Season 1 Collection 2
Titles are listed on the X1 app but selecting them leads to the Season 2 equivalent.

Girls in A Dungeon
Episode 7 now says 12/1/18, but episode 1 is strange. In the list it says 12/8, but when selecting it, the 12/1/18 expiration date appears:

Episode 11 is exactly the opposite of Girls in a Dungeon 1. List has 12/1/18, but when selecting it 12/15/17

To Love Ru Collection 1
I think I missed this one in my last post. All 13 episodes now expire 12/1/18

Not at all upset about the shows staying longer. Just giving a heads up to changes happening on the X1 platform since a year later I’m still the only Comcast ANOD forum member…:disappointed:

Comcast Xfinity Intercession City FL 33848
Thanks :grinning:



The final episodes of Frame Arms Girl & Norn9 were on November 23, 2017. There are only 12 episodes of each.

Did you also receive both episodes of K-ON!! Season 2, you should have received Eps 3 & 4 this week.


The report for this week & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

Users with missing episodes that have not reported back since the last report:

:one: - SVOD - Asking about the three-week gap in DRAMAtical Murder

:two: - SVOD - Asking if Uta no Prince Sama, Season 2, is supposed to be starting over on December 14, or if it’s supposed to be Season 3.

:three: - Have asked for black text on Print/Text VOD schedules

:four: - @MaouSadao, I think I’ve included all of your issues, I have to say that this is like taking a massive test every week.


I have received episode 3 of K-On!!, but not episode 4.


I’m sorry @Slowhand. Comcast’s report alone must be a tremendous job on top of all the FVOD and SVOD reports.

At least Cox, Shaw, and AT&T appear to have no problems for the time being… :worried: