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Anime Production Companies, Manga Publishers Crack Down on Piracy

###Anime Production Companies, Manga Publishers Crack Down on Piracy
posted on 2014-07-30 12:40 EDT
580 copyright violators will receive content removal requests beginning Friday

Went to the site, and one show I tested to see if someone grabbed a show (really, the rest of what Funi didn’t grab, and if someone had a simulcast), and only the manga is legal in R1… which means Funi let their license expire.

That MIGHT explain why NA has such high piracy rates. (Note, the show in question was in that video…)

How is the US costing Japanese companies ~$19.6 billion via piracy? That sounds utterly bogus to me. There is no way that anime and manga in the US command a multibillion dollar market; that’s more than the individual budgets of 20 US states!

The questions of the CAA’s definition of “loss” (pirates who weren’t planning to purchase != loss) and how the CAA can estimate a loss from the US when the vast majority of US buyers go through middlemen come to mind. Also, any estimate that claims that the US “outpirates” China is immediately suspect.

you know it wasnt crackdown that put a damper on piracy of anime, it was simulcast. the ability to get the show into other countries quicker than the normal 3~5 years it used to take.

I would guess they are basing it on pupolation rates compared to the amount of anime/manga purchase. China is so small because they purchase a lot, and well they make a lot. USA is so big a number because they don’t purchase that much, because USA doesn’t make anime/manga.

Given China’s higher populatin, the number for china HAS to be higher, and that is jsut based on statistics.

Like when many people claim PDFs of products hurt books sale, it does go back to what HBO has been saying and proven, that piracy of GoT has done ZERO damage to the viewer rates or sales of the home video. Those people that will buy it, will buy it, those that won,t wont. it is as simple as that.

copyright is jsut screwed up and flawed, and the thing i fear most is what this will do with fan-comics? Is Japan going to follow the USA advice and do copyright like we do which would kill Comiket and the soujin market? wouldn’t that also kill manga, since the backlash would mean people buy less? (see T$R suing fans over websites in mid 19902 and T$ being sold to WotC in 1997 soon after beause of bankruptcy since everyone consumer wrote them off as a hateful and spiteful comapny that deplores its own customers.)

IF the fan comic market does take a hit, then what becomes of shows like Gintama, Hayate, and all those that do spoof other shows?

the same was said about piracy in regards to Napster and the RIAA, make a decent product for a decent price and provide it and people will buy it. $1 songs sell like hotcakes in iTunes or whatever. if you don’t provide the product for ale, then how CAN people buy it, then it you charge an outrageous price, consumers don’t give a damn about company interest or revenue. especially the way US consumers are treated by US companies for the past 3 decades. We now even have several new forms of Standard Oil popping up and the consumer is jsut stomped on for every drop of blood and the business is the holy artifact that is most important in this country.

if a business puts a customer first like GoT, then they will have a lot more customers willing to freely hand over money and even beg them to. (speaking of begging to hand over money to a place like Sentai, how is that Log Horizon complete set coming? $1000 still sitting and waiting to purchase it. :wink: )

I do agree with shadzar (good job on that post read the whole thing just of how good it was. My opinions with are similar with his/hers. I believe that this anti-piracy law will probably hurt their enterprise even more, because most of the fans that we get for Manga and Anime start by trying a few of them out. The piracy gives us easy access to this. Why is the piracy for manga and anime so specially successful? the answer is simple the customer service that the Japanese give to other countries can range from average to terrible. Things such as manga and light novels are barely sold online in ebook format, and people who want to buy manga are discouraged to do so by the high costs that the product has with all the shipping.

Some countries have no other choice but to watch or read from piracy sites because there is simply to sub or dub for the series they want to watch (at least in official sites) and have to watch the fansubs that are put by the piracy websites. If Japan really wants to increase their income they should make their products more foreign friendly, if their product distribution and service (official subs) more channels that are exclusive for anime. They could make way more money if they payed more attention to their foreign fan base.

Manga, and light novels in libraries wouldn’t be bad at least I wish my library had those (if they did I would never ever come out of that place. Also being able to sell them in bookstores would increase the selling big time, especially for young people that have no debit or credit card but have cash :DD and their parents are most likely not willing to let their child read that kind of thing and are obviously not willing to use their debit/credit card to buy it online(Minor speaking.

If Japan did most of these things mentioned, I would probably their stuff and fill their wallets but Japan you were playin’…