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I have windows 7. When I view an anime in Firefox, the audio plays with no problem. When I view the anime in Internet Explorer 11, there is no sound. Unfortunately, on this computer Internet Explorer is more stable for streaming that Firefox. Is there a known fix for this? Thanks.


I am running Windows 7. When I watch any episode using Firefox, the audio plays. When I watch any episode using Internet Explorer 11, there is no audio. Unfortunately, on this computer IE is stable for streaming while Firefox crashes during streaming (a problem they have not managed to correct). Is there a fix to this problem? Thanks.


What version of Firefox are you using? (Current version is 47.0)


Im trying to watch the anime but it keeps on popping up that it is not available in UK. Is this for all of anime or only a select few?

Free Trial does not work


There is content available for UK users, just not everything.


I activated my anime network account over five hours ago. Paypal is saying the invoice is paid and compete but my anime network account says it isn’t. What should I do?


@Avesaria - Sending you a PM regarding your account.


I am also having this problem can someone help?


@rslorenx - We are showing your Free Trial as active. Are you still having access issues?


@biggdaddymiller And anyone having the playback issue, There has been a reported issue with jwplayer (the video player that theanimenetwork uses) that the mime tyes for it are not quite right due to this it hates Microsoft edge and Ie (havent tested in safari or firefox). Try switching to google chrome for just video’s on theanimenetwork. maybe i’ll try finding them a better plugin that is cross-browser compatible. on a side note great job on the upgrade of the site dev’s.


Someone please help me, holy mother of all that is holy. I’ve tried emailing, and no one will reply and these threads confuse me.

My account says it is incomplete. I know why, Bc the debit card that is linked to my paypal was stolen, and I haven’t updated yet. But when I clicked on your link to be redirected to paypal and sign it, it says my invoice has been paid already and to contact the merchant. Okay, so I tried just using the TAN app, and when I click on restore subscription, or even just one of the payment options, it says ITunes Error: there was a problem downloading the product data from ITunes. Please restart the app (missing ITunes products). I’ve tried restarting the app so many times and it still gives me the error message. Please just take my money so I can watch my show, guys.


I’ll forward this to Administration first thing in the morning.


Thank you, I sure appreciate your service.


Good Morning Jenny,

I received an email from you this morning. I will be more than happy to address all of your concerns via email. Thank you.

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Anime Support Team


Firefox 48.0.2 Windows 7

Reports the forums are using out dated TLS security technology and won’t let me view the forums.

Your connection is not secure

The website tried to negotiate an inadequate level of security. uses security technology that is outdated and vulnerable to attack. An attacker could easily reveal information which you thought to be safe. The website administrator will need to fix the server first before you can visit the site.


Had to use another browser to view the site.

[edit] If the forums are hosted by discourse, then other places must of reported it as it appears to be fixed now.

Side note, SSL Labs reports the DROWN attack being usable, so there’s a host somewhere that’s using SSLv2 still. Fix that, and the grade shouldn’t be capped.


Good Morning Miguelfire,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will report this to our system administrator for immediate review. Thanks again!


Anime Support Customer Service Manager


My premium account seems to have disappeared. Says that I’ve never been a subscriber. Just kind of strange given that I had the service and used it periodically since I subscribed back in May.

This and other problems, especially with the app on iOS gives me cause to wonder what is going on with the IT department. Honestly the front end should be the easiest part of the overall system to develop.

I really like the breadth of the content however if I can’t access it then what’s the point?



I’ll forward this to Administration first thing on Tuesday morning. Since this is a holiday weekend, the offices are closed on Monday.

Thank you for reporting this and apologies for the inconvenience.



Also, I am traveling to Japan in October. Please tell me that I’ll still be able to access the content while I’m there until January? At least through the website? (The iOS app is pretty much a brick so I care not about it).


Hello @Libertytrooper,

I will be more than happy to address your account issues offline. Please contact me at We recognize that there are systemic issues within our IOS app. We are working on some updates and we should be ready to go into Beta testing sometime in Q4. We have some more fun and exciting things on the way, so buckle in!

Please refer to our "I’m getting a “Denied by Region” message."section in our FAQs to have a better understanding of our streaming limitations when out of Country. If you have any additional questions regarding the matter, please address that via email to


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