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Dear Atu,

I believe I responded to another e-mail sent by you before seeing this one which addresses my question concerning regional accessibility.

After reviewing the FAQ answer, my question remains because it is specifically about Japan.  I also travel frequently to Europe, both Eastern and Western.  I would expect that your system could produce a list of accessible countries given that, from the FAQ, it appears that you already have code that restricts access by region.

Finally, are these responses public?  I have other questions and comments that I would prefer to submit privately.




This is a public forum, to have a private conversation, you should email Atu at:



Thanks much. I’ve taken this offline.

Angelic Layer

We’re happy to be of service anytime. Come back if there’s anything else we can do.


I just reupped my sub and it says my subscription is active and I’ve gotten Email confirmation that my payment is set up correctly but it still says my set up is my account status on the site.



Will get them this first thing Monday morning.


Please also send an email to so that a support ticket gets created asap.


All right


So, I just created a account (haven’t subscribed yet) to see how I like the service (you have a few of the simulcasts I want to watch this season), but I’m unable to play any of the videos – even the ones that are available to guests. When I try, a small bar of video approximately an inch tall shows up at the bottom of the viewer, accompanied by sound. I have tried both logged in and out, and on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, over the course of a few weeks, but had no luck. Thoughts?


Is it possible for you to post a screenshot of this?


It generally looks something like this:


Hey Team,

I was able to duplicate G_S_Palmer’s video playback issue. It seems to be impacting non-premium accounts only at this time. Hopefully, this will be resolved in the next 24 hours. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!



Who do I contact about getting my email address for my Forum account changed?


Send that to




Hi, Trying to get help with a double billing and a problem with access, Please help Thank you.


Hi anthonys78,

I can field all of your support needs by contacting I’ve already started to work on your issue. Thank you,

Anime Network


Big thank you


Glad I can help!


It’s not live on TAN…

because I’m trying to watch it and… nope