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Azumanga Daioh


“Azumanga Daioh” Receives 5-Disc Japanese Bluray Box Release

May 21, 2016 6:05pm PDT
Deluxe set to be released in Japan in July of 2016 features bonus soundtrack CD


Shelf Life: Azumanga Daioh

by Paul Jensen, Jun 13th 2016


They just uploaded this to VRV HiDive.

I’m happy now :grin:


Something just curious about.

Why didn’t Sentai use the ADV English credits?

It might be blasphemy to some, but it just seems wierd to me seeing the OP and ED text of this specific show in Japanese.

Nothing against it or anything, but wouldn’t it have been easier to paste a Sentai logo at the end of the ADV credits than to make a whole new set for the Sentai release?


Maybe Sentai didn’t have access to the ADV credits?


True enough.

Although, did the version running on ANO have the English credits? I never got to check that…

Something even stranger is Those Who Hunt Elves does have the ADV credits on the Sentai DVD Release. :thinking:

From my delivery today, so we will be doing a test.

Upon opening, the first thing I noticed was the disc art is the reversable covers from the original release (kind of a nice touch btw, but missing the Yomi art), but it’s been shrunk to 5 discs (like the ADV thinpack)

The menus have the regular art from the original release, except disc 5 has both Yomi and Kagura instead of 1 character.

Special features are;
*Disc 1: Clean OP and ED, and Sentai trailers (for some older shows if I might add!)
*Disc 5: Production Sketches

The 6 minute mini movie isn’t included on this release, just as ADV’s thinpack release. (Maybe as ADV they lost the license, and as Sentai they couldn’t reaquire it :thinking:)

Now for the entire reason I purchased this copy:

Yes. This has the Japanese credits. I guess that means Sentai lost those as well.

One final note:

This is Audio/Subtitle locked, as most recent Sentai sets (I understand Blu Ray, but why DVD?)
So, it’s either English with no subtitles(except for sign and song translation), or Japanese with subtitles.

It’s not a bad set, especially for the price (on the Black Friday Sale, it was $4.99), but if you can locate a complete original 6 disc release, that is much superior.


Your post made me check my old list as I could not remember what version I had . I see I own the Class Album thinpack plus the earlier Section23 ADV releases as well . I’m pretty sure when the original 6 volume release was out I was only buying complete series and that did not happen so did not buy until the first thinpak which was originally listed with the extras intact and as 6 disc . It came out and pissed off people like a few of them that were listed the same way did . I’m pretty sure I remember who’s idea it was .