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Back at last!


Wow, it’s been awhile-like 5 or 6 months or so. I survived my first year of college though chemistry nearly killed me, haha. Glad to be back.


Hey, yaegrl!

Nice to see you!!

Might want to rethink that purple :side: it’s a little dark… or maybe it’s just me… (no offense)

I’m glad all the same people are starting to show up… it’s getting to be like old times!! :kiss:


lol, yeah about the purple-doesn’t work the same way on these forums. Yep, people are coming back :slight_smile:


“Konban wa!”:woohoo:


welcome back. Is that you in the picture?
…Mmmm… For some reason I always thought you were a guy (“No girls on teh internet”)


Welcome back! Nice to see you again, I figured you were real busy with school stuff. :frowning:


Welcome back yaegirl. Hope to see you posting over the summer. Congrats on finishing your freshman year of college. Keep up the good work.


Congrats on college, grl! I haven’t even started my sophomore year… just can’t get my heart into it.

DRIFTER’s actually the little girl in that pic.


Dragoon, yeah I went from being an art to a biochemistry major XD But I’m learning Japanese, so that’s a plus.

Drifter, konban wa!

Thanks Slickwolfie and Sweetkeith.

I think I’ve been anime and forum deprived.


Oh man, you can always tell a biochem major from the rest, they’re the ones who are always studying, stressing out, no life, and you never see them party. That’s been the case with every biochem major I’ve ever met.

By the way, this is shak/skanks. I was forced to register a new acct after my last one randomly had a password change, and I have no clue how to access it anymore… I have no clue.

How’s Japanese going for you? I randomly got an email out of the blue from one of my good friends in Japan, and now we’re forming a small email correspondence, which is reminding how I haven’t used my Japanese in almost a year, how I’m still learning, and how far I still have to go. She just got married, sent a few photos, in one it has a sign with her husband covering up the first part of his name, so it looked like “isuke” so I said iisuke so that I could say “goodsuke”, I think I’m clever, I don’t think anyone else would. Then I’m tried to talk about the swine flu with her… hopefully she understand what I said and can respond. ><


No I’m NOT!!


I was studying, stressing out, but I had a life and I did go to a few parties–like 4?. I think the fact that I did have a life is the reason I didn’t do as well as I wanted. The last party I went to was one for the Japanese exchange students who were going back to Japan-a see you later party.

There are some people who slept only 5 hrs a day, 3 or 2 hours on test weeks who study 8 hours a day. I was not one of them XD I did study a lot though, but I don’t like the science teachers at my school–can’t teach to the test, so I think I’ll be transferring soon.

I think the same thing you described happened to me. Try entering shak/skanks in the login and have a new password sent to your e-mail.

Japanese is pretty fun–favorite class hands down. We haven’t learned a whole lot kanji wise, but we’re making progress. Need to practice kanji >< I just finished Japanese 2 and am going to Japanese 3 in the fall. The last thing we learned was how to say I’m hungry, tired, thirsty and why and because usage. I’ll post my notes up for anyone who’s interested. I have a Japanese friend who talks to me in Japanese sometimes so it helps. I really want to summer study abroad in Japan.

Maybe it was something like Daisuke or Keisuke. iisuke, lol. That is clever. Yeah, I heard that swine flu is spreading like crazy in Japan. Face masks are being sold out.



Hi again.


I remember I had a friend’s bday to celebrate one night, and I celebrated in that good ol’ college way. I was still clearly messed up the next morning, I even woke up in someone else’s bed, and took a Chinese test an hour after I woke up. I got a 94 on that bitch. Suck it responsibility.

I probably never got a full 8 hours of sleep once on a school night, I’d fuck around during the day, and study by night… opposite of how it’s supposed to be?

With the new forum, everyone was supposed to reregister since all the old profiles were lost. I was using Skanks for quite awhile on here, but one day I just couldn’t log on, I told it to send a new password to my email an innumerable amount of times, and never received the email. So I said screw it and made a new account.

Don’t stress out too much about kanji, as long as you can read and recognize it, that’s good enough as far as interacting with the culture goes. If I ever needed to know how to write a kanji, I’d normally just pull out my cell phone in Japan, type in the yomikata, and my cell phone would display the kanji and I’d write it. This is bad advice, don’t listen to me. Sounds like your class goes at a fairly easy pace.

Oh ya, guess I forgot to mention it, goodsuke’s name is Daisuke. I think “suke” is a fairly common name fragment. I’ve met daisukes, kensukes, shusukes, shunsukes, and all kinds of ~sukes.

Swine flu is spreading like crazy everywhere, the fact is is that it’s really not even as deadly as the seasonal flu. It was horrible in Mexico because they’re probably one of the most unhealthy countries in the world, I mean their water has had a curse put on it. In most other countries, the only people it kills are people who have underlying health conditions, that puts them at increased risk of flu complications anyway. It’s a over inflated issue that’s become more political than medical in my opinion.

Well, I should have ended this post like 3 paragraphs ago.


welcome yaegrl16