Berserk / Kenpū Denki Berserk

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Berserk Soundtrack Returns to Vinyl in Audiophile Edition, Orders Go Live Today

April 08, 2021 8:00am CDT
Tiger Lab Vinyl will also open orders for the Kickboxer OST at 12:00pm Eastern Time

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Well both variants sold out in like 5 to 6 minutes .

No, Netflix Hasn’t Announced a Berserk Film

posted on 2021-05-17 23:35 EDT by Kim Morrissy
Faked film visual goes viral on social media

A Netflix Berserk movie/series would be cool.

They did a fine job with The Witcher and Cursed.

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ia have so sad news


Kentaro Miura, the author of Japanese manga series Berserk, passed away on May 6

thanks you twitter

and Wikipedia

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Thank you for posting this @Brandon_Grave_Heat

This has already been posted in Anime/Manga/Japan Obituaries - #272 by Slowhand

Death Isn’t an Ending | Berserk

ESSAY: Berserk’s Journey of Acceptance Over 30 Years of Fandom

June 03, 2021 10:00am CDT
How I grew alongside Guts over decades of Kentaro Miura’s epic story

Warning - contains spoilers


Rescheduled Great Big Berserk Exhibition to Now Look Back at Kentaro Miura’s Own Journey

June 24, 2021 5:11am CDT
The exhibition will be held at Sunshine City from September 10 to 23

Warning - contains spoilers

Berserk: The Band of the Hawk Was Doomed From the Start - Here’s Why

The Band of the Hawk was Griffith’s prized mercenary army in Berserk. A closer look, however, reveals it was disposable by design.

Warning - contains spoilers


Does it Hold Up? Berserk '97-'98

by Matthew Roe, Jan 7th 2022

Berserk Vinyl Returns Today with Deluxe Audiophile Repress

February 17, 2022 9:00am CST
Orders go live via Tiger Lab Vinyl at 9:00am Pacific Time

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Anime Films Get Memorial Edition TV Broadcast

June 21, 2022 2:16am CDT
The films will air on Japanese TV in 2022