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Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD: Chapter 23 now posted at!


I just wanted to let everyone who has been enjoying the story that going forward I may not be able to pump out as much as I did last week. I will try to at least get one chapter up every other week, if not sooner. Right now, I’m adding to Chapter 3 as I felt it ended a bit abruptly. After that, I’ll move on to Chapter 4. I’ve got some great plans-I think they’ll be worth the wait.

Update: The addition to Chapter 3 is complete and posted!


The addition was good and rounded out the chapter nicely. Lots going on there! :slight_smile:


I’ve finally had the time and been mentally sharp enough to complete the next chapter. Chapter 4 of Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD is now posted.


Great chapter 4. The story is building nicely. Excellent job Newshawk! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the wait. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me the last few weeks. However, I wanted to make sure I got this done tonight, so I’m happy to tell you that Chapter 5 of BPOTD is now posted!


I’ve finally taken the plunge and posted the first five chapters (Chapter 1 a through e) at I’ll be getting the rest up later. Here’s the link:


Chapter 6 is now posted both here and at Enjoy!


Chapter 7 is now posted both here and at Enjoy!

BTW, I will be going back and revising some of the early chapters. I attended a “Fan Fiction 101” panel at Tokyo In Tulsa this summer and it gave me some ideas of how to expand my early chapters. Watch for alerts!

UPDATE: The third draft of Chapter 1a is now posted.


I liked your improvements to 1a and I just finished chapter 5. I really enjoyed it. The story continues to be exciting and I like how each chapter ends. Now I just need to catch up on the rest!


LadyOfWicca wrote:

Thank you, Wicca! I hope you (and everyone else) enjoy the expansion of the story as much as I’m enjoying writing it. Here’s the third draft of chapter 1b for your reading enjoyment.


I’m loving Kenny and Aoi Newshawk. Great story and characters personalities and storylines are really compelling. I’m curious about what you are up to with Onodera. But the bell thing was genius. I was anxious the whole time I was reading it. Can’t wait to see what happens next. :ohmy:


Just finished Chapter 7 and the story is keeping me interested. Well done Newshawk! :slight_smile:


I just posted the third draft of chapter 1d, as well as making some detail changes and corrections to chapters 1a, 1b and 1c. I’m working on the third draft of 1c and 1e as well as chapter 8. I hope to have them up soon.


Hmmm… Something tells me I will have a lot of reading to do!


Chapter 8 (the toughest one so far) and the third draft of Chapter 1c (The Chief) are now posted for your reading pleasure!


My Christmas gift to all my BPOTD fans-Chapter 9 is now posted at! I’ve also completed and uploaded 4th draft revisions for all of the “first” chapters. Please give it a read if you could and leave a review if you like what you’ve read.


I managed to complete Chapter 10 last night so I’ve posted it to I lost my personal web space last month-Cox stopped providing it! I may have a way to post it on a self-made website since I moved my wife Holly’s site,, to Lunarpages. I can host other websites there. Now I just need a domain name.


I’ve just uploaded Chapter 11 of Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD to Please check it out. There’s a BIG surprise waiting for you!


Another month, another chapter of Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD, another BIG surprise and a cliffhanger ending! Read, enjoy and comment!


I really need to start reading this whole story from the beginning!