Konichiwa :)

Hello everyone! I am new to this nifty little site and so I wanted to introduce myself and perhaps meet some people who could give me suggestions on awesome new animes I can check out. Well first off my name is Rene (well that’s my middle name. My first name seems to be too complicated for some lol). I turn 18 on April 11th and I graduate from high school on June 9th.

Some of my interests include photography, writing, video gaming, reading, chillin’ with friends, hanging out at the park and listening to lots of music. I’ve been a vegetarian for over two years, my favorite book series is the Saga of Darren Shan, my favorite comedian is Dave Chappelle, favorite actor is John C. Reilly, and my favorite anime of all time is Blood+. There you go!

Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

Ni hao


Greetings and salutations! Two questions for you. 1)What’s the story behind your screen name? It’s quite interesting to me. 2)I see you’re a writer, what do you write about? Maybe you’ll post in the FAN Made Media threads?

I hope you enjoy your time here. Also, watch out for wolves as there are 100s roaming around here!

Nankurunaisa is an Okinawan phrase meaning “Everything will be alright”. The Miyagusuku family in the anime Blood+ used that as a type of family moto :slight_smile: And as for writing, it usually consists of fan fiction pieces or short dialogues and monologues. I am currently taking a creative writing class and we have a man from American Stage come to teach us about play writing. Our final project for him will be a 10-15 page play.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome! Welcome! :slight_smile: Hope you join us often!

As for shows, please take a look at our anime section in the forum, you may see something there to catch your eye. Also check out the on-line player - plenty of great shows right there! I can’t recommend Clannad enough - the new dub is great - and it’s a beautiful story as well. Since you like Blood+, you might also like Gilgamesh. It’s a little dark, but one of my favorites. If you have any questions, just ask!

Whats crack’n. My name is Dr.G and I too am apart of the class of 2010. I hope you enjoy your self here and have fun.

:slight_smile: Great ta have ya!! You’ll have some fun here, there’s anime fans aplenty. Hang out and have a good time!

Thank you for the recommendations, I appreciate that and will check them out :slight_smile:

Welcome, Nankurunaisa/Rene! :laugh:

I see that you’ve already been around to quite a few of the different forums already, good for you! We like people who go out and just push forward.

Feel free to continue browsing around all the forums and jump into any convo that interests you (all we ask is that if you start a new thread, please check the Search function first to be sure one isn’t started already, especially in the Anime section!).

If you’d like to make a sig (those things at the bottom of the posts, or have some of those terrific little icons under your avatar, go here:

And, if you have any questions, just ask and many people will come to answer you! (But, of course, MY answer is the only one that matters!) :wink:

Again, welcome, come back and please post often!! :cheer:

WElCOME! :side: ]Hope you enjoy it at this site!

Wow thank you Slowhand :slight_smile: That is the most helpful advice yet since today I was wondering how I could make one of those for here. When I couldn’t find anything for changing my sig I was like–whaa??? lol You’re awesome!

Hey Nankurunaisa, welcome to the forums! Would you mind shrinking the size of your sig? Ideally the forums would resize the sigs if they were over 600x150, but we’re still getting things hammered out so image size limits are a bit wonky. Any image over 400 pixels in width is autoshrunk to 400 pixels, and there’s currently no cap on image height.

We have this limit so that users see more post content than sigs when viewing threads.

If you’d like, you can use the cropped image I made of your current sig, but I won’t be too upset if you choose something different… :’(

Sorry about that, I didn’t know. Yeah its ok, I’ll use it.

Nankurunaisa wrote:

Not a problem at all. :slight_smile: The admins need to be pressured into reading the updated FAQ/Rules so that it can be approved and posted!

Get a stick and poke them till they do! Or just politely keep reminding them, either way wink lol Thank you for redoing my signature though, that was nice of you. I give thee applaud and karma rises!

Welcome to TAN, Nankurunaisa. I would like to invite you to check out Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen!-the Reboot. It’s a game we’re restarting-we’ve been playing it here for about four months but due to a change in the “host” of the game (now me) we’re starting over, basically. You can find the rules http://www.theanimenetwork.com/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,7/func,view/id,44505/#445 and join the discussion http://www.theanimenetwork.com/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,7/func,view/id,43801/#438.

That game sounds pretty interesting, and I already know who I want to pick :] Thanks for the heads up.

Welcome to the TAN forums!