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Here's an update to what I have N store for all my OTAKU Associates

Hey TAN what’s up hope everybody is well and having the comfort of their waifu pillow or their anime and manga to keep each other company.

I don’t know if I can put this here R not
So correct me on this @Slowhand

I have some exciting news for users of YouTube and Podcast.
U will get a chance to see me in another field of view so to speak.
I’m going to be making videos on YouTube about anime and manga
Also will be making podcasts as well

So check me out on the holiday July 4th on YouTube and after that come listen to the podcast

Don’t miss it
U will be entertained
And u can give feedback if what u see isn’t something u like

So have a awesome time until we come in contact and after

This is fine, but moving it to Fan Media, since this is something that you’re creating yourself.

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Yea so I can put my videos in this section
That’s Great if not everybody likes YouTube
So watch out for a video here in TAN