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Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD: Chapter 23 now posted at!


I just finished the next two chapters of Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD. Why two? The one I was writing was too long, so I split it into two chapters! Check out the Acknowledgments page, too.


BPOTD keeps rolling along! I just posted a new chapter. Enjoy!


A new chapter is up at There’s some big surprises in this one! Come read and enjoy!


This chapter just poured out of me… I hope you like it!


During the overnight hours of April 25th/26th, Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD logged its 2,500th hit! That means more than 2,500 page views of the story since it was posted less than a year ago. I hope you’re all enjoying it! There’s more to come.


Congratulations Newshawk! Looking forward to more! :slight_smile:


This one took a bit longer than I planned, and it may not be the best one, but it’s up and ready to go.


It looks like I forgot to post it when I added chapter 18, but now chapter 19 is also up at Enjoy!


Chapter 20 of Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD has been posted at I have also posted revised chapters 1a-Miyuki and 19.


Chapter 21 of Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD is up at, and I’m almost halfway through chapter 22-watch for it!


I’ve posted 5th draft updates for the first two chapters of BPOTD just now. I will be updating the rest of the first chapters, as well as certain other select chapters, in the next month or two. Chapter 22 will be out later this month.


Well, I was off by a bit, but Chapter 22 is now available at!


Chapter 23 is now up ar


I know Chapter 24 has been delayed… it’s a long story and I won’t bore you with it (why I haven’t finished it, that is.) however, I’ve updated my B.P.O.T.D. map. The contagion is spreading! It has now been read by people on every continent except Antarctica!