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FoamyFreak's Poems


[size=4]All in this thread is left to die, so please do not make any more comments considering I have moved all poems and information to the new thread. Thank you!![/size]


Yay! You’re back! :laugh:

This sounds like something that could be set to music… if I were more musically inclined, I could probably hear it in my head.

It reminds me of my college days a little (and yes, I can remember that far back!).

I hope you can find some of those other ones from the old forum, since everything has been lost from then. :angry:

Great to have you back, Foamy!


I actually wrote it with the intentions of making it into a song… lol I know in my head how I want it to be sung but sadly I am a drummer with no vocal talents… :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course you can remember them! Your not that old yet! lol

I believe they’re at my house somewhere… So once I go back I can get them… And if they aren’t there I know my ex-girlfriend has a binder with all of them in it that I could probably borrow or get off of her… All in due time!

Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:


A guy writing poetry. THAT’S what TAN was missing! It really balances out some of the other -cough- happenings around here. -glares in dragonrider_cody’s general direction-


Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I shouldn’t of left!! I would’ve been here all along!! lol And I don’t see nearly as many stories or poetry on here as there used to be…


And if you want a, how shall I say, creative writing outlet, there’s always As The Mecha Turns. It’s… it’s really something.


Lol what do you mean? What exactly is it??


It is our very own soap opera! It’s great!


PretearHimeno wrote:

Why do you always pick on me?

Besides, I think Mecha is very well balanced. There’s a little romance, a bit of comedy, some action, and a few zombies thrown in for good measure. I think you’re just mad because I don’t put in enough vampire smut for your tastes…

And by the way, nice poem Foamy!


Hahaha I really don’t know if that’s my type of reading… I honestly hate to read :stuck_out_tongue: But I do like to write… And thanks!! :slight_smile: I’ll be posting a new one up shortly… Idk if its as good as that one, but its decent. Definitely shorter…

New poems up! Hope you like it!**[/size]


You have such beautiful memories of your past relationship - much better than I have of my past relationships. That’s such a good thing.

My favorite lines:

[quote]Forever is never broken,
When past love fills my eyes…

Friendship everlasting,
I wish for you to know…[/quote]

You also have such a gift of words, keep that close to you. Always. :slight_smile:


Lol yea… We were together for 3 and a half years, so trust me there’s plenty of bad memories! But I just don’t focus on those anymore :stuck_out_tongue: She was my only relationship that truly meant everything to me…

My favorite part, by far, is the ending! :slight_smile:

Lol thanks! I shall try. Hasn’t left me with 3-4 years of not writing so I’ll hopefully de-rustify my skills and get better soon enough!


-in creepy child’s voice- Come play with us Danny.


Uh… what? lol


Was wondering happened to you! Great to see more works around here.


I got preoccupied with other stuff… lol. I’ll try to keep on getting them up for everyone… And sorry, but I honestly don’t think I remember you fillet… Just nothing comes to mind when I think of the name… :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s… a Shining reference. =/


Lol I realize that :stuck_out_tongue: But where did it come from? haha


It’s a reference to the whole “getting you to join Mecha” thing.


Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Haha I get it now lol I was a little slow on that one…