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Still have a few chapters to go. Not bad. Not great. Typical historical fiction. Story is about Alexander the Great as seen through the eyes of his lover, a Persian boy.


Good lord, this is just awful. Cringe worthy dialogue, hilariously stereotypical tropes, cliche “us vs. them” attitudes - with all the attendant bullent points: looks, attitude, ideology, etc…
Jebus…don’t know if I could, or should, continue reading this. Barely passed pg. 100, of a 369 pages.
Tom Clancy or Brad Thor he is not.

This is hot garbage. Not going to subject other fellow Half-Price customers with this dreck. I have too much respect for them.


I heard the audiobook Peace Talks by Jim Butcher.
Oooooo boy. My body is ready

Good video game novelizations.
Always enjoy reading them.

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The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild

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