Brain Drain


I’m taking a quiz and can’t even begin to understand how to answer this:


What, no Big Mac? Quizzes today.


Bleh! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Mark Gosdin


Finished the quiz, I got one wrong – guess which one?

The answer is Fleetwood Mac, you incorrectly chose Fleetwood Mac.

:frowning: :frowning_face:


Well cat or raccoon left me a disemboweled frog . From the way it was looked like the poor guy was still alive when it was left .


So I noticed a little glitch on my Prime Video app on Roku . If you go to customers also watched and scroll over I get this after a bit .


I always forget to check when I order anime . Forgot sometimes they are a bit cheaper plus if you have a red card you get the not much ,but 5% discount .


Just checked a email I’ve not used in a while . Nothing ,but fake emails from lyft , Uber , and others . All coming from the same email address hidden ,but not very well . Marked them as spam so hopefully it cuts back the next time .


What the $@@& ?


Down in the sewer…

They managed to clear an even lower bar than the Doggy Doo game. How delightful. :roll_eyes:



So, one of my TVs wasn’t working, getting a message that might be a sign of the set-top box AT&T gave us had died (That’s the newest box we got! Already?), but when I went to check to see how things looked on the modem… the web server wasn’t doing anything. Just saw the loading animation Firefox plays, for like 30 minutes (was watching a video while eating dinner), and I decided once I would be the only one disturbed by the internet being down, pulled the plug on the modem, and now everything works just fine.


Went into my local Winn Dixie (actually all the way over in Haines City) to pick up some food for dinner tonight. The atmosphere was so different than what I’ve been accustomed to. It felt kinda nostalgic, like back when I was a kid up in Maryland at the IGA or Safeway.

Man, times sure have changed…:worried:


Thinking about picking up the Sailor Moon LE’s part ones for R , S , and Super S then pick up the part 2’s later . That way I have the boxes and books that come with them .


I still wish that Viz would do a “Rock the Dragon” style release for those. New dub just doesn’t do it for me, plus nostalgia releases in general seem to reap money hand over fist :wink: .

Alternatively though, if Viz is really moving units of SM with the nu dub then perhaps fans wouldn’t shun an in-house dub of Tales of the Abyss? :thinking:


I’m not sure they are actually moving a lot of the LE’s . The first seasons LE came out in 2014 and it’s still around . I think some of the problem lay in Viz’s releases taking forever to go cheaper if they do and we got the lesser quality masters . Guess that last bit is Toei’s fault since the Region B AU releases are getting the same Masters as Japan . I got the R part 1 LE last night as it’s dropped in price at the moment ,but going to hold off on S and Super S as they are still over $60 .

On another note . Need to fix my email tomorrow . They changed something in the verification process and now I have to login from a browser once a day to get it to work on my phone . I think I have to setup the 2 step deal and then generate a app pass for my phone . People really need to leave stuff alone if it works .


Just got off work and was looking through the box set sale. Noticed this in the process:



LE’s to me always seem to walk a very fine line ( Really any kind of Special / Limited production item. ) where the seller has to watch closely what it costs to make the LE and has to make sure that the LE doesn’t get too costly to sell. The American market has enough dedicated collectors to make LE’s a workable proposition, but it’s always just a step away from being a bust. The market for Season Collections is usually a lot bigger but much more cutthroat.

Mark Gosdin


So very true. Just look at MonMusu, or most of the other sold out PBS’s. If you can find a copy, it’s double the original cost, or even higher! Although at something either being over produced or having sales way under expectation (H.O.T.D. PBS, I’m looking at you) can be a problem in the profit margin.

My previous comment, however, may have been interpreted differently than intended. I had finally given up, and got IS2 during the Summer Sale for $76.99, which still is nowhere near a bad deal. But now that I have it, the set is on sale even cheaper. Seems like that almost always happens.:sweat:


Yep, the old “You pays yer money and makes yer choice.” dilemma. I’ve had that happen countless times.

Mark Gosdin