Brain Drain


So the DC cost me some bar trivia points. The question was to name the superhero born with the “Curse of Kordax”, which gave the superhero his blonde hair.

I suppose if we’d known more about Aquaman that this wouldn’t have been a problem, but Jason Momoa’s version of Aquaman does not have blonde hair thus it “couldn’t” be Aquaman. :frowning:

…on a side note, if blonde hair is an established character trait of Aquaman, why doesn’t he have it in the films?


I’ll leave this here . Keep a eye on the forums over the next week or so to know the meaning .

On to another important matter . With all this nature turning against us . Everyone be safe on these coming days .


So apparently multiple Sentai PBS’S have gone into low stock.

Aijin Season 2
Akame Ga Kill Collection 1 (been on there for a while)
Flip Flappers
Flying Witch
Food Wars Season 2
Haikyu Season 1
Highschool of the Dead (Finally!)
Is it Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon
Knights of Sidiona Season 2
Legend of The Galactic Heroes (Of Course!)
Parasyte Collection 1
Squid Girl
Sword Otoria

Supposedly “Low Stock” means less than 25% left.

If anyone wants these, might want to pick them up soon…


Next sale will probably wipe most of thier stock if the 25% thing is right .
I’ve been keeping a eye on eBay for a few of the out of print sets I missed and a lot of other Sentai PBS’s are popping up with people having multiple copies . I’m thinking how many people were banking on them going for a lot like the few sets that did ? Then they are just now getting low . So I wonder if stock was depleted faster on some because of them . The Anime C store still has a few of the oop sets for sale of course at high prices . Like did he buy a bunch of the sets then hoard them to later so he could pull his usual raise the prices when they go oop or are they just leftovers that he raised the prices on .

Speaking of raising prices just bought something oop today from a seller on eBay and right after I bought the seller jacked the prices of the remaining ones up . Guess they forgot they listed on eBay .


Happy Saturday everyone .


Was just surfing the eBay’s, and noticed this:

It’s listed as Chunibyo Heart Throb, but actually is season 1. It seems complete and the listing says the box is included, but can’t be 100% certain about that.

I know how scarce this specific set has become, and there are a few of our lovely members who don’t have it either, so just a bulletin in case.


I’m going to have to settle for my complete collection . That is a nice deal on that . Good looking out . @MaouSadao

Got a box from Rightstuf I bought some supposedly used damaged items which I will post in a few .
Must be because I’ve been out of the loop ,but love this box .


Love the box. Like the cat tail side dish even better! :smiley_cat:


I now officially am the holder of a Wal-Mart pre-paid debit card. It’s a long road hassle, but I can now order items from Amazon.

Something should be here by Friday, well at least according to Amazon…


Give it a bit, Amazon is supposed to be working on branded regular Checking & Savings Accounts in cooperation with Chase.

I’ve had an Amazon Prime card from Chase for years.

Mark Gosdin


Cool . I probably need to get a pre-paid my credit card seems to get me in to trouble a lot .


I guess I’m lucky like that (or unlucky, whichever you prefer) because my credit is so bad, the companies send me “Pre-denied” credit card forms.

So whatever money I have is actually mine.

Still don’t understand my bank card though. It processes through PayPal with no problem, but nothing else. It may be a security feature for all I know :man_shrugging:


Does it have Visa or MasterCard on it?


So, I get the daily email from the Funimation store and today it’s … Monopoly Attack on Titan Edition. Wheeeee! Limited quantities of course.

Mark Gosdin


I’ve finished up a few series lately and with most of them it’s a shame there won’t probably be anymore . I hate saying never as I’ve been proven wrong ,but I feel now a days it feels like it’s just a quick move on to the next series .


Congrats to @Graywylfen for being the New User of the Month for September 2018! :grinning: :tada:


And a “buy the light novels if you want more!”…too bad the LNs don’t always capture the spirit of the anime (eg: Rokka).

A while ago, I played around with a pre-paid debit card, but the fees were so high that it was like having an AMEX card. My solution was to use the Coinstar machine to buy Amazon gift cards, since Coinstar does not charge any fees to convert money into “Bezos Bucks”.


It looks it’s gone.

Hopefully whoever got it actually bought it to keep…

Did anyone here get it?


@miquelfire Which card? The prepaid or my bank?


Bank= Visa
Prepaid= Master card


Looks like Rightstuf dropped the prices and raised the prices on a few on the damaged Amazon listings . Also changed the descriptions on a few to worse conditions .

On a related anime note looking forward to the pre-orders ,but not looking forward to the charges over the next 3 months . lol


Waiting on something shipped Media Mail . Got everything else ,but the one I was really wanting was left behind at the local PO . Everything had a later delivery date and changed this morning . So now to wait to tomorrow .

Edit: Showed up while I was out back working in the rain .