My Thoughts On The Future Of The Legendary CYBB Game

First, I wanted to thank @Newshawk for the continuous of the Legendary CYBB game, here around TAN, for as long as it did. Thanks to all that was involved with the game as well.

I played the CYBB game for quite a while and I claimed some lovely cuties over the years, to add to my collection of anime characters list. I want to expand my collection further, to find some new gorgeous hidden gems. I had fun playing this CYBB game. I don’t want to see a Legend game end.

I’ve read @Newshawk post, on passing the mantle down to a successor.

It’s a new year and I’m thinking of a new fun project to do. I’m considering the thought to manage the CYBB Game. I’m in the beginning stages. But that would be my new year resolution. To continue, to keep the fun going with CYBB.

I hope everyone has a happy new year and be safe

New Vibes

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