Brain Drain

So my main computer decided to not boot into Windows (basically, I see the spinning dots, and when it would display my lock screen, it locks up during what I assume is a fade out)

Currently my computer is doing a check on the backup image as it won’t work to restore as is. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, everything will be back to normal.


I have learned that there’s a die-hard community of 3D fans out there. These guys are so hardcore that they pay the $80+ each to import the 4 main Disney 3D films that have been released exclusively in Japan, on Disney’s “primo” MovieNEX line (Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Eternals, Wreck-it-Ralph 2).

Additionally, they have even gotten the 2020 movie Dolittle, the infamous RDJ one, to be released on 3D for the first time ever. It releases in May 2022. It has also kickstarted a slew of legacy 3D releases domestically.

A 3D title that these absolute fanatics are after is Garo Red Requiem. The only copy out there is a non-English-friendly import. A community with passion, and deep pockets, is going underserved.

tl;dr: any chance of Sentai getting the 3D version of Garo: Red Requiem to complement their 2D license?


When you’ve had a long week, and still have two more days in it:


That’s a good way to give you an experian boost of a natural pick me up :+1:


So the self transforming Optimus Prime is $749.99 then the trailer with Roller is another $749.99. :rofl:


It’s getting closer to you @Slowhand



I’ve spent time in Wawa Country, I don’t see what the hype is for it. Every area seems to have its own version of the “classier, but less functional, 7-11” gas station. :man_shrugging:

“The first time you go to Wawa for a hoagie, you will probably be impressed, but you will also be overwhelmed … Touchscreen ordering, now popular at more than a few convenience stores around the country, reaches new peaks of excellence at Wawa…"

I’m not sure it is better than any other regional chain’s touchscreens, but I’m pretty sure that out of all those chains, Wawa wound up with the lamest spokesman for its touchscreens. :wink:


This, I can confirm. Honestly, we have one unit that just duplicates orders randomly. Like, we’ll get an order, and the very next one is identical to it…

Royal Farms

There’s a few I’ve been to as well, but don’t know exactly what would make any of them less functional than a 7-11 however.

The Wawa I work at doesn’t have hot dogs (Actually, none of the Florida locations do. Weird decision, I know.), but for the most part, aside from hot foods, it’s pretty much the same, just the addition of a sub shop and a smoothie stand…


My Wawa did have hot dogs but I believe the majority of them transitioned away from them in the search of a better meal type place. Wawa better subs, Royal Farms better chicken, and 7-11 drinks. They all have their merits really.

To be fair though if your just going for a quick meal with no need for gas if you have one a Bojangles is probably the best place for a quick meal.


OMG! The closest one for me is in St. Petersburg…


It kinda weirds me out when I hear 7-11 gas station.

That is actually something we don’t have here, and the places where you can stop at 7-11 to get gas, it’s normally because the 7-11 is inside another gas station (the two I can think of off the top of my head are Mobil stations)

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Around here, there are only two 7-11s left that lack a gas station. Somewhat recently, a 7-11 even moved from its longstanding location (been there for generations) to take over an old gas station. With moves like these, 7-11 is reaching Starbucks/Subway levels of saturation as there are two 7-11s with gas stations within a mile, on the same side of the street. 7-11 also bought out an “indie” gas station that had been independent for years and rebranded it.

It’s like the gas station equivalent of The Matrix when Mr. Smith* takes over a small army of people.

In my experience, 7-11 is more functional as it is still trying to be a convenience store while Royal Farms & Wawa are trying to be more like a cafe + grocery store. Maybe there’s some market research behind this, as CVS is often 24/7 and it has the convenience store angle pretty well covered?


7/11 built a gas station / store across Simpson Road from our sub-division.

The property developer that owns the land in front of our sub-division was working with WaWa to put a location in, but the community showed up in numbers for the CDD meeting, where the proposal was presented, and made it clear to the developer that they did not want WaWa because they attract vagrants.

The CDD had issues with how the developer wanted to route all the WaWa’s traffic into our sub-division and not have access from Simpson Road. We said that we would not support that as it would effectively block entry to the sub-division.

So, that project is pretty much dead.

Mark Gosdin


I would have thought it would be the 7-11s that did that, but I wouldn’t want any big chain store smack dab at the entrance to my community either and clogging it up. Being in a place where the community can tell the developers to get lost sounds like it has its advantages. :+1:

Your account makes me think that every place is the same in that the powers that be get gung ho about cramming in development and don’t consider the ramifications it’ll have regarding the roads.


Poinciana Boulevard…

At 5pm, a 2 mile drive takes a half hour…

Personal experience…


It’s complicated.

Some counties in Florida were using “Inadequate Roads” as an excuse to Redline low income developments out of existence. The State legislature changed the approval process for developments so that Roads were not used as a factor at all.

This, of course, eliminated the legitimate aspect of Inadequacy along with the discriminatory use of inadequacy.

So, as @MaouSadao says, you end up with a 2 mile drive that takes a half hour because the road was built for only a fraction of the traffic that development has generated. And there are only bad ways to fix it after the fact.

Now if the same Florida legislature strips Disney of the company controlled improvement district then the two counties, Orange & Osceola, where Disney World is located will have a great source of funding for road improvements.

Mark Gosdin


I’ve been throwing cheap B2 posters in with some orders from a second hand shop in Japan. Bought a B2 book to put them in ,but unfortunately they have all been rolled a bit to long. Can not do the normal methods of leaving out flattening because of these crazy feline creatures we have running around.

Found some cheap $9.99 way to big poster frames at Walmart to try to leave for a bit to flatten. Put the poster that has a bit of damage and staining on the back in to try first. If this does not work might have to try a different method.


Does anyone here use Microsoft TEAMs that can help me with a problem?


Sorry, Slow, I know about as much as you do, probably less.